My Wife Says She Doesn't Feel Loved: How To Make Your Wife Feel Loved Again

You want to make your wife feel cherished. You love her deeply and you're not always certain that you express that to her in the right ways. She's the woman you'd marry all over again if given the chance so why not help her to feel that? Taking steps to make your wife feel that you deeply adore her can really transform your marriage. If you've felt any emotional distance between you and your wife, start making some small changes today that will ensure she knows exactly how much she means to you.

In order to make your wife feel cherished you have to tell her more often that you love her more than anyone else. Many men believe that their wives will get tired of hearing them express how much they adore her, but that doesn't happen. A woman craves to hear those things from her husband. She wants and needs to know that there isn't another woman on earth that he'd want more. If you always tell her this, she'll feel it more and more.

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It's also a really lovely gesture to make small comments about specific things about your wife's appearance or how she carries herself. If a husband tells his wife that he loves the way her nose wrinkles a bit when she smiles, that touches her heart. Women always long to hear that their husband admires them or is proud of them. The feeling of knowing that your husband values and appreciates you compares to no other feeling there is.

You can also make your wife feel cherished by remembering all the special days in her life. Naturally that includes momentous occasions like her birthday and your wedding anniversary. But consider bringing her a bouquet of flowers on the days your children were born. Present them as a thank you to her for creating such a beautiful family with you. Also, remember to comfort her on the bad days. We all sometimes forget that our partner needs a hug on the anniversary of the death of a close friend or family member. Gestures like this show her how much insight you have into her life and her feelings.

Honor your wife by always being as honest as you possibly can with her. Your wife will feel cherished by you if she knows you respect her in this way. Share all the details of your life and give her access to everyone who is close to you. If she feels that your marriage is an open book, she'll always feel very close and connected to you.

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One of the saddest spots to be in is when you are asking the question how to save your marriage by yourself. More than likely, your husband or your wife has turned their back on the marriage and you. You probably feel very alone and fearful. Even if you want the marriage to be right again, you have no idea if you alone can make a difference.

I'm here to tell you -- you can. Don't give up, even when your spouse refuses to talk to you about your marriage. Don't despair when you find yourself in bed alone at night. Never surrender, despite all the signs that he or she is having an affair outside.

You can indeed successfully address the challenge of how to save your marriage by yourself, you just need to figure out how. Here are the 5 steps the experts will tell you to take when you need to sort out how to save your marriage by yourself --

1. Focus on your commitment
Even if you are the only one trying, you make sure you are committed to turning the marriage around. Don't let anything distract you from focusing on this. Think of what the marriage means to you and how you are the only chance this marriage still has to survive.

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2. Evaluate what went wrong
Once you are clear about your commitment to seeing the marriage through, put aside all the emotional hurt and objectively figure out what is going wrong, what needs to be corrected. Make a list, don't just think about it. Put everything and anything down, no matter how trivial. Once you have done this, you now know what you have to face head-on.

3. Decide what you can do
Against every item on your list, start figuring out what you can do. If you guys fight every time you talk, decide to make a conscious effort not from now on. If the kids rob you of time alone together, get a baby-sitter on a regular basis or get the grandparents to commit to taking them for more evenings and the weekend. Work out practical ways to tackle each item on your "what's wrong" list.

4. Make the effort first
As unfair as it might seem, you may have to be the one to make the first effort in situations where both of you have in the past refused to budge. The thing is someone has to give in first. Think of the big picture of saving the marriage, don't sweat over the small stuff. So if you need to make the first move and say sorry, do it. If you have to be the first to beg for a night out together because it will be good for both of you, do it.

5. Get help
It is definitely no mean feat to face the question of how to save your marriage by yourself, so be open to getting help. Could be from family, good friends, your rabbi or priest or imam. Even better get expert help from a marriage counselor or a therapist. Most marriages are saved through expert intervention. And, since you're doing this alone for the moment, you could use not only help but time-proven advice.

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A marriage in crisis is a relationship that has deteriorated to a point that it is unlikely to last much longer unless steps are taken to save it. Although no one can tell you exactly when a marriage in crisis will end, there are usually clear signs that a marital breakup is near.

A marriage in crisis is an unhappy marriage that has been allowed to reach a point in which the obvious question is "how long will the marriage last"? Identifying the signs that your marriage is unraveling and in serious danger of failing can help in deciding how to handle an impending breakup.

Emotional indifference

Emotional indifference by one or both spouses towards the marital relationship. In this situation there is no emotional response or meaningful acknowledgment by your spouse there is little to no response to what you say or do. There is no affection and they may say that they have fallen out of love with you.


Infidelity is often the deal breaker for a marriage in crisis. If your spouse has cheated that could mean the end of your marriage especially if they are reluctant to completely end the affair. Marriages don't necessarily end because of cheating but it is a strong indicator that the marriage is in serious trouble. Without marriage in crisis help your marriage may not survive. This is especially true if the spouse having the affair seems unconcerned with the effect the situation will have on the children.

Frequent arguments

Frequent arguments over the same things are a sign that disagreements and concerns are not being resolved and if not attended to can have an extremely negative effect on a marriage. It is not unusual for couples to have arguments or disagreements but if issues never get resolved it can lead to a toxic marriage in crisis.

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Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy can be an important sign of a marriage in crisis and that the marriage is unraveling. Intimacy is a key way for couples to bond and connect with each other to create a feeling of love and cooperation. Although sexual intimacy is very important in marriage showing love and caring both in the bedroom and in daily life is a part of intimacy.

It is important to consider why lack of physical intimacy exists in marriage. In some cases a spouse may withdraw from physical intimacy because they may have developed physical or emotional issues beyond their control that hinders their sexual ability. In such cases the issue may not be that they no longer value the marriage but that these other issues hinder their abilities or behavior.

Abusive Behavior

Abusive behavior can create a marriage in crisis. Abusive behavior can be physical, emotional or verbal. Constantly berating, criticizing and putting your spouse down are forms of abuse. Physical abuse can even be life threatening. Abusive behavior indicates a lack of respect and makes the abused partner feel less valued and unloved. In matters of abuse it is important to evaluate the relationship and consider that everyone has value and deserves to be treated with respect. Abusive behavior is a strong indicator that a marriage is headed for breakup

Although there may be signs that you are in a marriage in crisis there is always hope to save your marriage by taking healing steps. In many cases marriage problems develop because we didn't immediately recognize how serious a problem was and were not sure how to solve it.

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If your wife says she wants a divorce, you obviously are in a really tough situation. Often times this signals the end of the marriage but it doesn't have to be that way. You may be left wondering right now If you can save your marriage or if it is already too late. My own personal experience and the testimonials of thousands of other couples have proven beyond any doubt that your marriage can probably still be saved!

There are endless possibilities as to why your wife has told you this but it really doesn't make much difference what the specifics are. The important thing for you to remember is not to beg or plead with her in an attempt to change her mind. I can just about promise you that this approach will backfire! It is one of the worst things you can do.

Another thing you need to avoid doing is clinging to her by constantly calling, texting or emailing her. Anything that gives the appearance of desperation puts all the power in her hands and makes you even more unattractive to her. You actually need to be doing the complete opposite! Continue to carry on about your regular business acting as if nothing has even happened. In other words, you give the appearance that her stated desire to get divorced has not affected you at all.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Regardless of the pain or hurt or anger you are feeling right now, don't let it show. You will need to get out of your present emotional state and place yourself in a much more resourceful state to take the lead on saving your marriage, whether your wife wants to or not. You may not believe this, but if you use the right plan, it won't matter what she is doing, you'll see changes in her, changes in the marriage and changes in yourself!

Most marriages can be saved if the proper action is taken in time. But waiting and hoping the problem goes away on its own is a huge mistake. The longer you wait, the less your chances are of saving your marriage. As a matter of fact, your actions over the next few hours, days and weeks of this crisis will probably determine whether or not your marriage is saved. So don't wait around to do something.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.


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