My Wife Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring: She Doesn't Wear Her Wedding Ring

Your wife stopped wearing her wedding ring. You're not sure how long ago it happened but one day you looked at her hand and noticed something was missing. If she always wore the ring and suddenly her finger is bare, that's got to be a shock. Obviously, your first reaction is curiosity and so you asked her about it right? Most wives in this position have one of a number of answers including, "I forgot to put it on today, my hand is swollen or I didn't want to damage it." You must use your inner instinct to truly understand what's going on and of course, you have to watch her behavior as today turns into tomorrow and the week goes on. Although not wearing a wedding ring is often a simple and innocent oversight on the part of a wife, it can also be a sign of much marital dissatisfaction lurking deep in her heart.

There are a number of reasons why women stop wearing their wedding rings:

It doesn't fit anymore. Sadly, for us women, weight gain is not subjective. It doesn't all go to our hips or thighs as we claim. Hands do accumulate fat when a woman gains weight and that size 5 sparkler you gave her on your wedding day may not fit past her knuckle now. If your wife is a little curvier than she was the day you two married, this may be the culprit.

She's incredibly active. Women who love to work out, be it running, biking or tending to the garden, often strip themselves of jewellery for comfort reasons. If your wife was often taking her wedding ring on and off, she may also be concerned about losing it. This is more common than most men realize and you can typically tell if this is the reason why the ring is missing from your wife's finger. If she always puts it on when you two go out or when she's just relaxing around the house, she cherishes that ring and its meaning.

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She's having an affair. This seems incredibly obvious and sadly it is. If you catch your wife without her ring on when she returns home at times, it may be because she's hiding it in her pocket or handbag. This is often the first tangible sign of an affair and if you've had gnawing suspicions about how faithful she is, it is well worth investigating.

Her feelings have changed. A woman's wedding ring is a sign of her devotion and commitment to her husband. It's an outward sign of the silent vows that are made between a couple not only the day they marry but as their life together matures. If your wife feels less close to you or she feels there's an emotional disconnect between you two, she may have removed the ring because it's a painful reminder of happier times. If your wife seems dissatisfied with the marriage in general it's very likely that's why she isn't wearing her wedding ring anymore.

If you do happen to notice that the absent ring has become a pattern, do speak to your wife about what she's feeling in relation to the marriage. If it is something as innocent as her hands not accommodating the ring anymore you can have it resized or perhaps pick out a new one as an upcoming anniversary gift.

If her reasoning is more serious it's important to address what she feels before the ring becomes a symbol of a marriage that failed. Take the missing ring as a sign that you need to converse more with your wife. It could very well be a life changing discussion for you both.

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It wasn't too long ago, I found myself asking the same question. My wife wants a divorce, how can I save our marriage? What's even worse is, I had no idea this was coming. For all I knew, everything seemed fine. So it was really a shocker when my wife first brought up the subject of potentially filing for divorce. Words can't exactly explain how I was feeling at that moment, I was a bit lost and angry at the same time.

The reason I'm telling you this is, while ultimately I saved our marriage, I made some huge mistakes along the way that actually made things worse and in fact dragged it out even longer than it should have. So I would like to share with you a few things you need to know about saving your marriage that I hope will help you to avoid some of the same mistakes.

You have to learn how to back off. What I mean is, your wife needs some time and space. I know, I know, but you have so many questions she needs to answer. Like "Why now", or "What have I done that's so bad you want to leave". Even when you're begging and pleading with her that you can change or that things will be different, it is all counter productive. To sum it up, this behavior just makes everything worse. At the same time decreasing your desirability. But don't beat yourself up if you've done these things already, I had done all of this too.

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As much as I know it pains you to back off, and allow her to make this decision without your say in it, you have to. Let her own this decision. Don't allow her to feel as though you've forced her into following through, by being in her ear constantly. This will do 2 things to your benefit. 1. It will throw off her initial expectation of how you will react, adding a sense of mystery or wonder as to why you're not acting like you normally would. 2. It will cause her to second guess her decision and possibly even reconsider leaving you at this point.

At the same time, you need to learn how to control every emotion and everything that's going to come out of your mouth from now on fast! I know how easily it is to push our wives buttons at this point, and give her a little piece of your mind that's been brewing for ages, but don't. It's very easy to lose it right now, and let it all out. But, you have to learn to be pretty much opposite of that. You have to be cool, calm and collective as they say. It's the only way you're going to be able to move forward with saving your marriage.

So, what do you do, say, and how do you react when you want to erupt constantly? What steps can I take to save my marriage right now?

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Maybe it would be better if all marriages didn't begin with great ceremonies and dream-like honeymoons. Because you can't get better than that! And it's not good to start a thing at its best - because, from the best, and the highest, the only place to go is down. And when they go bad, they can go worse.

I had such a marriage that had gone downhill since the honeymoon. I did everything to save my marriage and stop my divorce. I tried to talk to him, I begged to him, I cried to him... Then, when those didn't work, I acted like I didn't care at all.

None of those worked, and my problematic marriage went worse. He had stopped caring about me altogether and I thought it was now just a matter of time before he began to talk about the possibility of divorce.

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How do you save your marriage from such a situation? Well - I did. Not only a "saving", also; because my husband loves me even more than he did in our honeymoon. So what did I do to achieve this:

Tip 1: Under no circumstances, never, ever, never beg to, or cry in front of your spouse. Here comes the basic law of human nature: If you can't have something, you're going to want that something. Let's rewrite this: The more you beg for somebody, the less he or she will desire you. Which means that you should stop begging at once.

Tip 2: You won't read this tip anywhere else. The notion of a divorce can be scary, scary even for the spouse who actually wants to end the marriage. You can use this to your advantage, but it works only and only if your spouse hasn't actually talked about divorce to you. This means that he or she wants a divorce, but is scared by the idea. So, what happens when you just "utter" that word? He or she now takes a defensive stance and this can save your marriage!

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People always look at couples who are fighting all the time or screaming at each other as having problems in the relationship or in the marriage. Screaming at each other is not the best way to communicate with your spouse or partner, but at least the communication is there. Which situation would you rather be in, your spouse screaming at you or giving you the silent treatment? In my personal opinion, I prefer the screaming because at least I know where he is at, instead of him being silent, with me wondering what he is thinking.

I am not condoning verbal abuse, it is inexcusable, but at least a couple that fights know there are issues in the relationship. Couples who are in a marriage that is straining and they are reluctant to communicate or to acknowledge that there are issues, are the ones who find themselves in deeper problems. Screaming at the top of your lungs is not acceptable, but so is pretending that there is no problem in the marriage. Use these tips to communicate effectively in your marriage or in your relationship:

• Communicating properly with your spouse requires that you are in tune with them. You need to spend quality time together, preferably every day so you can talk about how the day went. Take time out of your busy schedules and connect.

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• Listening is extremely important when it comes to communication, do not just get your point of view across. You need to hear and understand what your spouse is trying to tell you.

• You may have said something or done something to rub your spouse the wrong way. If they are acting offish towards you, you need to find out why so you can apologies and move on.

• Be sympathetic and caring when your spouse shares things about what is bothering them. Do not judge, be defensive or angry or criticize when they share how they feel. Try to look at what they are saying through their eyes.

• Some people do not like conflict to the point where they do not want to rock the boat. But honesty is extremely important, because it will help you and your spouse uncover the root causes of why you are both unhappy in the marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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