Years ago meditating was a huge part of my daily regimen. As time went on I kept meditating, but I did not stick to any set schedule. Within the last year I have been working on meditating more. I am quite pleased with my progress.

I had a vision of an Indian man riding a horse. I focused on the weather, it was snowing lightly and it made the scenery so beautiful. There was also a slight chill in the air. I focused on how dangerous the rocks were due to the snow. As he rode I noticed his eyes were sunken in a little, I’m sure they have seen everything that this life has to offer, good and bad. I noticed that his skin was thick, unlike mine. I thought about everything that had to be done once he had reached his destination. Teepee’s had to be built; arrows had to be made, firewood needed to be gathered, and prey needed to be hunted. I knew that even though he was weary from his journey, it could be days before he could rest.

As I saw all of this, I asked myself; what was my lesson? I had thought for sure my lesson was about sure-footedness. As the climate changed, regardless if you are walking or someone or something is carrying you, you have to make sure your footsteps are solid. You see, I had focused on everything about the horse; he was such a magnificent animal! I had focused on everything about the Indian; I can describe in detail every fine line he had on his face. But I didn’t see past it.

My vision brought me to the place where everyone had gathered. Everyone was doing their part in making it a home. My thoughts went from seeing the teepees, the fire, the children playing, and the women gathering herbs; back to the Indian on his horse. I looked to the right of the Indian and for the first time I saw a long line of Indians. I saw men, women, children and babies. This was my lesson! You can look at one thing and see every minute detail. By putting all of your focus on this one thing you are missing out on so much more. You see when I saw that line of men, women and children; my heart sank. I knew at that very moment, that was my lesson. This holds so much relevance! What did the vision mean to me? My lesson meant the future.

Who is the lesson for? It can be for an individual, family or a nation. The bottom line is; we are truly all family. We are put on this earth to co-exist and to love and respect all life, not only for ourselves; but for our future generations. Are we that focused on the now that we don’t consider how it will affect generations to come? Will war eventually bring peace? Will someone’s right thing to do at the moment be the wrong thing for the next generation? Will this particular action benefit my children’s children or the children around the world?

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