Often times, when people seek jobs, especially young graduates, they are either told they are inexperienced or not qualified for the task at hand even when they clearly might be the right person for that job. To the recruiter, it might seem proper...... however time and again, while looking for these jobs, many people do not know what employers look out for, or how to be prepared, or how to self-improve for the task ahead. Some people out of frustration settle for less than what they hoped for, while others fall into self pity.
In view of the above, it has become imperative to shade some light on what every young adult need to do in order to improve self and get the required experiences they need to succeed in their future endeavour. When I left school, as a graduate, I faced these challenges too, until I found my secret excellent tools to gain the experiences I need and move ahead.
I call these my to-do list, as a matter of fact, most of them worked well for me, I speak well today, was because I devoted my time to learning patterns and the right ways to speak. I’m comfortable today is due to the little things I did to self improve and encourage myself.
First things first...Make yourself Employable
Being unemployed or employed is one thing, being employable is another. Here, i will ask, how well do you know yourself? How many books have you read on that employment field? Have you acquired a new language required to be in that office? Or developed your self confidence? Do these now if You haven’t done so. Being employable simple means beings ready and fit for when the opportunity calls, it means being an asset not a liability. It means developing those qualities that employers look out for when employing. You might think that being without a job is the most difficult of them all, for me, being jobless can mean part awesome and part terrifying. Awesome because you have the opportunity to improve your personality and terrifying because money is going out and no income is being generated.
This brings me to how you can improve yourself and experiences, just like the saying, “when life gives you lemons, suck on it because you’re bad ass”. So below are the list of things I engaged in to help me turn my lack of experience to over experience :
Learn something
When I left school, as young as I was, I could have chosen to explore, go joyriding or engage is parties that could have left me with no knowledge about myself. Well I did, I had fun.....loads of fun, But not at the expense of learning something worthwhile. I learned computer basics and i acquired a skill. Now when you learn something or acquire a certain knowledge in a field different from where you want to be, it gives you an edge over your counter parts. E.g.. if I’m not working at my official post as a teacher, I’m in the salon otherwise I’m with young people motivating them to do better. In all, I’m not idle with the excuse of no job.
Sometimes, we want to be paid so bad that we overlook the importance of the experience we might get in the process of volunteering in the field we have desired for so long, when you volunteer for a task in the field u seek, you are not just going to get the job done, but you are opening yourself up for so many experiences thereby adding to the knowledge you already have. Volunteering is a way of gaining an experience. The stipend might not be worth it, but the experience will surely be.
Attend seminars and Job-fare
Seminars could enlighten you more on that job you’re seeking for, through seminars and Job fares, you meet people of like minds, that way, you are encouraged that the race you are running also has other people in it. If you are lucky, you could get your own partners or investors, one might even start a business venture from there.
Get a Hobby
No matter what the circumstances of being jobless, your best option is always to make the most of it. You know the saying, “when one door closes, either another opens or a window opens” which might make u look like a thief but you’ve got to enter so me how..... that is same with unemployment, is both a blessing and a curse as you chose to make it... so it’s time to get serious shits done.. A hobby gives you one less thing to worry about. Try to make something unique and interesting which shows that even if you don’t have a job, you got something fun doing. Something that’s entirely your choice.
Start a Business
Gone are the days when business Mena and women are seen to be uneducated and low class and as such are stuck with buying and selling. No No No ... if you have searched for that job time and again, and attended a n ell lot of interviews, but every here you keep hearing “WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU, OR YOU ARE INEXPERIENCED”. Now is time to start a small business or a venture. Bearing in mind that slow and steady makes the most success. Start by arranging your own capital, Labour and place of work. Nowadays, several franchisees are available with small investments and ready business to start with. If you put your mind and soul to it, your life for the future is set.
Get an Extra Qualification Base
You see, that you are a degree holder is not enough to stop acquiring more education. Since that job is not forthcoming, you can enhance your career and elevate your value by aspiring for another degree in connection with the existing one or a more professional one in a more specific field. E.g completing your masters degree or getting a professional knowledge in marine industry.
Be Positive
Even if you don’t feel like it, act positive. That is the only way something positive will happen to you. Nobody ever attracted something positive by being negative minded. Change your mind-set.
Learn Communication Skills
Every company or sector have the language they speak and an effective mode of communication. Get yourself accustomed to it. This is the time for self growth and development. You are free to talk to yourself as a form of practice. Ask yourself this question. Would you hire you if you came in for an interview without the required communication skills needed in that field? If your answer is NO, then you need to work on yourself. Communication is one of the keys to a successful interview. It shows confidence and self esteem.
Reassess Your Goal and Plan
Are you satisfied with the kind of job you just left? Or the one you are seriously searching for? This is the time to reassess your goals to gain a proper direction and have a definite part to follow. Now you doubt yourself so its time to make short term goals and implement immediately. In the meantime, create a career plan for yourself. (You van join our next batch of planning party to achieve this). Creating a plan will help to achieve your ambition and things you would love to do in your working life.
Spend Time With Family
I cannot begin to over emphasize on the importance of spending time with family and getting to known them better. By the time that job or business comes, you are going to Get all busy and never having enough time on your hand to attend to family needs. Now that you have time, spend it with family, engage in wholesome activities with them, remind them how important they are to you. Who knows. You might just discover your dream within.
Have Fun, Mad Fun
All work and no play make MiMi a dull girl. While self development is important and the key to our success, having fun can expose you to who you really are: having fun can help you find your purpose. Go out with friends, enjoy life before you get caught up in its busy schedule.
While doing what you can, seek the assistance of the almighty because it is by grace that we are saved after all what we can do. Remember that when Jesus says yes, no man can say no. He knows what’s best for us. Pray for clarity. A praying life becomes a successful life eventually with Faith.
Remember this, every phase in your life will pass. Then only thing that will stay with you is the training, knowledge and development you have given to yourself. Keep your hustle steady and stick to your schedule. Stay positive and productive even when you have nothing to do. Once you realise yourself and surroundings, you realise you have so many things to do.

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