One of the biggest myths that I see perpetrated at the moment in the world of entrepreneurs and business owners is the idea that passion alone will make your business successful. You hear it all the time “do what you love and the money will follow” or “call the money in”. I have a belief in the power of intention and attention but I also have a strong belief that that is not enough. You also have to act and act in an inspired way that is aligned to your goals and your big picture. Without it, you are rootless and your business is anchor-less. Without a strong foundation, you have nothing to guide you, your strategy or your decision making and you might as well just run your business day-by-day, never look at the big picture and just be too busy ‘doing, doing’ doing’….oh wait, is that what you’re doing now?

When I talk about having a big picture, I’m not talking about just having a vision board – though they are very inspiring (I have two in my office) but it’s not enough. According to a study on what makes companies built to last, your vision needs to comprise two things:

1. Your core ideology, what you stand for and what you want

2. What you want your business to create and achieve

Having passion for your idea and business is brilliant and you must have a love for what you do – my point is that it’s not enough and you need to develop and evolve what you do and how you do it to make your business a success rather than a hobby.

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