My Wife Yells All The Time: How To Deal With A Yelling Wife - My Wife Yells At Me For Everything

Are you one of those poor guys who has to be in a marriage, saying my wife yells all the time, what they heck do I do?

Well if so then you've certainly got a problem on your hands.

But you've also got quite an opportunity to turn your wife's passion, and her yelling, into something more beneficial to you.

Why You're Having Trouble and Having to Say My Wife Yells All the Time

First of all let me tell you that there is likely a huge amount of disrespect in your marriage. Your wife yells all the time because she feels like she's in control of the marriage and that every time she yells, you're going to fall in line and do what she wants.

Why does she think this?

Well, because every time she yells you comply so you don't have to deal with her yelling anymore. All people act this way. Men who yell at their wives do so for the same reason. Kids who yell at their parents do so for the same reason. It works.

It's much like a baby crying. If your baby cries every time you put it down in the crib, and every time it cries you go in and take it out, then eventually it begins to understand that hey...if I do THIS then THAT happens. Your baby then has YOU conditioned.

Your wife yells because when she does, you respond. And as long as you keep responding then she's going to keep yelling.

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Why Else You Are Saying My Wife Yells All the Time

Now there's also another reason that your wife feels OK yelling at you. The fact is that if you're saying my wife yells all the time, that means that your wife feels as though she's in control of the relationship. It means that she doesn't see YOU as the KING of your castle. That's a problem for a few reasons.

First of all, if your wife doesn't see you as the king of the castle, then yes, she feels OK talking to you like crap, ruling your life, and of course yelling at you all the time.

Second, if she isn't looking at you as the alpha male in the home, then she's not attracted to you...or at least not as much as she could...or should be.

Third...your wife instinctively, down to her DNA wants and needs a man who is the "man of the house", "king of the castle", "alpha male" whatever you want to call it. She's yelling all the time because she's frustrated that you're not, whether she even realizes that that's the reason or not. And if she's not seeing you as that man that she instinctively yearns for, then she's likely going to go out and find that somewhere else.

Fourth, once she does see you as this man that she yearns for, that passion that she let's escape as yelling will turn into sexual attraction that she actually CANNOT contain because she'll actually be attracted to you like she hasn't in a long time...down to the core.

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Your wife is distant. You've gradually noticed the change in her over time and now it's reached a point where you just can't ignore it anymore. She's pulled back emotionally and it's impacting your marriage and your family. Perhaps you've tried talking to her about it but she's not forthcoming with what she's feeling. Maybe it's even leading to more misunderstandings and you two just aren't getting along anymore. It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to watch your marriage slip away from your grasp. You can take steps now that will not only pull your wife back to you but will ensure your relationship is stronger than it's ever been before.

If your wife is distant you need to do a little detective work to determine whether there's something that has caused the change in her. Some women become distant because they feel disconnected from their husband over the course of the marriage. Other women get caught up in a conflict with their spouse and that causes them to retreat into themselves. If you and your wife had an argument that was never truly resolved that could very well be the problem. Consider when you think the problems started and whether there was one event that brought it on or if it was more gradual. If it was indeed a conflict, make amends for that now. Just apologizing to her can make a world of difference.

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You need to get your wife to open up to you again if you hope to overcome the distance in your relationship. Many women shut down when it comes to communicating with their spouse because they feel intimated. If most of your discussions about your marriage end up in an argument, sooner or later your wife won't even attempt to share what she's feeling anymore. You have the power to change that by assuring her that you want and need to listen to her express what she's feeling. Show her by listening intently when she's talking about anything. Always give her your full and complete attention. Also, be careful not to overreact or jump to any conclusions. She needs to feel that she can share anything without the fear of being verbally attacked.

Be certain to always tell your wife how much you adore her. A woman can never hear this enough especially from the man she married. By showing and telling her on a daily basis that you're eternally grateful that she's your wife, she'll feel closer to you again. Remember that romance doesn't have to wither and die after the wedding.

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I really love my wife after all these years of marriage and I really don't want to lose her. What do I do when I feel like my wife doesn't care for me and love me any longer? No one's wife just stops loving them out of the blue. You must really be honest about the state of the marriage and your relationship with your wife. Have you been feeling that there is something wrong with the relationship lately? I've provided a few ideas as to what could be going wrong with the marriage.

- I cheated on my wife and she found out and now she doesn't love me anymore.

Have you considered acts of infidelity on your part that she may have discovered? One of the worst things a person can do is cheat in a marriage. If you want your wife to come back to you any affairs that you are having will have to stop now! Make her the sole woman for you. Much work will need to be done to reestablish the trust that was destroyed by cheating.

- I haven't come through so many times and that's why my wife doesn't love me.

Have you made a habit of not being thorough? If you have repeatedly let her down your wife may feel like there really is no point in believing that you have changed. If you really want your wife back you have to act differently.

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- I abandon my wife frequently and this is the reason she no longer loves me.

Did you leave your wife alone a lot? How often have you paid her a sincere compliment on her clothing or her hairstyle? Your wife needs to be recognized and cared for. Being in a marriage that has no life or zest is one of the reasons people begin to look for affection outside of the marriage. You don't want your wife to have an do you?

- Because of all the constant fights my wife just doesn't feel love for me any longer.

Married couples need to understand the significance of communication in order to save their marriages. When both people are failing to express themselves, there will be communication problems. There are so many issues that begin because of poor communication. To avoid small problems turning into big ones you have to learn how to effectively communicate with your wife. These are just examples of some of the more commonplace problems that are facing marriages today. Ultimately, many men lose their wives to divorce because they did not know how to find ways to show their wives how much they love them.

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My wife isn't attracted to me anymore. If you're a man that is a phrase you never want to hear yourself saying. Not only is it embarrassing, it's humiliating too. You love your spouse and when you come to the realization that she's not attracted to you, it undermines your entire relationship. What exactly should you be doing if this is happening to you? Do you accept what you view as the inevitable fate of your marriage and wait for her to leave you? Or do you need to get busy changing the way your wife feels about you? If you still adore her and want your marriage to work, you can't just wait around for something to miraculously change. You have to take control of your own future and transform the relationship starting now.

In most cases when a man starts to suspect his wife isn't attracted to him anymore he concludes it's because of the way he looks. The stark reality of marriage is that in almost every case, both partners don't put the same effort into maintaining their appearance as they did before the wedding. Your wife probably doesn't look exactly as she did when you two exchanged vows. The fact that she's no longer feeling attracted to you likely has very little to do with that. It has much more to do with the dynamic you share and the fact that the spark that was once alive and well has now fizzled out.

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What silently occurs in many marriages is the couple just stops trying. They don't set aside time for each other and they aren't focused on making each other happy anymore. Their relationship takes a back seat to everything else including paying the bills, working as much as possible and raising children. The marriage itself is bound to suffer and one way that manifests itself is through the wife no longer feeling any attraction to her husband. The attraction disappears mainly because the emotional connection that was once there is now gone.

Beginning right this minute start tending to your marriage. Make it a priority in your life. Focus on the things about your wife that you absolutely adore. Do things that you know she would appreciate whether it's filling her car up with fuel or taking out the garbage. Although these small tasks may seem insignificant, they're not at all. Your wife wants to feel that her needs are just as important to you as her own. You are the only person who can ensure that happens.

Beyond doing more for her, tell her how you feel more. If she feels a stronger emotional connection with you, she will feel more attracted to you. It's okay to allow your vulnerability to show. Let her see how much you truly adore her. Your marriage will come alive again and her feelings for you will change as a result.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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