I have heard many of my friends tell me about the people who have crossed streets because they were wearing their pentacle. Many pagans such as myself wear this as symbol of our chosen path.

It represents the five elements, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. The circle around it represents the earth that encompasses all, and the hole in the centre is us. I see it as the limitless possibilities of who we are.

It is at this centre point that all the elements combine, which in truth is what we are made up of. Our bodies are the earth, our blood and saliva the water, our breath the air and our soul the spirit.

I love this symbol and I also love, I have to admit, that I have never met anyone who wasn’t either curious and bright enough to ask, or uncomfortable and brave enough to be honest with me about how they feel. Both of which I truly admire.

Gratefully, I have never been called a witch in an attacking way, looked down on for the path I have chosen, or snickered at….except by my mother of course, but that I can understand.

You see, she had a vision, as most parents do, of her eldest daughter being a church loving 9 to 5er. Not that there is anything wrong with that in the least. My sister is comfortably that and I admire that she can be as such. I however am anything but.

I ride mountain bikes….downhill…..very fast. I am very outspoken, and I have always joyfully been the black sheep of the family.

I am spontaneous and of course I am pagan.

Hmmmm, what does that mean many wonder. Well, for me it means I believe in a god….and a goddess. In fact what I tell most people is that I worship the many faces of one.
I believe that Great Creator comes to us in whatever form we need. Whether it is Ala, Isis, Or Buddha. I learn as much as I can about these religions and beliefs and apply what I can to my path and my life.

I consistently use the word path because this is what it is. Paganism is not a religon, as it does not adhere to a doctrine of any kind and they do not belong to one of the 5 major religions – Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

There are those who believe that because someone is pagan they are Wiccan. This is not the case. Wicca is a religon, with many different traditions to choose from and follow. To be a pagan you do not have to be Wiccan, but to be wiccan you are definitely a pagan, again because you are part of a religon that is not one of the big 5.

I am what they call a solitary. I do not belong to a coven or structured religious practice. I do have a community of like minded people that I connect with who are all of like mind, but are from many different belief systems.

We come together at least once a month and celebrate what is known as the wheel of the year, In which we have 4 greater Sabbats which are Imbolc (Feb. 2), Beltane (April 30), Lammas (July 31), and Samhain (Oct. 31) which is also considered the Pagan new year. It is on Samhain (Halloween) that the wheel of the year begins turns to its completion and begins again. We also have the 4 lesser Sabbats, Yule or winter solstice (Dec. 21), Spring Equinox (March 31), and Midsummer or Summer Solstice (June 21).

For the most part I work on my own. I have my herbs and oils and make time when I can to put things together in order to help or heal. Sometimes it will be for the sake of a human, but most times I cast and create with and for the animals.

Covens are groups of usually 13 people who get together on a regular basis to raise energy as a group in order to manifest a specific goal. This could be for a celebration like Yule or Summer solstice, or healing energy, or whatever is decided upon by the group. Group energy is very powerful and can do amazing things, not to mention the sense of community and belonging that one can achieve.
I have been called to walk many paths in my life it seems. South American, Native American, Asian, Egyptian, Italian, Norse, Christian, Enochian….but in the end I am always drawn back to my path. The path of the old ones, the wise ones, the forest dwellers, and the hedge witches.

My way is the what some call the way of the wise woman. As one of my dear friends and mentors put it, “ I do what I do, when I need to do it.” I love that.

I sit in my studio with my candles lit in front of me and I thank the goddess for all that she has given me and blessed me with. For all the knowledges of all the different religions and paths, ceremonies and rites that have become a part of my life.

I sit in gratitude everyday for all those that I meet, and have become friends with, for those I have taught and who have teach me everyday in every way.

And with each breath I take I say thankyou, Megwich, Gratzi hafna and Munay for what the great Goddess has yet to send.

Blessed Be.

Author's Bio: 

Angel Lanthier is an energy worker who walks the pagan path proudly. She loves the earth, animals, reading, riding her mountain bike, and quiet afternoons writing:)