I’m a vegetarian, walking it would now seem, to a life of veganosity…..

YES I make up words…….the daughter of an English Teacher…..as long as ya get my meaning……
..how does it really hurt???

Break free from the constraints my sweet angels………ask YOUr SELF, “how does it really hurt??”…..And if it doesn’t, then do, do, do, that which flows through you, naturally, in/of/through LOVE……of course?

And as we continue along the flow of DOing that which we LOVE to DO, I offer you my arm as we promenade the venture through, “BEing”….

Ahhhh such HUGEness, as we are floating down our BEautifull pathway, pranc’n and danc’n and sing’n a tune, laugh’n and lov’n the ME that is YOU ?

Yup…..HUGEness……within the LIGHTness of WE.

At 21 I stopped eating red & white meat, not really sure why “fish” is not considered “meat” in and of itSELF, however, I was still munch’n on the white, pink, and sometimes grey finned family members of our oceans and seas…….until at 35, finally…..I stopped eating our little swimming family. True, I never ate much fish, though, hmmmmm, hmmm, hmmm, did I LOVE my sushi!! My favourite was B.B.Q. Unagi! ALLways reminded me of my “meat eating” days, when I’d sink my teeth into a nice juicy rib or steak…..

Amazing what we can DO when we don’t bother THINKing, n’est ce pas??

Ahhhhhh the cliche how TRUE it DOes NOW ring, “ignorance is bliss” ~ for in NOT KNOWing we are also NOT response-able, for how can we BE response-able to act alternatively to that which is “routine” if we KNOW ONLY that which is “routine”…..yes, yes, yes, the ‘double edged sword” of ignorance.
Still, I take the KNOWing and ability to BE response-able in Wisdom, Consciousness and LOVE. That’s my CHOICE as is YOUrs, well, YOUrs~ NO judgment here my fellow Earth Angels Divine

Eating Meat
I come from a “meat eating” family……vegetarianism, alternative nutritional consumption, not really a huge topic in my household.

Eating the meat like a dog off the bone, ‘til that baby was sparkling and bright……whoooyaaababay!! Now yar talk’n the joys of eating in my childhood……

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t eat like dogs at every meal. hee hee hee

I was ALLways into the “alternatives”, asking questions, seeking truths, walking the path less traveled. ALLways the ‘black sheep’ of the family, challenging the accepted, ‘provided truths’. ALLways seeking more information, digging for KNOWledge as an archaeologist DOes for bones. Uncovering wisdom about the

TRUTHs of WE, many would rather BE, kept unKNOWn…..in other words, an Ontological Philosopher. So, it’s no big surprise that I live the lifestyle I DO, referred to by many as a “love child”, “hippie”, “moonbeam”, “tree hugger”, “idealist”, “utopian”, “freak”,”Intuitive”, “wacko”, “sensitive”, “out there”, “Artist”, “Angel”, “Empath”,”GuideLIGHT”, “Goddess”, and the like.

Each of which, just so ya KNOW, I wear loud, proud and FULL of LOVE’s Light! I AM soooo honoured to BE the reflection of YOU, YOU see, when looking at ME ?

And……NOW, after years of battling with lactose intolerance, and……….the revelation that came to me recently, about Dairy Cows, which I shall get into shortly, I am acclimatizing mySELF to a non-dairy lifestyle as well~ in other words….NO ANIMAL products shall, these lips pass…..

I gotta say, this one, as easy as it’s gonna BE to give up the dairy – with all the alternatives available…though ya really DO gotta do yar research, pay attention, and be aware!! I bought “rice cheese” just today only to discover that even though they went to the lengths they did to process this rice into a simulated cheese like product, they STILL ADDED MILK to it!!

What the @#&*!!!

I mean seriously!
What’s the point???
If yar gonna make an alternative to milk, why exactly are ya putt’n the milk into the alternative, not really an alternative anymore now is it???

Kinda like our government system~~~~”oh yes, this government body isn’t working so let’s replace it with another one, of a different name, with a different face and then do everything that was done BEfore…..changing nothing but hey…..we look good!”

Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW, off I went again………
okay, okay shall we resume our LOVEly promenade of Light through the Garden of WE?

Dairy Products
Yes, sooo back to me and my dairy…..I LOVE my cheese, my yogurt, MY FROZEN Yogurt!! Ahhhh sweet indulgences!

My mom just broke my yummies the other night, speaking of a brand new frozen yogurt, that sounds like mouth watering heaven!!! Chapman’s Black Jack Cherry, with chocolate pieces filled with sweet cherry delights and vanilla bean cherries to boot, ahhhhhhhhhhh, NOW they come out with it, NOW!!!!

Oh yes, and what about my milk chocolate covered raisins???
Ain’t no other yummies like milk chocolate covered raisins when I’m look’n to satiate a lunar craving!!
mmmmm mmmmm GOOD!

Yes, yes, yes, fine, fine, fine, I LOVE DAIRY…..unfortunately dairy, does NOT LOVE me. Perhaps that’s why ‘my mind’ brought me the question it did, or perhaps that’s why I unconsciously went in search of something within my mind to create the question. However it came to BE, one day, about 5 months ago, this question came to me…..
”how are Dairy Cows, Dairy Cows?”

I never thought about it BEfore….kinda like when I was a pre-teen and never thought about the fact that I was eating a dead cow, chicken or fish……sorry. Yes, that ‘ol cliche again: “ignorance is bliss”.

I KNOW, it may seem like a completely lame question to ask, especially for a mother, who breast fed, and yet still, I wasn’t sure….how did the whole “Dairy Cow” thing work….

Sexy Cow
I mean it ain’t like they had a line up of cows at the farmer’s door begg’n to be pulled, prodded, yanked and well, milked.
Can ya imagine…..”Hey big farmer boy, wanna pull my udder?”
Ya, uh, no!
Sooooo, how do they do it?
I went online, of course, and asked the question in a search, and what I discovered was why the question and uneasy feeling came to me initially, intuitively……

Dairy cows are impregnated, milked as soon as they are so able, for as long as they are so able, and then impregnated again, and the process continues, for as long as they are ‘fertile’.

Now, I’m not saying they are treated badly, though, there is documentation as well as petitions speaking thereto, especially regarding the male calves~offspring, BEing severely neglected if not out right killed, for BEing considered “useless”, even a “burden”. Then again, how sweet, caring, loving and affectionate is it to ask any BEing to stay in a perpetual state of pregnancy and lactation, not to mention the continuous udder pulling…….

Again, were the cows lining up for a position in the “Dairy Cow” factory?

Well, I gotta say, if nothing else was able to assist me, along my now, clearly intended pathway to veganosity, learning of any animal BEing mistreated, disrespected, abused, etc…
..ESPECIALLY for my personal pleasure cemented my commitment to stop eating dairy.

MIND Musings
This however, has brought up a WHOLE SLEW of thoughts roaming through my mind.
One of which happens to BE, how fantabulously the mind works, I must say!! When I was 21, I didn’t stop eating meat BEcause I was an animal activist or sympathetic to their place in the human food chain in any way. Yet, within only months of giving up meat, I was suddenly looking at my mother’s cooking in a WHOLE new light and it wasn’t very purty. Sorry Mommy, I LOVE YOU!! She really is a GREAT cook, by the way, regardless of what she is cooking, she & it is ALLways, FANTABULOUS!!!!

As I have BEen walking my pathway to veganosity, I have in tandem, BEcome more conscious of animals, of what it actually means to BE eating the flesh of another, actually THINKING about the fact that I was eating the flesh of another ~ something I just didn’t really contemplate BEfore.

Sometimes, we study, research, seek out and ascertain consciousness that leads to changes in our lifestyles, BEhaviours, ACTions, thoughts, and feelings and sometimes, we CHANGE our lifestyles, BEhaviours and ACTions and in so DOing, bring about changes in our consciousness, thoughts and feelings as a result….either way, it would seem, we are expanding consciously.

How cool are WE?!?!?!

I DO want to BE very clear here, regardless of the CHOICEs that I make for ME, that I BElieve to BE the Best, Healthiest CHOICEs for ME, I in NO WAY JUDGE ANY for the CHOICEs they make in their dietary lifestyles. As my brilliant sister so explained, we humans are carnivores biologically, or we would never have taken to hunting in the first place….not to say that NOW that we have ALL of the technologies, advances, alternatives, varieties of crops, we DO, ‘tis not a better way to CHOOSE NOT to eat the meat……regardless, to each, unto his own, I do NOT judge others whom DO.

Woody Harrelson, Voice YOUr SELF
Though for thems that are interested, I did stumble upon a fantabulous site filled with fascinating information about the whole animal farming industry that may BE of interest to ya……YOU remember Woody Harrelson from “Cheers”? Well, if not, he was in a bunch of movies as well….funny, sweet guy. Nehoo….he’s ALL about “BEing the Best I in ME, he can BE for the BEnefit of ALL of WE…..from human to animal to vegetable kingdom and all in between.

His web site, Voice YOUrSELF is chock full of information and this one particular page therein had me just AWEstruck with how very little we actually KNOW~ and this coming from ONE who is very familiar with Monsanto, Codex Alimentarius and the like.

As the saying goes, my saying that is “with the Gift of Awareness, comes the realization of the infinite KNOWledge awaiting our grasp”.

As we, along with our Mind, continue our promenade of LIGHT and LOVE……

Recently, Willie Nelson, Neil Young {Zion listened to Neil in my womb!!!} and several other fantabulous individuals gathered together to celebrate and raise awareness and funding for Farm Aid farmers across America. They call their quest,“FARMAID”….ya may have heard of it.

It helps ALL farmers, from “beef” to “dairy”, vegetable to fruit.

So here I am, watching the farmers tell’n their stories and think’n, “would it really be so bad if ya didn’t have to get up at 4am in the morning to take care of the animals that you are going to slaughter eventually? What if ya went and followed your own personal dreams of SELF expression? What if we let the animals be, live off the land, wild and free?”

Of course, this is my vegetarian BEingness talk’n here……trying to find ways for everyone to BE Happy and NOT eat animals- a CHOICE I made for ME……

Still, it got me thinking……we don’t ask the animals if they want to sacrifice their lives for our nourishment, we are essentially raping them of their lives, not to mention the often times torturous existence many are subject to – which by the way, eating meat from a stressed out animal….not too healthy for the human BEing, by the by…..however, and here’s where my Mind was start’n to DO loop-de-loops: DOes anyone ask the plants and trees if they mind that we are disembodying them? DOes anyone ask the fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes if they mind BEing chewed?
Not to mention plucked, pulled or otherwise snatched from their homes?
We don’t ask, we don’t say “thank you”, we just take.
Hey, I hear ya, it’s vegetation, it ain’t like it speaks, moves, it doesn’t even bleed…..
HOWEVER…….and remember how magnificent our minds DO work……

Plant Kingdom
Plants, trees, fruits, legumes, vegetables, all of these ‘non-animal’ “FOODS” are ALIVE!
They are ALIVE.

They are CREATEd, just like we, from seeds that multiply, they grow, they expand, change, exist and then eventually they are {if not interrupted} reinstated back to where they come from, providing not only a continual flow of nourishment for our Earth School but their own regeneration.

Yes, it’s true, many fruits, vegetables, legumes, leaves, and flowers fall from their “home”, all on their own, but who’s eating the fallen fruits? And again, lest we forget the “cycle of life” when left alone…how majestically balanced, BEautiFull and vibrant it all works.

Can we see where MY Mind has BEen tak’n me? Oh my, I’m tell’n YOU, on a whirlwind of late…..I actually broke down into complete tears today…….just soooooo overwhelmed by ALL that we think WE KNOW, that we DO KNOW and yet……in TRUTH………KNOW NOT at ALL!

If we don’t eat that which is, or once was alive, what exactly are we left to eat?

How DO we determine whose life is worthy of BEing eaten and whose, BEing saved?

Who are WE to make such a determination in the first place?

Ahhhhhhh NOW YOU see, why judgment is NOT a good thing!!!!
Yes, so my minds whirlwinding around, as I am cleansing, clearing, expanding, transcending, enLIGHTening, & awakening more and more, into the ME, I AM here to BE, the ME, I LOVE mySELF to BE, and bringing forth constant reminders of the fact that we are ALL energy.

EVERYTHING that is, is energy, from the animate to the inanimate. In order for something to BE material, it requires energy to so BE…it requires some form of celluar/molecular/atomic composition or it simply, isn’t.

Everything is Energy
Okay, so everything is energy and as everything is energy, we are all one.
Energy has no boundaries, it can not be contained, has a natural ebb and flow, is neither created nor destroyed, but simply IS, like our ever infinite NOW…..


Even if ya don’t want to look at it from such a quintessential perspective, we ALL live on and off of our Earth School.
Having said that…..in that we are ALL ONE, ALL energy and in the end, physicality is ~ at least to our knowledge, transient and definitely NOT the quintessential essence of our BEingness…..we are ONE with the cows, pigs, fish, apples, oranges, figs, trees, mountains, water, ummmmmmm I think ya get my point here.

If everything is in quintessential form and reality, energy, and we are one with all, then consuming a cow is in TRUTH, no different than consuming an apple.

Or is it?

What DO YOU think?

I would really LOVE to hear YOUr Words of Wisdom, Insight, and LOVE’s Light ?

In the end, in my humble opinion, I think the BEST any of WE can DO, is LOVE SELF: DO ALL we CAN to BE the BEST “I” in ME, WE LOVE our SELVes to BE, inflicting NO HARM unto SELF or others as WE DO, walking a pathway of /as/within/through/for LOVE, in Every NOW, ALLways.

In my humble, whirlwinding, promenading, LOVE’s Light opinion, that is ?

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels
Thank YOU soooo for allowing ME to BE the reflection of ALL of WE, I AM, BEcause YOU ARE!
In Lak’ech
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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“I am here, upon our Earth School, to vibrate harmonies of LOVE's Light, equality, peace, unity, positivity, and the TRUTH of WE. I provide a gentle guiding light along YOUr Pathway to Discover SELF TRUE, LOVE SELF and thus BE, the Best “I” in “ME” YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE, in Every NOW, ALLways!

Blessedly BE the TRUTH of WE
Earth Angels Divine
within the Embracing Light of PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, &
one Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'in Journey