I don't know whose saying this was, but it sure struck a chord with me, 'consider the work of God: for who can make straight, which he made crooked?" Have you ever been so distraught you've said, I wish I'd never been born! If I'd know my life would unfold like this, I'd chosen not to be born. One problem...God and God alone plans the beginning of one's day, one's journey and one's span of existence.

Pro life groups have stood for a unborn's right to be born, but who has really orchestrated these events? Jesus said it would have better had Judas not been born. That is to say that Judas was born to be the pawn for the betrayal of God's Son. Couldn't God with all his unlimited powers stop any abortion of his choosing? Those spirits were placed in those bodies for a purpose...what to be tortured in the womb or was it for a far greater purpose? What were the ripple effects on the mother, the unknowing father, the parents and close friends? God watches and I'm sure agonizes as millions of unborn children are terminated, but I truly believe the big picture encompasses a lot more that that small fetus.

My brother took his life at the age of fifty-five and to this day I don't know all the facts involved, but I often wonder if I had called him or stopped by to talk, would that insignificant event on my part changed the course of events? His passing has affected his immediate family and our family in different ways. All the what ifs, if only I had done this or said something differently? We are always rehearsing in our minds, how could we have prevented such a tragedy? Or could we? When you read the Bible and the story of Job really hits you with the realization that our lives have already been charted. However happy, however sad, however lonely, however long or short the journey has been structured by Almighty God.

So I try to come to terms with my actions and bouts with anxiety and depression and one thing that helps me keep the little sanity I have is that my God has a plan and regardless how much I'm loving life or hating it...it's the one God has given me. In the good times and the bad, I can choose to thank God for what I'm Blessed with or I can curse him and ignore him in my life. I've tried the latter and the road gets messy with that choice. Is there peace in acknowledging life for what it is and accepting it as a gift from God...to that end I'd definitely say AMEN!

God asked Satan, 'where have you been?' Satan's reply was he'd been roaming the earth, basically searching for who he could destroy. So daily Satan comes before God's throne and beckons for whom he might kill, steal or destroy. In Job's destruction by Satan God clearly tells Satan he can't kill Job. Have you and I been discussed in like manner? Job lived a righteous life before God, but it didn't matter, his Faith would be tested. If you have chosen to live a worldly life and ignore God don't for one second believe this same scenerio in Heaven can't be played out about you. Life might be going great, not a care in the world, but most assuredly, you will be tested! It could be a loved one, your finances or your health. Will you be able to stand this ordeal without a channel to God? You don't think you'll need a mediator to stand up for you when Satan brings his accusations against you?

Seeing life through 'new eyes' and a different perspective doesn't always entail embracing the 'Holier Than Thou' attitude, but when the waves of life have battered you terribly, like Peter, you'll be calling to Jesus to calm the storm. God will allow you to be beat up...physically, emotionally, financially, whatever it takes to save your soul.

So wherever you find yourself now in life, remember this, God came to this earth two thousand years ago to hang on a tree for everyone, going through everything. The price he paid for you and I was ENORMOUS! He loves you more than you'll ever be able to comprehend and if you're one of the world who says I can't believe in a God that would allow that to happen...what more of a reason to believe, because God has had control over letting things happen or not happen since the beginning of time.

I truly believe he has chosen who are his own. Can that change yesterday, today or tomorrow...Jesus said 'WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."

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64 year old male, living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, Va. Naval Reserve Vietnam Veteran, Customs House Brokerage Import Manager, Route Salesman, Truck Driver, Target logistics team member. Author of two Christian Books. Owner of website neuropathynick.com and blog author-randolph-alvis.blogspot.com