By the bounty and grace of ALLAH I am going to write my first journey paper of my life. I would like to start to write it with my little introduction of my study life. When I start my intermediate level from Queen May college Lahore. I get in fall in love with geography. The reason behind my love for geography/ nature was no one but my MISS GHAZALA. The name which can I never forgets. She was the lady which teach me in such a brilliant way that I want to continue my study in geography and want to know about more geography of the world. Because she her self said to me one time “The knowledge never complete it need to improve whole life”.

Well it was little introduction of my love “geography”. Now let me led u to Murree Express Way from Lahore on the way of G.T road.

Lahore, the crowded city, and heart of Pakistan. “Anarkali bazaar” is very famouse in all over the world. When the outsiders come to Lahore they must go to Anarkali and bought something for there love ones. Well when you have to travel from Lahore through G.T road, first of all you have to pass the “Ravi river”. The one thing which I want to share with you people here that is one time I listen from my Professor of “Soil and Water Conservation”, “Dr. Asharf bodla” that “Ravi River” is not a river, it is a nalla, because the people use to discharge there waste into it and the deposit large amount of garbage in it. At that time and now too am 100% agree with my professor. Because the turbidity of Ravi river represents its condition. The presence of water is so much turbid, containing so much sediments, and water is smelly, but the people living around Ravi, using that water very happily and freely. When I saw that beyond my eyes I shocked and feel pity on them. The one thing which I want to explain here that why I use “crowded city” about Lahore. I code it because when a common and illiterate man pass from the roads of Lahore, by the heavy traffic and rush of so many people he can easily judge that Lahore is getting crowdie day by day. In 2008, Lahore was ranked as a city with High Sufficiency to become a Gamma world city. It has been ranked by The Guardian as the 2nd Best Tourist Destination in Pakistan. Geographically the reason of dense population in Lahore is “facilities & standard” of life here. So that’s why people living out of Lahore or from abroad like to come Lahore and facilitate them selves with necessaries of life. Lahore attracts to tourist every year because of archeological products and yummy foods. Well I make my talk so long about Lahore now let me come back to Ravi again. Well my dear when you passed Ravi you have to paid tool tax first. On the tool tax office along the road.

From Lahore to Murree Express Way there are approximately seven stations of toll tax during journey. And ever traveler have to pay it. Well now lets moves from Lahore and comes to Gujrat. Gujrat is also plane area like Lahore. The people of Gujrat Pakistan, refer to themselves as Gujratis, which sometimes leads to confusion with people from the Indian state of Gujarat which neighbors Pakistan. The major sources of livelihood of people of Gujrat are agriculture and small industries. I observed 15 - 20 industries approximately along G.T road. Geographically Gujrat is situated between two famous rivers, Jhelum River and Chenab River. Its land is good for cultivation. So in your way you will see so many field also.

After Gujrat when we move to Gujranwala on all over the road I observe dense population along G.T. road and rich human geography over there.

As you know my Journey was too Murree Express Way for sake of my project. And I am a mountain conservator. So for a mountainous researcher the mountainous areas have so much importance. On drive from Lahore it come to my notice that small hills begins from Kharian.

When our car drives on Kharian…suddenly our spiritual feelings arose up. As mostly people relates mountains to mediation. The real meditation I feel there when my eyes suddenly the captures the hills of kharian.

My mother started to recite the Darood Shareef. Then different ayats from QURAAN comes into my mind From Surah Taha & Surah Gashia, about the mountains.

When my mind become more curious about structure of hills and the other characteristics then this ayat comes in to my mind “aur hamnay zameen ko tumhare lie musakhar kardia” (And, earth and sky make curious for you).

Well if I try to draw out the physiography of my Punjab. Then drawing paper will have combination of hills and plains with greenery on it.

Mostly hills of Punjab having multiple beds of topography. And it is such a beauty full combination at all. During my drive I found answer of my own question “why hindus and the other people use to meditation on over mountainous areas”. I am unable to draw a feeling of hindu over here. But as a Muslim I can easily narrate feeling of a Muslim over here.

When you will went to any type of mountainous area. You will feel your self nearer to ALLAH. You will feel ALLAH is most generous and no doubt he is the creator of this entire world.

On my drive to Murree Express Way I note down some important points that I want to elaborate and share with you all.

1. The rate of population is increasing by day by day.
2. Mostly people are poor and related to third class family of the community.
3. When you start drives from Gujrat to over end to Murree, you will find out that most the number of people are labour and busy in there construction works or other.
4. The most thing which I want to highlight, labors in industrial areas didn’t use any type of mouth mask, hand masks or covers for their protection. The are working with chemical sheets openly.
5. The hills are cutting down and leveled for infrastructure development. And its too bad from conservation point of view.
6. Specially on the roads of Islamabad you will see the on going projects of construction on the roads.

When I was a little girl I used to hear from elders and read in books that in our Pakistan deforestation rate is too much high we need more and more vegetation for protect our land. But Alas..!!! the situation is the same. Now today as a mountain conservator I am elaborating that we are destroying our mountains for infrastructure development and full fill our needs. But we are just seeing only one way of the picture. We are focusing on full fill our needs but we are not noticing down the other side of the picture that…what will be happened if hills will cut down and leveled.. what can we face on the other way. Only the need is too be act upon. Because I thing so that our Pakistan have so many literate peoples having so many knowledge but no one using their knowledge for the betterment of our Pakistan our homeland.

Reema Ayub!

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