My Husband Won't Stop Seeing The Other Woman: My Husband Prefers Sex With Other Woman

Do you want to get your husband back but you worry that you stand little chance of winning him back because he appears to have already moved on? Is your husband already seeing another woman and you think that you can't get him back? The truth is that there are things that you can do to improve your chances of getting him back if you can be patient, understanding and if you understand what is going on inside his head.

The fact is that you probably know your husband better than anyone on the face of this planet. That is one thing that you have going for you that his new girlfriend doesn't. But it is even more important that you understand his motives and the real reasons why he left you and leverage this information to help you to get him back from the other woman.

Patience - You might be terribly torn up and emotional about your breakup and even in this day and age, there is still a stigma that goes along with divorce. You probably never would have married him if you knew that he would leave you and that you would have to go through a divorce.

In spite of the pain, anguish and anger it is still important that you be patient in your attempt to get him back. Rushing things or pushing him will only make things worse and extend the amount of time it is going to take to win him back. Try to keep your emotions in check and avoid talking with him when you are really angry or emotional since you might wind up saying something that will further drive a wedge between the two of you. Avoid volatile topics that might cause you to blow up or break down in tears. If you are feeling emotional just don't answer the phone if he calls and don't call him when you are feeling these emotions.

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Understanding - Understanding that the situation is what it is right now is important not only for your own sanity but also for the future success of your marriage. Yes, he has made a huge mistake that he will no doubt regret in the near future and you can sleep on that one. Once the reality settles in and he realizes that his new girlfriend isn't everything that he dreamed of you will know it. And he will come to this realization sooner or later.

You see, most rebound relationships wind up going down in a firey mess. Typically, once the honeymoon period is done with and your husband and his new sweety start to really spend a lot of time together they will both realize that they are very much different than they thought when he was thinking that the grass was greener on the other side and she was thinking that he was desirable because he was a married man. There are many single women that are very attracted to the stability of a married man and they are attracted by the challenge of wanting someone that they can't have because he is married.

The fact is that she made him feel a certain way that being in a marriage with you simply didn't provide. He saw the offer for something exciting and new very attractive because she made him feel powerful and handsome and desirable again. Perhaps she played off of his emotions and comforted him when he was annoyed at you for some small thing and she catered to his emotions making him feel young and attractive and understood. All of these are key emotions that you should try to bring out in him in your attempt to get him back and they are the emotions that will help you to win him back when his relationship with his girlfriend falls apart.

Keep in mind that it is important to be patient and think about how you can make him feel wanted and understood and before long he will be eating out of your hand. After all, you know him better than anyone else, especially the other woman. Remain positive and dig deep and it is very possible to win you husband back.

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Trying to make changes in a marriage for the better can be a very difficult task, and it requires great strength to do so. One of the most common things that can cause strain on a relationship is the lack of trust. It's even harder when there is an event that has taken place that caused the lack of trust in your marriage. Although we must learn to truly forgive in order to move on in marriage, too often we say that we have forgiven but we have not.

Please don't think the fault falls all just one of you, but each of you share equal responsibility to building and repairing your marriage. So instead of pointing fingers at one another, you two should come to agreement in dedicating time and effort to improving your marriage.

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Steps You Both Can Take to Save Your Marriage

When you both take the initiative to be proactive about getting results, you'll be amazed at how mountains seem to move out of the way of your marriage.

- make time for your spouse
- take a walk and talk about the simplicities of everyday life
- stay focused on discussing no stressful topics
- let your spouse know that you enjoy being in their presence

In giving this advice, one thing I want to be sure NOT to do is give false hope. Because the simple truth is, some marriages won't be saved. One person can not do it all... However your marriage is a union that is worth fighting for, do all that you can to save your marriage today. No one else can do it for you, and you won't have any regrets about what you failed to do later.

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If you see two people, a man and a woman sitting side by side in a car and they are talking and laughing, they are most likely not husband and wife. But if they are either quarrelling or not talking, but maintaining stone faces, they are surely husband and wife.

The most non-communicating pair of human beings is usually husband and wife. All they say to each other is 'darling wake me up at 3:30am', and off he sleeps leaving the woman counting the ceiling. Be a talking couple. A talking couple are lasting couple, and their home is a place where love oozes out to visitors and neighbours alike.

Men don't need conversation the way women do. An average woman uses 25,000 words a day. An average man instead uses between 10,000 to 12,500 words a day. Talking is essentially important if one spouse travels a lot or works week days and only comes home on weekends. It takes time to build that bond after an absence. Conversation will help build that bond needed for a successful marriage.

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At times, couples ask, 'what do we talk about?' Well I usually tell them to learn to talk to each other about things of personal interest. Such things may include:

a. Men like to talk about new cars, sports, projects, or contracts.
b. Women need much more personal conversation. Talk about ordinary things that happen at work or around the house. Talk about solutions to problems with the children. To express her feelings about a particular thing concerning the family.

Share your feelings as wells the facts, i.e. what made you feel good today. Learn to communicate your needs to your spouse without shouting or being aggressive. Learn how to listen to each other, emphasize your needs to each other. It must be remembered that listening, doesn't come naturally, for most people are busy thinking what they will say when the other person stops talking.

Learning to talk, listen, and understand is hard work, but it is rewarding and worth it. The intimate bonding of close conversation is basic to a good and successful marriage.

1 Aim for one-hour meaningful conversation everyday. Make a commitment of time to one another. You can go for a drive, a walk, out to tea or dinner, golfing etc. So you that you won't be interrupted.
2 Be sure to give your wife your undivided attention while she is talking.

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A loving relationship can go a long way to heal the hurts of the past. You trust each other enough to be vulnerable instead of defensive. You are able to explore past hurts and let them go. You can grow together as you co-create the relationship of your dreams.

When you are able to trust the one you're with, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and let down your guard. You understand that your partner is not going to repeat the hurts of the past, at least not intentionally. You can begin to redefine yourself with your partner and let go of previous pain. It may be scary to be this vulnerable, but it gets easier as you go along and build positive experiences together.

With the help of someone you have chosen to trust, you can explore past hurts. Letting go of the pain of the past is never a straight path. Inside your relationship, you choose new patterns to replace the old ones that did not work for you. When you both turn toward each other with support and acceptance, you don't have to reach for defensiveness as your first reaction.

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What is best about this is you and your partner have an amazing opportunity to grow as a couple. You get to work together to create a happy, passionate relationship. The rewards of this are limitless and you are able to do this because you trust the one you love. You get to decide to break the negative patterns of your respective pasts and live in a way that suits the two of you best.

It's not easy to do this and often, even if couples have the best of intentions, they need outside help to create this wonderful, trusting life together. That's where relationship coaching comes in handy. You can create your vision for your relationship and set your goals for living the life you've dreamed of with the one you love.

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