My Wife Never Seems Happy With Me: I Can't Make My Wife Happy

So you realize you have an unhappy wife. She's been ignoring you, slamming the door after her, and staying out a lot with her girlfriends. You even suspect she's flirting with her recently-divorced co-worker.

Your instinct as a man is to ignore her. After all, she's a woman, she's got moods right? She'll be OK once she has some alone time. Wrong! An unhappy wife is a volcano about to erupt, a flu virus about to go global. If you're smart (and you and I know you are) here's what you'll do to pacify your unhappy wife --

1. Do little things for her

Leave her a love note on her cosmetic bag. A flower at the doorstep. Just sweeten her up first.

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2. Apologize

Once she takes the bite, apologize for "your behavior". If she tests you and asks you what you're apologizing for, tell her it's not any one incident but the overall way you've been treating her. Tell her she deserves to be loved and appreciated.

3. Ask her on a date

That's right, ask her out, tell her you want to woo her again. Then give her a night out that she'll be thrilled with.

If nothing works and you suspect your marriage is getting worse, then all the sweet nothings and acts in the world won't help. Your marriage might be in real trouble. Go get help. Look for a good counselor or therapist. They're expensive but they work. If that's not for you, consider going on the Internet and look for marriage experts who have created online e-courses and ebooks. Don't wait. It might well be too late if you do.

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Today marks 19 years of marital bliss for my husband and I. However, "bliss" as defined by Merriam Webster, and "bliss" as defined by a marriage veteran would be defined in very different ways.

The dictionary version is brief, "complete happiness, paradise, heaven." This type of bliss is short-term in duration. So 19 years of marital bliss would seem like a conflict in terms. However, let's consider the "veteran" portion of the viewpoint.

Marriage Veteran

When I think of an armed services veteran I think of someone who is brave, puts the needs of their country over their personal needs, committed, determined to win, honest and willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

A marriage veteran would possess similar qualities. Their bliss would include passing through the challenge of merging two lives into one that is better, yet not losing the individuality of either life.

What Really Is Bliss?

Bliss would include the courage to allow the evolution of the individual and partnership. It includes give and take, but may seem like there is more giving than taking, but that's okay.

Blissful experiences would include early morning snuggling, late night laughing, walks in the woods and enjoying a sunset.

However, blissful experiences would also include journeys that are difficult like working together to insure that income is sufficient to cover outflow, and trusting your spouse to choose you over other distractions of the world. It is often when these journeys are completed that the blissful moment comes.

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Marital bliss takes on a whole new meaning when children enter the scene. It is broadened to include a heart expanding love that you didn't know you possessed, and new veteran opportunities that may smell, leak, cry and hug. (This description includes both babies and teenagers!)

Marital bliss isn't a perfect marriage, but the perfecting of two individuals who are better as one.

Truly Committed Marriages

Does marital bliss last past the honeymoon? In a truly committed marriage the bliss takes on different forms and lasts a lifetime. So why doesn't marriage always feel like bliss? We all know that anything worth doing well, isn't very easy and that means that bliss can be painful.

When questioned about troubled marriages, Dr. Phil responded, "...overall people in America quit too soon. Too many people are divorcing these days around the 2 year mark saying that marriage just wasn't what they expected and they're worn out."

Worn out! Most couples don't even know what worn out means until they've gotten a minimum of 2 children through their toddler years! Marital bliss means you are in it through the long haul. Knowing joy, pain, love and sorrow will be an intrical part of that journey.

Amazingly, my blissful marriage includes Websters definition as well. I've found "complete happiness" because my husband has helped make me complete. I'm in "paradise" when I'm in his loving and protecting arms, and "heaven" when he tenderly touches my face and expresses his love to me.

So where are you in your journey of marital bliss? Whether you are just finishing your honeymoon, or welcoming a great grand child into the family circle, bliss is what you choose to make make it a grand experience and enjoy the journey!

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If you need sexless marriage advice there are often not that many people you can turn to for help. Men often find it difficult to talk to their friends or relatives about problems in bed and while women may be more open to these conversations the help you receive is usually not from anyone who has experienced this and overcome it making it rather useless.

I have been through a sexless marriage and managed to come out the other side with a more understanding and more passionate partner. It also helped me to understand a lot more about myself and our relationship. I wanted to share with you today some tips from the front line that you can use straight away to try to improve your sex life, your marriage and your well being.

Look To Yourself First

While you should never blame yourself for this situation, you should be aware that change must be a two way street. Nothing helps these sorts of relationship issues more than action as well so make sure that you first look inwards into how you can improve yourself and your own self esteem and confidence. Make sure to do things that build your own confidence so that you are not brought down by your spouse's rejections. This will give you the confidence to tackle the whole issue and it will actually make you much more desirable whether you are man or woman.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When trying to regain intimacy and love and affection words only go so far. Try to make changes that involve doing something and show your love and sensual side with what you do. This could be as simple as cleaning the house before they get home to planning a surprise trip away. I believe that a whole bunch of these smaller things make the biggest impact however.

Never Demand

This might be the most important pieces of sexless marriage advice you hear. Never demand sex, never demand compensation for the good works you do and never demand they give you an explanation. Change will come in time if you do the right things and sometimes you may feel used and overworked and that you are the only one trying. I guarantee you however that each good action you take, each kind loving word you utter and each attempt to regain your lost passion will help to breaking down the problems... as long as you do not demand compensation!

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I called my friend Steve a few years ago with these very words: "My wife just drove off with the kids! What the hell do I do now?" We'd had another one of our fights and I guess she'd finally had enough. This time it really seemed serious. She'd packed clothes, darn near everything in the closets. A week went by. Then another. We had a few phone conversations but that was it.

I guess I should probably tell you that I am not licensed therapist or a marriage counselor. I've never been divorced and actually don't consider divorce to be a good choice 99% of the time for anyone! But here I was, my wife had left and told me over the phone that she wanted a divorce. I was devastated and didn't know what to do.

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I can certainly tell you quite a few things that didn't work:

- Making promises that I would change

- Asking (begging really) for another chance

- Trying to make her feel guilty about hurting the kids

- Calling her mother and sisters

- Drowning my sorrows in alcohol

- Laying around the house depressed and feeling sorry for myself

Despite my love for my wife and my very best intentions to get her back and stop our divorce, I found that everything I was doing was having the opposite effect. I was in a sense, pushing her further away. It was almost as if I was reinforcing in her mind that our relationship had no hope of surviving. It wasn't until the divorce was nearly official that I stumbled almost by accident on some techniques that would change our lives and transform our marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.


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