My Role in my family
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"Son! Please Go after eating some food .. !! You have not eaten anything for two days." The helpless mother was requesting her pampered son.

"Look, Mommy! I had asked for a second-hand bike on vacation after my twelfth board exam, and Papa had promised too. Today after my last paper, tell Didi (Sister) to take the money as soon as I come out of the exam hall. I have to buy my friend's old bike today. And yes, if didi did not bring money there, I will not come back home. "

Mohan's stubbornness and mother's helplessness were clashing faces in that poor house.

"Son! Your father was about to give you a bike, but then because of the accident that happened last month...

The mother wants to explain her condition but she said something, Mohan said "I don't know anything... I want a bike that's all... !!"

Saying this, Mohan left his mother in the midst of poverty and helplessness and left the house.

After the 12th board examination, Bhagwat 'Sir (Mohan's Teacher) used to conduct a unique examination. Although Bhagwat sir's subject was Mathematics, but he also used to explain Mathematics of life to the students, and all his students used to give these exams with lots of interest.

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My Role in My family was the subject of examination this year.

Mohan sat in the examination section.

He tied a knot in his mind that if I won't get a bike today, I will not go home.

Paper was distributed to everyone in Bhagwat sir's class. The paper had 10 questions with an hour time limit to answer all questions.

Mohan read the first question and started writing the answer.

Question no. 01: - In your house, your father, mother, sister, brother, and how many hours do you work? Tell me in detail?

Mohan started writing answers with his sharpness.

Mohan's Answer:
Papa leaves his autorickshaw with Tiffin at six in the morning. And come back at nine o'clock at night. Sometimes one has to go even earlier. So, for about fifteen hours.

Mom gets up at four in the morning to prepare Papa's tiffin, later she does all the household work. Stitching works in the afternoon. And After all the family members fall to sleep, She goes to bed. So, About 16 hours a day.

Sister goes to college in the morning, does 4 to 8 part-time job in the evening. And at night helps our mother with household work. So, About 12-13 hours.

I wake up at six in the morning, and come back from school in the afternoon and sleep after eating. Take a stroll with my friends in the evening. I study till eleven o'clock at night. So, About ten hours.

(This made Mohan feel like he had the lowest average in his work.)

After answering the first question, Mohan read the second question...

Question No. 02: - What is the monthly total income of your house?

Mohan's Answer:
Papa's income is about ten thousand. Mother and sister together five thousand, Total income of fifteen thousand.

Question No. 03: - Write Mobile Recharge Plan, Name 03 favorite serials, address of the cinema theater, and the name of the movie showing there?

Writing answers to this question was easy for Mohan as he visits these places frequently.

Question No. 04: - What is the present price of 01 kg of potato and lady finger? What is the price of 01 kg of wheat, rice, and oil?

Mohan could not answer this question. He understood that he does not have even the least knowledge about the things of our daily essential needs. Whenever Mom asked he refused to do any work. Today he came to know that mobile recharge, knowledge of unnecessary things is not so useful. We have been hesitant to take accountability or to raise hands and support our family

Question No. 05: - Do you ever argue or anger about food in your house?

Yes, I do not like any vegetables except potatoes. If Mom cooks any vegetables other than Potato, there is a fight in my house. Sometimes I stand up without eating food.

(After writing this, Mohan remembered that the potato vegetable caused the mother a problem of gas. It hurts in the stomach, eating a big spoon of celery in her vegetable and eating it. One day I accidentally ate the mother's vegetable, And then I spit. And then asked why do you eat mommy? Then Didi had said that the situation in our house is not good enough for us to make two vegetables and eat. What should the poor mother do because of your insistence?)

"Mohan coming out of his memories, Read the next question"

Question no. 06: Write about the last stubbornness you have done in your home

Mohan started writing answers.
After the completion of my board exam, the second day was a struggle for the bike. Papa had not given any answer, the mother explained that there is no money in the house. But I did not agree! I have also stopped eating food at home for two days. I will not eat food unless I take a bike. And today I will not go back home without taking a bike.

Mohan wrote that answer to his insistence authentically.

Question no. 07:  What do you do with the pocket money you are getting from your home? How do your siblings spend?

My father gives me five hundred rupees every month. Out of that, I take favorite perfumes, goggles, or spend at my friends' small parties.

My sister also gets five hundred rupees from my father. She earns herself and helps Mummy financially with salary money. Yes, she saves her Poketmoney given to her by putting it in her piggy bank. She has no pleasure because she is a miser.

Question no. 08: - Do you understand your own family role?

Mohan wrote the answer even after the question was confusing and complicated. His answer was, "One should remain connected with the family, behave wisely towards each other, and be supportive, and should maintain their accountability towards family".

While writing this answer, a conscience was heard saying, Oh Mohan! Are you playing your family role in a worthy manner? And the conscience replied "not at all" .. !!

Question no. 09: - Are your parents happy with your result? Do they insist on you for good results and Keep scolding?

(Mohan's eyes were filled before he could answer the question. He now understood his role towards the family.)

Mohan started writing ..
By the way, I have never been able to give satisfactory results to my parents till date. But for this, My parents have never insisted. I have broken the promise of good results so many times. Even then, the same love and affection remained after a slight scolding.

Question No. 10: - How will you help the family on this vacation to play an effective role in family life?

In response, before Mohan's pen went on, tears started flowing from his eyes, and before writing the answer, his pen stopped. He started crying with his face down on the bench. Even after picking up the pen again, he could not write anything. Without answering the tenth question, he submitted the paper.

Seeing Didi at the school door, she ran towards her.

Didi: "Brother! Take this Rs.8000/-, Mommy has said that come home with a bike."

And Didi put money in front of Mohan.

"Where did you get this money from? How you managed to arrange this all?" Mohan asked.

Didi: "I asked for a month's advance salary from my office. Mummy also borrowed some, from where she works and I took it out all of my Poketmoney savings. By doing this your bike money has been arranged.

Mohan's eyesight settled on the money.

Didi then said "Brother, you had come out to mother saying that if I don't give you money, you will not come home I give the most important to you. You are the sweetest of our family, Papa is suffering because of an accident, yet despite his fractured legs, he working to earn money for your bike and complete the promise given to you for your bike.

If you can understand it is good, last night he was very sad because of not being able to complete his promise. And their compulsion is behind this. You have broken your promise many times, haven't you?

With money in Mohan's hand, Didi left for home. At the same time, his friend came there on his bike, brightened up.

"Take it .. Mohan, from today, this bike is all yours. Others were ready to buy this for Rs 12000/-, but for you only I decided to give this to you at 8000/- price."

Mohan was watching silently towards the bike. And after a while said: "Friend, you give your bike to that 12000/- people! I have not been able to arrange the money and there is no possibility of that happening."

And he went straight to Bhagwat sir's cabin.

"Hey, Mohan! How the paper? Bhagwat sir looked at Mohan and asked.

Mohan: "Sir .. !!, this was not a paper, it was a guideline for my life. I have left an answer to the last question. I will not answer that by writing, I will keep my life accountable and responsible. He touched Bhagwat sir's feet and went towards home.

As soon as he reached home, Mummy Papa Didi was standing by all his ways.

"Son! Where is the bike?" Mother asked. Mohan put money in Didi's hands and said Sorry! I don't want a bike And Papa gives me the key to Auto, from today I will drive auto for the entire vacation and you will rest for a few days, and Mom today I will start earning my first income. Please your choice, we will eat together at night.

Seeing the change in Mohan's nature, the mother hugged him and said, "Son! I told you what your father had said in the morning, and so he was sad, left work, and came back home. I have a stomach ache but today I will make a vegetable of your choice. "

"No mummy! Now I understand what is my role in my family? I will eat brinjal fenugreek vegetable at night, I have not written the last answer in the exam, it has to be done only by doing practical.

At the same time, Bhagwat sir entered the house. And said, "Wow! Mohan, the answer you did not give in writing, you will live a practical life.

"Sir! You and here?" Mohan was surprised to see Bhagwat sir.

"I went to meet you when you left I read your paper so I moved to your house. I was listening to the change in you for a long time. My purpose in the exam was successful. And you topped in this exam. " Saying this, Bhagwat sir placed his hand on Mohan's head.

Mohan immediately touched the feet of Bhagwat Sir and went out to drive auto-rickshaw.
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