My Marriage Is Making Me Depressed: Emotional Loneliness In A Marriage

Being married is one of the strongest bonds a couple can enter into. It commits each person to staying with the other person even when the going gets rough. A married couple has a better chance of getting through tough times because they are legally committed to each other.

Being in a loving relationship is often all you need, or is it? Is marriage and being together what love is all about? You see bumper stickers saying, "Happiness Is Being Single". Could that really be true?

Being single and in a relationship means that either one can bail out at the first signs of problems. You don't have to solve a problem and move forward into a stronger relationship. You can just move on to another and then another association with another "lover". Maybe some consider that happiness.

Of all the things that couples can do to make sure they stay together, commitment is one of the strongest binding factors. What could be more binding than the legal contract we call, "marriage"? It is easy to dissolve a marriage, but it is a lot easier to quit a relationship that has no legal strings attached to it.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Marriage is the means by which a couple in love can announce to the world that they believe in each other above all others. Once married a couple has a reason to try harder to keep things going and to stay together for the long haul. The first rough waters may rock the boat, but a committed couple can weather any storm in their relationship.

With marriage comes a lot of responsibility. Learning to live with another person is one thing. Being married to them means a stronger commitment and better chance of a long and happy marriage. The commitment is what strengthens and matures a couple.

Being married doesn't guarantee a long lasting partnership with the one you love. It does give you better odds of staying together for a long time. As time goes by we settle into routines. Some are conducive to a loving relationship and others are detrimental. Marriage gives you time to find the systems and that make our life with our partner more than just living together, but having a life together.

You often hear of people celebrating their 50th or 60th wedding anniversary. I have yet to hear of anyone celebrating their 50th living together anniversary. Maybe it happens, but think of what is the longest relationship you know of between two people living together who are not married. Do you know anyone who has lived together 15 years and have a strong "togetherness"?

It is fun being married. It is an adventure that takes you down life's path with someone who understands you like no one else could. Time and again this closeness will get you through the good times, the bad times, the sad times and all the rest of the times that build your marriage and relationship.

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Marriage is a union of two people who have vowed to love and accept each other in a lifelong commitment. In most marriages, the beginning is called the "honeymoon phase" for a reason. The marriage is new and exciting, being together is enjoyable and stress-free. But, as time goes on, things can get rough and couples lash out at each other, and perhaps even make them question why they wanted to be married in the first place!

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As stated earlier, the beginning of a relationship is an exciting and emotional time. But sometimes, couples are so in love that their field of vision dims and they become clingy to the point where their identity is wrapped up in their partner. It is easy to see how this can become stifling and cause problems.

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If you want to stop your divorce, the best thing to do is give your spouse some space. This does not mean moving apart, but rather giving each other enough space to explore one's individual interests. It is a way to love the other person without them feeling as if they are stifled.

Once you begin to allow your spouse to pursue their interests and have a bit of their own time, learn how to show how much you appreciate certain qualities about him or her. If you want to repair your marriage, or stop your divorce, you need to be vocally appreciative and genuine in giving compliments and support to your spouse. Be sure to say something nice to them at least once a day.

Over time, you will learn to complement each other, rather than compete. You can be your spouse's number one fan, while also maintaining your own identity. With time, and these few little tips, your marriage will be saved naturally!

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A marriage is hard to come by. Marriage takes two people and unifies them until the end of time. It is, however, sad to see that the number of divorce cases is increasing every year. Why is this so? I guess the reason is that maintaining a marriage is not easy. In order to maintain a marriage, there must be sacrifices and responsibilities.

If your marriage is breaking down and on the verge of divorce, the last thing that you should do is to put pressure on your spouse. Do not beg and try to talk him or her into reconsidering. This will make you look weak and pathetic, and it is not going to save your marriage. Your spouse does not want a weak and pathetic partner. So brace yourself up and spend some time to look at the situation thoroughly. Do not let your emotion overwhelms you. Stay calm.

Your situation is not hopeless. Every day, couples get back together regardless of the situation. Therefore, you have full control to your situation. If you do the right things, you can definitely save your marriage and stop divorce.

Remember, do not beg your spouse to save the marriage and quit being desperate if you want to save your marriage. Control your emotion and take the necessary actions now. If you are serious about saving your marriage, then you need to learn from the best.

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What do you get when you pair two bulls together in one corral? An awful lot of head butting! A Marriage in this predicament will most likely head straight into the mud.

All this means is couples need to pick themselves up out of the mud, stop butting heads with each other and start putting forth more effort in the reconnection department. Isn't your relationship worth it?

Remember your spoken thoughts at the altar as you looked into your spouse's eyes, and swore to commit to each other through thick and thin?

If you feel unmarried or not in a relationship anymore it is time to bring out that pre-marriage energy and get reconnected and bond totally with your spouse.

Unfortunately, the culture of today makes the domestic diva feel deprived and worthless. Consequently more and more of these seemingly deprived women are jumping on the band wagon and establishing careers, leaving the husband and children to tend for themselves, leaving household duties and responsibilities unattended.

How can couples in marriage be united when there are needs and desires that aren't getting met? How can couples profess to love each other when they are so busy doing the selfish things each wants? Outside opportunities and trivial desires keep couples from growing together in the marriage.

For example, a wife might have her own career, friends and agenda, which keeps the husband from wanting to get close to her, consequently he has his own buddies and sports games that he attends to, leaving his wife with her own agenda.

The husband in this scenario thinks his wife doesn't need, love, or want him anymore, and when issues are challenged the couples behave like two bulls, butting heads every chance they get. Neither spouse is involved with the other except for getting on each other's back because the lack of organization around the home. What chaos! Lack of household organization is great cause for neediness and disruption around the home.

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It is a natural instinct for a "real man" to want to be in charge of the home and family, and to protect, love and care for his wife. But now-a-days many women feel they do not need this from a man, and rebel against it. This is very sad indeed for it is pushing away the design that God intentionally planned for marriage.

What happens when God's design gets messed with? It doesn't work out, plain and simple.

Two bulls in one corral will cause tremendous head butting! No marriage can withstand the pressures of two bullies harassing each other. Nor can love be sustained when bulls go their separate ways either.

What can two bulls in marriage do?

First off, remember the commitment you made with each other. Does that not mean something to you? Isn't it important to remain committed to what you started?

Many important issues outside of marriage need a commitment as well to be successful. Commitments are like striving to reach our goals. If we don't put forth effort to attain the goals we make in life, they will probably not get accomplished. We have to work towards our goals to have them come to light.

Marriage is the same way; couples need to continue to put forth effort to retain the love they once had in the marriage. They have to work towards keeping the marriage built upon the promise they made with their spouse in the beginning for the marriage to continue to shine bright in the darkness.

Marriage is a never-ending journey.

When couples shut down and stop communicating is when they really lose touch with each other. The other communication problem I see a lot is couples not expressing feelings properly.

Most of the time feelings get in the way and when an angry bull tries to communicate with another bull they head butt, by accusing, blaming and finger pointing instead of talking. Those horns can play real nasty.

This is emotional abuse in the third degree.
If we become angry and hostile it will close our spouse down and issues will never get resolved. Here we go again, back to square one.

When issues don't get resolved? They get stored away in the mental capacities until a later date when they can be used to justify the next heated argument.

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War of the bulls!

Unresolved issues turn into resentment, which escalate into more head butting. Pretty soon, because of this, and not knowing how to communicate properly, couples eventually learn to avoid issues they think would cause emotional outbursts.

They have finally decided head butting doesn't work and so they shut down totally. They feel it is better to just keep things the way they are instead of confronting each other, which invariably causes more frustration, resentment, animosity and pain.

The bottom line is if you want to feel married again and be loved, learn to express your feelings appropriately without accusing and blaming. Try walking in your spouse's shoe for a change.

Try putting forth a little bit more effort into the marriage like taking walks together, playing games, sharing a candle lit dinner, and whatever it is that you enjoy. Try including your spouse next time. Do it together!

And of course, allowing God's wisdom and love into the marriage works wonders. Don't let your marriage turn into the loveless doldrums. Stop being so bullheaded and give in to each other for the sake of love and commitment! God will be pleased that you did.

And remember, God's intention for marriage is a bull and a cow together in the corral, not two bulls!

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