Before knowing his ex-girlfriend, Nick knew he was bisexual. Her ex-girlfriend is also a bisexual.

For Nick, her experience of bisexuality has gone through a long process. She said, "At the age of fifteen, I was confessed by a female classmate, but I refused the other person. After that, I have a long time to think about my feelings about this female classmate. Probably in the high school stage, I found out that there is The heart of the composition, although the feeling of love after

Because living in a heterosexual world, it is not easy to realize that you can like girls. Nick went on to say, "First of all, face up to yourself, complete identity, and admit that you will like girls. This kind of love is not a self-deception to think that it is a friendship, but it is indeed a more emotional part. Before I was This embarrassing emotional component does not know how to name it. In the process of completing identity, I confirm that it is love."
In the process of experiencing this identity, Nick has been thinking for a long time about whether he is gay or not. "I feel that after I find out that I will like girls, I will feel that I don't like men at all." Therefore, she has a new confusion – how to face mainstream society if it is homosexual?
"Like the role of Guy Lun in the Blue Gate, I repeatedly wrote 'I am a girl, I like boys,' on the wall of the gym. The reason behind it is the same. The order of the mainstream society is strong when you find it conflicts with it. Sometimes, I am transformed into a kind of abnormal self-regulation in confusion. When I was in high school, I was very excited about a boy. I had an extraordinary feeling of a sigh of relief. At that time, it was the time when self-identification progressed the fastest, and I kept confirming myself. At the time of sexual identity, it may be that at the time, homosexuality faced more pressure. It would be like a boy who would have removed some of the stress. Gay is to meet a wall, and the opposite side of the wall is the mainstream society. Bisexuality seems to be a gap in one corner of the wall."
After graduating from college, Nick met an ex-girlfriend who was also bisexual. "Before I met her, I didn't know much about it (the other is not a double). I felt that this person might like a girl for the first time. Then I became a friend, and I chatted and chatted. I didn't think it was. Accidents, I am entirely accurate in this aspect of the radar.
Moreover, I am bisexual, so I don't think that this identity has any particularity. Like many gay friends, I have a labeling awareness of each other. I am a friend, and I didn't think about doing things. I spoke to others and said that bisexual is promiscuity. After all, both of us are socially narrow, and we are promiscuous."
Many bisexuals suggest the same feelings of heterosexuality and same-sex relationships. Still, they differ in Nick's experience, especially at the beginning of each other: "(I) and the opposite sex may have fewer words (haha laugh). Because and Heterosexual conversations are not so deep, and heterosexual interactions, once they start to approach each other, there is a feeling that they may want to fall in love, and they cannot be sincere. But unlike the same sex, they all start with ordinary friends, and the exchanges are franker. Even honestly, overdone. When I was a friend, I said my love story. It's all. I gave her a little bitch."

Nick believes that dealing with girls is not only about feeling different but also facing different pressures.
"(Community with the same sex) It is a bit of a hassle. You have to take care of your parents, at least before you have the conditions to come out. You have to hide the happiness that brings you happiness in your life with your closest relatives. In part, isn't this a lot of trouble? If you are a boyfriend, you may say it to your family. After all, the parents of this age will ask." But Nick does not negate the possibility of interacting with girls because of the pressure to interact with boys. She said, "If you can't hide without hiding, you will naturally let it happen."

Regarding the identity of bisexual, Nick feels that because this identity is more mobile, it may not be necessary to flaunt individuality as a homosexual and find a community. "Maybe the wall is too thick, and homosexuals need to hold a group to warm up. This is understandable. Bisexual Hookup online seems to be more flexible to travel outside the wall. The issue of bisexual does not matter whether it is said or not. It is just one of many personal identity tags. I think the only thing that needs to be clarified is that identity tags have nothing to do with personal ethics. Just as heterosexuality accuses homosexuality as a prejudice, homosexuality says that bisexual promiscuity and betrayal are also biased. All."

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