My Wife Wants A Divorce Because Of My Affair: What To Say To A Wife Who Wants A Divorce

My wife says she wants a divorce because of my affair and she is very hurt. Being unfaithful in a relationship is just not the right thing to do and because of a single act in an affair, your relationship may end in a divorce. Deep down inside your heart, you do not want to lose her because you love her. You hope for another chance from your wife and you want to save this marriage. How can you save your marriage after an affair?

Affair is a form of betrayal of trust between couples and if you want to work out your marriage again, the first thing that you want to do is to sever ties with the woman you have an affair with. Even if you think that you can continue to be friends with the woman concerned, you still have to cut off all the connections with her keep a distance away if you want to avoid more misunderstanding and suspicion.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If you want your wife to stop thinking of having a divorce after your affair, you should also work on yourself. Probably you should be asking yourself few questions "Why did i cheat on my wife?" "Do I still love my spouse?" "What should you do to save your marriage?" As you run through the questions and think hard what you really want in your marriage, you will definitely be able to come out with better solutions.

There is no excuse for committing an affair and hence there is a need for you to explain and apologize to your wife. Be sincere in your apology. Do remember not to show out your desperation such as crying and begging when you are trying to apologize. Be responsible for your actions and never try to push away the blame for your affair.

You need to put in great effort and time to rebuild the trust in the marriage. Talk to her slowly and be patient. Tell her how you want to make this marriage better and always be truthful to her, even if it is the slightest issue. Bring out the happy times that both of you spent together.

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You regretted immediately when you found out it is difficult to make your spouse to forgive you for having an affair. Cheating on your spouse is one thing that can cause married couples to split. There are ways to get your spouse to forgive you for having an affair easier, but you have to follow it correctly.

Most people will try to seek for forgiveness by begging, crying and showing all kinds of emotions to win empathy. However, all these tactics aren't very effective to make your spouse forgive you for having an affair. In fact, this is the time you have to be in your best behaviour.

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Show your spouse you are still the same person he or she loves. Do things that can remind your spouse what is like to be in love with you. When your spouse can feel the love in the relationship and you are also able to set out only the charming side of yours, you should be likely to win back your spouse's heart.

Beside all these, it is important that you should not get involve in affairs again. Think in a way that you not only want your spouse to forgive you for having an affair, but also to seek for a complete commitment and love in this marriage. All these have to be done maturely, don't let your spouse feel that you are someone who is not reliable to be with.

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What have you done lately to show the woman you married that you love her? Did you take her out to dinner? Maybe you bought her some flowers or chocolates? A man likes to do these things for a woman because it's easy and fast. But is your wife really appreciating the flowers and chocolates? In this article I have mentioned a few other useful tricks you can do to show your wife that you love her.

1. Validate the woman you married

A woman needs her man to validate her feelings. I know sometimes this is challenging for you to do, especially if you disagree with something she needs your support on. There is a correct way to do this without being offensive and hurting her feelings.

First of all be understanding of your wife's feelings and then collaborate her on her thoughts and ideas even if they differ from yours. In essence, when you listen to your wife's feelings, without criticizing her, you have essentially given her the validation she needs. Everyone needs validation from time to time; it makes them feel useful and productive individuals.

By trying to be more understanding, essentially you will be respecting the woman you married. Tell her how much you like her decorating style, or how she manages the home, or the way she dresses. Find the things about your wife you really like, be honest and tell her the great things you love about her instead of keeping those feelings inside.

Validation is a form of acceptance that you can give your wife. By accepting her for the woman she is it will make her feel safe and secure being your wife. A woman who feels safe and loved will ultimately give more of her self to her man.

Ironically, a husband can validate his wife's feelings better when he takes the role of spiritual leader in the home. A man who feels secure in his position is more likely to make his wife feel good about who she is in the marriage. They work better together as a team, accomplishing more for them selves and the marriage.

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2. Be more Affectionate with your wife

Hold your wife's hand while watching TV, taking a walk, or driving in the car. Massage her back or feet without asking for anything in return. Your wife likes to be touched and fussed over occasionally, know when that time is by being attune to your wife's feelings, and paying special attention to your wife on those days.

2. Surprise your wife with something totally unexpected

Instead of golfing with your buddies on Saturday, take your wife to a romantic outside lunch if it is summer or fireplace lunch in the winter. Then take her to a romantic comedy matinee movie. If you have the money to spend, book a hotel room for the night with a Jacuzzi and enjoy the night together! Your wife will love all this.

Make her a homemade all-occasion card on the computer telling her how important she is to you in your life. Make her feel special. Get creative, draw her a picture, and spend time on creating this card, she will love it that you took the time to make her a card rather than simply buying one from the store. It is the simple things in life that mean the most.

4. Give your wife the whole day off from cooking, children, and house cleaning.

This isn't too hard. On your day off do everything for her. Do all the things she does for you. If you don't know how to cook, order pizza or Chinese food. Let your wife spend the day with her friends shopping or going to lunch, etc. When she comes home give her a back rub, take her shoes off, draw her a hot bubble bath and let her take a long bath. When she comes out from her bath, light the candles, caress her some more and just be there for her all the rest of the evening. Be her loving, romantic and protecting man so she can be the woman God made her to be for you.

5. Appreciate all that your wife does

All of the above will show your wife that you love her and appreciate her for everything that she does. Being understanding of your wife's feelings and needs on a consistent basis will improve the quality of your marriage a great deal. By taking the respective roles that God has designed for each gender will greatly enhance the happiness of your marriage. Be the man of the house so she can be the lady of the house.

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Do you want to know how to get your wife back and stop divorce? If yes, read on. Every day, couples break up and patch back regardless of the situation. If you want to get your wife back, the first thing that you must do is to stop feeling hopeless. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Your situation is not hopeless and you can definitely get your wife back if you follow the right system.

If your marriage recently ended, it is a very dangerous time to get her back. This is because the pain is still fresh for the both of you and emotions are still running high. So the best thing that you should do now is to leave everything cold first. Take this time to reflect on the relationship and figure out the things that led to the separation.

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If you act on your impulse now, you will ruin your chance to get her back. So control your emotion and give yourself some time before you act. The best way to get your wife back is to follow a plan or a system. When you follow a system, you will not stumble if she gives you a reaction that you are not prepared for.

When you are developing your plan to get your wife back, put a lot of thought into it. You must think of all the possible reaction you will get from her. Then come out with what you will do after each reaction. One important thing is to always control your emotion. Composure is what will make your plan work.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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