My Wife Is Leaving Me: My Wife Wants To Leave Me Should I Let Her Go

If you are asking me "my wife is leaving me, what can I do?", then I may tell you that you are in the right place. Actually, there are things that you can do to save your marriage. Now, I'm not going to waste your time. Let's see what you can do in order to reverse the situation.

Your wife decided to end the relationship with you. I know how you feel, but I believe that if you have the right plan and the right attitude, then you will be able to save your marriage no matter how bad your situation is.

If you are asking me "my wife is leaving me, what can I do?", then I am going to tell you that you don't have to do anything at that moment. Well, trying to do anything in the highly emotional situation like this is not going to do you any good at all. Besides, it will make things worse as well. This is the reason why you should not do anything about this. I know that you want to do something as soon as possible in order to change her mind before everything is too late, but it is not a good idea at all, besides, it will push your wife even further away also. So, what you should do is to try to control yourself and try not to do anything in that moment.

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If possible, just stay away from your wife and leave her alone for just two or three days. This way, you can put yourself together and try to find the right way to solve the problem. I know it is not easy, but it is important that you should be able to do it.

If you are asking me "my wife is leaving me, what can I do?", then you need to understand one thing. When you have a chance to talk to her, it is very possible that the two of you might end up with fighting, or arguing with each other. Besides, she might tell you that it was all your fault and you might tell her the same. If this is your case, then you are not thinking about the real cause of the problem. This is also the reason why I'm telling you to stay away from her and leave her alone for a while. This way, it will look like you respect her decision and give her the space she wants.

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Let's think of love not as a word but an action. Instead of saying "I love you." Show you wife that you love her. Be more loving! How can a man show his woman he loves her? By doing!

Forget about the box of chocolates and flowers. Any man can go buy these things. But any man cannot show love to his wife on a whim. The chocolates get eaten and make your wife fat and cranky; the flowers wither and die in three days. What about showing your love by doing things that you know your wife will enjoy?

~How Should A Husband Love His Wife~

When was the last time you wined and dined your wife? What about a mini-vacation? Are you the romantic type? If not find out how you can amaze your wife by being a romantic guy. What would that involve?

A woman likes a man who can cook. How about cooking her an intimate candlelit dinner for two? Don't know how to cook? Get a cookbook and do it anyway. Have some fun in the kitchen and enjoy yourself.

Don't forget, you wife likes to be touched and hugged without the pressure of sex looming in the near future. Sometimes the hugging and coddling is more important to her than the actual sex act. Not that she doesn't like to orgasm but that she wants to KNOW that you love her more than the sex act itself. Hug her and cuddle her and you'll most likely get what you want later.

The most important way to show your love is through your acceptance and validation. Are you the kind of guy that discounts his wife's choices, desires, and needs through invalidation? This kind of behavior will cause all kinds of trouble in the marriage. Let me tell you why.

By invalidating your wife in whatever manner, you have essentially rejected her. She will feel as if her opinions, decisions, and beliefs don't count and shouldn't be regarded with importance. She will hold this within her consciousness and it will come back to haunt you later on in the marriage. This won't be on purpose but mostly because you have hurt her. She loves you and when you invalidate her feelings, thoughts, actions, beliefs, views, and opinions, she gets hurt!

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Let me tell you a big secret about woman, which also includes your wife. Your wife may ask you for your opinion on something because it is in her nature to get a second opinion but that does not necessarily mean that she will go with your opinion or your opposing viewpoint.

I'm not talking about the submission thing here either. What I'm talking about is just everyday thoughts and actions of your wife. If for some reason you really feel that it is best that you disagree with her thoughts and feelings, do so AFTER you have said something positive about the way she thinks and feels. Be understanding! If you actually validate her she will see it your way on her own, even if she won't admit it.

Your wife may also like to vent her feelings more then you, not because she needs for you to find a solution so much as just being a sounding board. Give her validation in what she has to say, and then ask her if she is looking for an opinion and or solution first before giving her one. This doesn't make much sense to you, but to us women it makes a lot of sense.

~How A Wife Should Love Her Husband~

It is my firm belief that it is easier to make a man happy than for a man to make a woman happy. I believe this because men really don't ask for much. If they can camp out on the hard ground with the ants and other bugs how hard can they be to please? Yes, I know this sounds superficial but think about this for a moment. Have you noticed how much happier, and less stressed out your man is when he has his two most important needs met, sex and food?

It is also semi-true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. They love to eat and they love to eat good tasty meals. When their stomachs are full, and they have been taken care of physically, a man doesn't ask for much else.

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Don't forget, the home is a man's castle. Knowing this, make every effort to keep his castle tidy and free of stressful situations that could upset his equilibrium. He has worked all day long and wants to come home to a loving and sweet wife, not a grouch and a TV dinner

Be appreciative of every little thing your man does around the house. Make your man feel like a man by being a woman. Give him a hug and a kiss where it counts, talk about your day together. Don't reject your husband sexually. Make him feel good about himself by telling him so. Respect him for who he is and what he does!

Basically, a woman needs validated and intimacy, and a man needs sex and good food. Find ways in which you can give of your self in the marriage by being more loving in these areas.

And men, after you have shown your wife how much you love her, then you can buy her the chocolates and flowers.

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Problems are bound to come up no matter how much you have in common and this is perfectly normal. However, dealing with problems incorrectly can lead to deep feelings of resentment and hurt. What you need to do is know how to handle them so that both parties can leave the issue with minimal negativity.

First of all, what is a good solution to a problem? Well there are two criteria for a good solution.

1. The solution must meet most of the needs of both parties.
2. The solution much be good for the relationship.

Now, how do you go about actually solving a problem constructively? I will show you how with the following steps.

Step #1
Pick a specific issue.

Choose an issue and only one issue. Be as specific as you can get with the details of the issue.

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Step #2

Come up with creative solutions to the problem. Make sure both parties get to put in their own thoughts on the matter. Remember, this is not a time to criticize or go off on tangents. Stay on topic and stay focused on finding a solution.

Step #3
Agreement and Compromise.

Come up with a trial solution. Not all solutions will work but you need to take action by choosing one and trying it. Pick the best solution that you have come up with so far and follow through with it.

Step #4
Follow up on trial.

This is where you check in with your partner on that specific solution to see how it has been working for both of you. If things have come up that you didn't predict, tweak the solution so that it is more workable. Keep following up until the solution is satisfactory to both parties.

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