My Spiritual Journey in Recovery

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost influenced my personal interpretation that I wrote for my ENG 190, Arizona Western College 1996. I hope you enjoy and feel the depth of my passion in recovery.

“The Road Not Taken revealed the message to me, that if I wanted to live a Spiritual Life; I must take the way of The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. Life is difficult and complex”.

“I followed the crowd to money, power and prestige. Along the way, I started drowning in alcohol. (Line1) I arrived at the two roads diverged in the yellow wood feeling like a coward. Afraid to give up my lover and best friend, alcohol. Many times before I arrived at these two roads but I struggled along the same rocky road with my pain only to be consumed by alcohol again. Alcohol is so cunning, baffling and powerful”.

Now, sorry I could not travel both I was feeling self pity oozing from every pore. The beaten path was always an easier softer way for me. (Line 3,4,5) As I stood at this turning point alone, I felt guilt and remorse. The marriage was over, no friends in my life and three children wanting to be anywhere else than with me. Nothing had changed and I could not see an end to it. I lived in a spiritual wasteland. At this point I asked myself, “Do I continue this beaten path or do I surrender to God?”

(Line 6) I went within and asked guidance from what I know as a power greater than myself. “God Help Me?” I said out loud. There were no sign posts telling me that this would be the better way. All I knew at this point in my life was if I kept doing what I was doing, I would keep getting what I was getting.

(Line 7,8,9,10) With my new mustard seed of faith, I placed my foot upon the Road Less Traveled and I prayed, “God Help Me.” I left the alcohol behind on the worn down road to claim a better life. There seemed to be less fear on this road and I felt hope for a new beginning. I was sick and I was going to get well! Other people I met on this road told me, “We will love you until you can love yourself.”

“I had no preconceived idea about where I was going. Where ever this road would take me had to be better than where I had been. I surrendered!

(Line 11,12,13) Faith grew more and more each day as I stepped where I had never been before. Each step clearing away the wreckage of my past and changing my inner being. I knew then I would not, nor could not return to that life. There really was a better way to live.”

(Line 14, 15) Each time a new road diverged, I placed my foot upon the Road Less Traveled. As I trudged this new road of happy destiny it was not without strife. It was FAITH alone that kept me on my journey. It was best I could not see past the undergrowth on the road. The choices I had to face and make along this road were more than my wildest imagination could have conspired. Every time a choice had to be made the gift of courage came over me. I owed a great amends to God, my children (those alive and those dead), and most of all to myself for my willfulness.”

(Line 16,17) “And I have been telling my story with a Heavy Sigh for eight years. I know no other way to live now. I know no other way to live now. I know no other way to live now. I can not keep what I have unless I give what I FOUND a way. So I will be telling my story henceforth. My dignity as a human being has been restored.”

(Line 18, 19 20) “Today as I come upon two roads diverged in the woods; the gift of willingness takes me the way of The Road Less Traveled. And that has made all the difference.”

So I say to you today April 2011; “Come join me on the road less traveled!”

Author's Bio: 

Patt Manna author of Spiritual Infusion: Twelve Step Recovery Inside and Outside The Church.

Lives in the Pacific North West. Clean and sober since Oct 14,1987.