Most of the people in this world face the issue of self-esteem from time to time. It can be triggered by anything from the past or present i.e. when someone tries to put you down, treat you poorly, or other reasons. Moreover, a person may also start looking down upon himself by getting influenced by the judgment of other people. It is important to realize the importance of self-esteem and the factors which contribute to it to be able to live a fully contented and satisfied life with dignity and respect.

High and low self-esteem both are equally problematic as they can disturb the daily routines of lives. People with high self-esteem issue may start becoming a narcissist. It would, in turn, affect the lives of many other people around them such as their relatives, spouses, friends, and family members. On the other hand, people with low self-esteem issues would end up living a depressing life which is going to impact their every single thought, decision, and action. Although self-esteem gets acknowledge at the very young age of an individual, it still keeps changing and developing throughout the life span.

If every individual starts keeping a check on his behavior, thoughts, and actions, it can help in both raising and lowering self-esteem according to the personal need. As I think about my self-esteem, I feel so confident about some areas of my life but still, my self-esteem is lacking in a few other areas. For instance, when it comes to having a conversation with a group of people, I try to avoid such situations or get embarrassed at times. But the need is to realize that I cannot run away from the issue as one would have to communicate with others at so many points in life. A perfect example of this problem is my classes at University where I usually had to deliver presentations and speeches as it was a part of my grade.

Such issues get bigger when other people also start noticing them. As I was also teased by my classmates several times but I still had to convince myself that it is not a big deal. Moreover, I got my support from some people around me who were concerned and believed in me. It was quite difficult for the first time and even many more times after that. The great obstacle was my fear which I didn’t seem to overcome. Moreover, I realized that the lack of confidence in me is due to the lack of opportunities for communication in my younger age back at home. I was never asked for any opinion on any subject by my parents or grandparents.

So, once I started figuring out the factors and reasons for my low self-esteem, it helped me in a lot of ways. I stopped paying heed to negative remarks or teasing by others and focus on the positive aspects. The joy and positive feeling of being able to deliver in front of others took me out of my self-esteem issue.

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Asad Malik is very passionate about writing, he has a good online presence and writing for 5 years. He owns 3 blogs and likes to write about well being, self-awareness, technological and real estate trends.