The future times are going to be direr. This is the opinion of great intellectuals of the world. In the Christian text Bible a description is given of “Seven Times” which is akin to world annihilation. This present time corresponds to it. In Islam religion it is said that a great calamity will occur in the 14th century. In the Bhavishya Puran too it is mentioned that in these days dire hardships will have to be faced. In the Sikhs’ Guru Granth Sahib there are many such predictions. Poet saint Surdas had also said that in these days dire times will occur. In Egypt’s pyramids carvings of such predictions can be read. Many Indian futurists on the basis of spiritual tenets and astrological calculations have said that chaotic times will have to be undergone in these days.

In western countries there are futurists of great fame whose 99% predictions come true. Amongst them are Jean Dixon, Prof. Harare, Anderson, Jon Baveri, Cheiro, Arthur Clarke, Nostradamus, Mother Shimpton, Anandacharya etc who have said that these days are going to be terrible and fearful. In the recent past a world conference of futurist had been organized in Korea and fearful times are in the offing had been predicted by the revered participants. In Toronto, Canada too a conference of futurologists had been organized and on analyzing present world situations it had been predicted that the future is disillusioning. Those who study the influence of stars, planets etc on earth, increasing sun spots and continuous solar eclipses taking place say that it is very dangerous for earth denizens. In 1985 Halley Comet emitted poisonous gas which was dire for world humanity and other creatures.

Even people of ordinary intellect know that with increase in world population not only will there be a lack of food, shelter etc but that maybe it will be impossible to walk on roads too. Due to industrialization and invention of varied technology, air and water are becoming sparse and polluted. Oil, ores, gas etc will not last more than 50 years. Due to nuclear testing its venomous radiations will manifest cancer and other heinous diseases in everyone’s bodies. Ere nuclear warfare actually took place not only mankind but plants, animals etc too will be destroyed in a big way. Imbalanced heat is melting the polar region, storms/tsunamis occur in seas and that ice age may return. There are many such causes for various calamities to occur. With reference to this if literature is to be gathered it will be clear on browsing it that in these years a great calamity will occur. It has been proclaimed that in 2000 AD Era Transformation will occur and that before neo creation takes place we will have to undergo phases of destruction. It does not matter from what standpoint we think but it is clear to great thinkers and futurists that the pit of destruction is becoming deeper and deeper.

According to politicians and newspaper reporters a very worrisome trend is being noted that the dangers faced by world humanity today have never been seen before in the annals of world history. Peace organizations everywhere are making intense efforts that the clouds of danger looming large be warded off somehow. Small fights no doubt are seen here and there. Cold war can at any moment get converted to great destruction as is clearly there for everyone to see.

Even in the ancient past fights took place between demigods and demons but the tangible possibility of destruction in day to day living has never been seen so far.

These dire situations are being seen and aptly understood by Rishi-Kalpa subtly embodied souls. Under such circumstances they cannot remain silent. The austerities of Rishis are not meant for heaven, salvation or Divine Powers. These attainments can be got even by grossly embodied humans via spiritual practices. These are glories attained by great men. Rishis have to look after God’s tasks and their sole aim is to fructify it.

A Rishi and divine existence is blessing me and making me a medium to carry out world welfare tasks. The preliminary 24 Mahapurashcharans were also for raising my spiritual energy to such a high stature which would help in executing very important tasks of world well being.

They are worried and wish to overcome the danger faced by world denizens. It is not just worry but they are making intense efforts. Amongst these, one effort is to render my inner personality sacred and skillfully brilliant. It is on this basis that spiritual potency advances/evolves.

The present leg of meditation is taking place in the form of subtlizing the psyche’s Savitri based practices. Behind this method does not exist some special person’s fame, wealth or status. The only aim is that the crippling legs of man’s very existence and glory be rendered healthy. By giving this responsibility to the 5 Virbhadras the goal can be fulfilled. Ram Lakshman were known to move about sitting on Hanumanji’s shoulders. This is but bestowing greatness. This can be said to be choosing of a medium/instrument. On the basis of one Gandiva bow how could a Mahabharat war be fought? This is beyond the ken of an ordinary intellect. But when Almighty God wishes his desires are fulfilled anyhow. The powerful demon Hiranyaksha was attacked by Lord Varah and this too was God’s desire.

Even this time it is my own experience that fear trends set up by demonic forces must not be allowed to succeed. Change will come about thus that either those who are involved in destruction or are planning it will transform for the better or that new humans will take birth who will overcome them. As far as world peace is concerned India will definitely play a leading role.

The intellectual class, powerful people and great thinkers of the entire world rightly fear that our globe is heading towards destruction. I am the only one who says that what is lopsided must be straightened. This very moment my prediction should be taken seriously. An intense storm will shatter the clouds of destruction everywhere and light that will overcome darkness will pervade every nook and corner of the world. This is possible via Rishi’s enterprise only. Within this I too will play a role either visible or subtly.

I had to visit my Master in the Himalaya Mountains time and again. There was only one question looming large in my psyche as to how at any cost the dark clouds of fear in the world are burnt to naught. I remember an incident. Two very powerful bulls in rage were fighting with each other. It appeared as though they would tear up each other’s tummy. It also seemed that the farm on which they were fighting too would be destroyed. At that time Swami Dayanand appeared. He challenged both of the bulls. When they refused to budge he caught hold of their horns and flung both of them on either side. They fell upside down and fearfully ran away to save their lives. This incident can be repeated even today. Man’s vile intellect and distortion of nature are such 2 raging bulls which must be caught by the horns and flung far away.

In these days these very efforts are being made. Up till 2000 AD both will come under control. In the mean time here and there they will lie wounded. But the possibility of total destruction which is looming large will not take place.

In world politics Russia and America’s enmity may result in nuclear war and hence total destruction. But divine effort will give both true understanding and they will step back. In India communalism and regionalism are raising their ferocious hoods. Its flames too will be cooled down. Some very unruly efforts to play with Mother Nature are being seen but later these with understanding will be warded off. Along with defeat of Lanka an effort to reinstate Ram’s Rule or Golden Era is being made. Fire brigades are being used to pour water on creation of weapons of destruction. Rain clouds will pour which will ward off famine and instead bloom greenery everywhere so as to benefit man, beasts etc.

I have deep faith that man will regain true understanding. God will help and nature will bless us all. The possibility of bad times is about to end and this is my prediction for future times.

To fulfill this gigantic effort these days I am creating my 5 representatives. Along with spiritual practice of silence and seclusion intense austerities too are being undergone. These representatives will be no less potent than myself. But because they will be subtle they will forcefully awaken talented people of the world for the goal of neo creation just as my Guru had awakened me.

Following classes are not less in number viz. intellectuals, rulers, artists, wealthy, sensitive. Many amongst these by giving up selfishness will use their skills for world welfare and very amazingly the world atmosphere shall transform.

Up till 2000 AD my existence will remain and I will play my role even better than what I have been doing so far. It may happen that I will give up my physical body in the mean time. Along with Rishis of Himalayan region I will work using my potent subtle body. Whatever is to be done will be as per the advice of my Guru. As a result of his guidance I have worked only for world welfare. In comparison to the past whatever will occur in future will be glorious and great. None shall ever doubt this on making a note of my daily routine and future role.

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