My Jealousy Pushed Him Away: Jealousy Ruined My Relationship

Breakups are no walk in the park and can be something hard to deal with. There are some tips that can help you get them back in your arms, and quickly at that. Here are some of them, and whatever you do, don't come across as being an emotional wreck and desperate.

No Drunk Dialing
Sometimes when people break up, the first thing one or both of them think of doing is drinking their sorrows away. Many people have a tendency to call or text their ex and pour out the emotions. This is a big no no. If you are going to be drinking, leave your phone somewhere or give it to a buddy to prevent this.

Improve Yourself
This can be anything from improving your hair or your physical appearance. Your ex may become attracted to you all over again if they see you improving your physical aspects. This can also make them a little jealous and come back to you.

Check for Depression and Get Help if So
Sometimes losing your partner after a serious relationship, some people become very sad and depressed. You start losing sleep, are always sad and isolate yourself, and this can sometimes lead to being overly obsessed over your ex. If you find yourself going through this, get some help whether it's from a friend of a therapist.

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Improve Your Mood
Some people think that if your ex sees how miserable you are, they are going to come running back to you. This is not the case. By improving your mood to something a little happier, your ex will see that and end up wanting to come back into your life.

Do the Complete Opposite
While you may want your ex back, you should accept the breakup and stop trying so hard to get your ex back. This is going to trigger something in your ex and they are going to see that you have stopped pursuing them and wonder why. This is what you want though.

Improve Your Skills
By improving some of your skills and talents your ex is going to see that and want you back. They are going to see that you are changing who you are and this can be for the better. Learn new talents as this opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you.

Take Up a Hobby
Become involved in a hobby or something that interests you can introduce you to new people. Do something you enjoy and your ex is going to see that you are actually dealing with the breakup well. Once you approach your ex they will see all of these things and want you back.

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I have heard many women ask me why did he leave me. They then wonder how he can just turn his feelings off like a light switch. I get it, it does seem this way. It's hard to see the why of it when your emotions are wrapped so tight into the pain of his leaving.

Now there are many reasons why men leave, but there are two that more times than not are at the root cause of why he left. Men don't just up and decide to leave. If he left you, he has probably had it in the back of his mind for sometime and just put off the inevitable, breaking up with you.

The first reason is women creating too much drama for him or trying to change him. Maybe you were accusing to him by telling him he never does this or that anymore. Maybe you gave him a hard time when he wanted to spend time with friends instead of you. This starts to make a man feel untrusted and men must feel trusted to thrive in a relationship. If you were giving him a lot of lip service in the form of nagging or whining, he sees it as you trying to change him. This over time wears a man down and he starts to feel less of a man. Not good.

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Men tune out the drama. You can bet if you gave him lip service, he wasn't hearing your words. Men respond to actions and distance. Lip service is a waste and only drives him further away. If you are saying why did he leave me, you may want to think about how you contributed to this decision.

Another way women create drama is by believe it or not giving too much. It makes a man feel a sense of obligation when a woman is too good to him. She gives and gives and he sees it as her seeking security with him and not within herself. A woman that gives too much almost always loses the man.

The second top reason is not going to make you feel any better but there is a truth in it almost always. He has had someone else spark up his interest or he is thinking that there is someone else out there who can. Yes it's thoughts of another woman, whether she is real or someone he thinks is still out there. The grass is greener concept. He is still searching for the one and he is convinced it is not you.

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You're becoming a little nervous as to the state of your relationship. You and your partner seem like two strangers sharing the same home. Before you could feel the love in your home - it was everywhere. You and your partner were so happy together. Things have changed dramatically - you can cut the atmosphere with a knife these days. How do you get your lover back?

First of all you need to establish what has happened in your relationship to cause such an atmosphere. The only way you are going to achieve this is by communicating with your partner. This has to be done at the right time though, so wait until you are both in a relaxed mood, and then invite your partner for a chat.

Your whole aim is to get your lover back, so you need to talk openly and honestly with your partner to try to find out what the problems are. Keep the conversation totally neutral and don't argue about your issues - you will achieve nothing this way.

Tell your partner very gently that you have noticed a definite change in your relationship, and you would like to know what is making him/her so unhappy. Say that you love him/her deeply and want more than anything in the world to fix the problems you have so that your relationship can be back on track again.

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Obviously you won't get your lover back right away - these things take time to sort out. You have to deal with one problem at a time. Explain to your partner that you are more than willing to cooperate with him/her in solving your problems. There is every chance that your partner will agree with you.

Communication is an excellent way to solve problems in a relationship. You and your partner have laid a solid foundation to fixing the problems you have. Let this way of dealing with your problems become a daily habit. Do this and your relationship will become stronger and stronger again.

So to get your lover back, all you need do is have patience, communicate openly with each other on a regular basis, and above all, never ever fail to let your partner know how important he/she is to you - this will keep your lover where he/she belongs - in your arms.

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When you have a breakup and you want to get your ex back, you have to take a different track than you might otherwise like to take. Look, your ex knows you better than anyone else, this means that they have certain expectations as to how you will react to the breakup. But by using reverse psychology, you give him or her the exact opposite reaction to what they are expecting, and this will really throw them for a loop!

Your ex expects you to flip out, right? To call begging and pleading for another chance, but you aren't going to react that way. You are going to employ reverse psychology - act like the breakup was no big deal - and leave your ex scratching their head in wonder. This gets them to thinking that perhaps they don't know you as well as they thought they do, and this might make them look upon the breakup - and your relationship - in a different light.

So we've determined that your ex expects a highly emotional response to the breakup, right? Well, you need to do the exact opposite. Give him or her a call, tell them that while you've cherished the time you've spent together, you agree that the breakup was for the best, and wish them well. This will certainly get their intention, but your use of reverse psychology will not stop there.

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Go out with your friends and have a blast, and really live as though you are moving on with your life. Make sure to always look your best and make sure your friends have a good time when they are with you. This too will get back to your ex, and by using reverse psychology - going out when your ex expects you to be moping around at home - you will get their minds wondering about whether they made the right decision to call an end to the relationship.

Soon enough, your ex will try to contact you and find out what has been going on. Reverse psychology is an excellent strategy that does not require you to resort to "low blows", lose your dignity, pester your ex, or anything like that. Trying to act as though nothing is wrong helps you feel more positive in your day to day life, going out with your friends is a great way to boost your self-esteem, and all the while, your ex will be questioning their decision to let you go.

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