My Husband Won't Have Sex with Me Anymore: Why Won't My Husband Touch Me

My husband won't have sex with me anymore is one of those phrases that you don't ever want to hear yourself saying. Intimacy is an integral part of a marriage and when it disappears, it changes the entire dynamic of the relationship. The couple is, unfortunately, not as close as they once were and resentment and confusion can lead to the marriage slowly falling apart and then eventually crumbling. If you are fearful that this is the path your relationship with your husband is headed down, you need to act now before it's too late. There are several things you can do to draw your husband closer to you again so you can have the fulfilling and connected marriage that you want.

The first thing you need to do when your husband doesn't want to have sex is determine if his hesitation is related to another part of your relationship. Quite often when a couple quarrels over an issue it leaves them feeling distant and disconnected from each other. Your husband may not want to be close with you physically because there's some underlying resentment or frustration over another matter. If you two have been arguing back and forth over something for days, weeks or months, you need to resolve that now. You two should sit down and talk out the problem and compromise where need be. If you don't, the marriage may be at risk.

Many men are just as self conscious about the way they look as women are. Most of us are all too familiar with the feeling of gaining a few pounds and how that makes us feel undesirable. Some husbands feel exactly the same way. If you've noticed your husband talking about how he needs to eat healthier or work out more, this could very well be at the root of your intimacy issues. Work together with him on a mission to get both of you healthier. You can start grocery shopping together, cooking together and even exercising with each other. Not only will this help you both feel more attractive, but it will create a new, fun bond between you two which will naturally draw you closer again.

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Learning how to survive a sexless marriage can be the difference between staying with your spouse and divorcing them. Many relationships actually fall apart because of a lack of intimacy. Physical closeness is an integral part of a healthy marriage and when it starts to disappear, it changes the entire dynamic between the couple. If you and your spouse have drifted apart in this way, don't get too discouraged. Although you're likely feeling very frustrated now, there's help. You can reignite the fire and can actually have a more satisfying intimate relationship than you've ever had before.

Knowing how to survive a sexless marriage includes understanding why the intimacy has disappeared. In many cases it's a slow process that happens over a long period of time. It may have started when children entered the relationship or perhaps you can pinpoint the downward spiral to a time when you and your partner were struggling with a conflict that was never resolved. It's important that you have a general idea of when things started to change so you can determine if there's anything you can do to remedy it. If you do feel that it was caused by becoming parents, you and your spouse need to plan for more alone time for the two of you. This may include enlisting the help of a sitter or a family member to mind the children while the two of you sneak off on a date. If an unresolved conflict is at the heart of the matter, now is the time to find a compromise that will get it out of the way. That type of stress between spouses is never healthy for the relationship.

One very important thing to consider when you are trying to understand how to survive a sexless marriage is that the reason your spouse may not want to be intimate with you may have little to do with you at all. As we mature our bodies change and that can impact how a person sees themselves and whether or not they believe their partner will still find them desirable. If your partner's appearance has changed, and they aren't comfortable talking about it, be proactive with helping them change it. Encourage the entire family to eat healthier meals and get active with your spouse. When a couple exercises together, they build a new bond with each other. This will help both of you to look and feel better too. That alone can help relight the fire.

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Years ago women were taught to cook and clean, this being what most men looked for in the perfect mate. But today women are far more than just housekeepers and men want the woman who is fulfilled and well-rounded.

However, a few tricks from the past are not lost.

Keep your sexuality under wraps at the start. The reverse seems to be the norm these days, but using sex to build a relationship didn't work back then and it doesn't work today. This only serves to attract men who only want sex and nothing more. So if you want more, you're out of luck.

Show the guy that you're more than a sex object. Let him see the real woman inside. This takes a series of dates and you should use every opportunity to your advantage. Conversations are great and you can both learn a lot about one another, but it's also the time you spend together that will divulge who you really are.

I once overheard a woman go on and on about herself. Her great job, how smart she was, how funny she was, and so on. The guy just stared and tried to keep up, but his eyes continually glazed over.

And in her list of great attributes, she actually touted herself as being a good listener.

See where this is going? You want him to see for himself who you are. He wants to look at you and admire you, not only for your looks and smarts, but for everything you are. And don't think two or three dates will do it. This can and should take a good amount of time. Slowly building up an emotional bond will bring you closer together.

Give this budding relationship a chance to really grow and base it on honesty in the person you present to him. You don't want him falling in love with an imitation. You want him to fall in love with you.

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Relying simply on sex has become the number one way of getting a guy's attention. For a while this works, after all, guys will look at a sexy girl. But before long the girl realizes that all she gets out of being sexy are the guys who simply want to have sex.

Some take it further, become sexier still, thinking the more outrageous they are the more attention they'll get. This only serves to make her look all the more desperate.

Play up your sensuality without leaking over into sexuality.

Then there are the women who just play nice nice. They're sweet, agreeable, and do anything and everything the guys asks. Their eyes are wide and captivated as they listen to him and they are jittery and excited the moment he walks into the room.

Being too eager to give your heart to a guy tends to diminish the level of respect a guy has for a girl. You're giving the impression that you want love, no matter the cost.

While you might feel excited inside, try to remain cool and casual on the outside. Be a friend, not a fan. He wants to know he interests you without feeling you're obsessed by him. Though it may be difficult, allow the conversations you have with him to be as you would with a friend.

Talking about a variety of topics that interest you both should calm you and he'll be able to relax when he realizes you're not pushing for something.

Desperation will kill virtually any relationship. Your need is too strong, your expectations too high and the pressure you end up putting on him too overwhelming. Find in yourself all the great qualities you have to offer a guy, then let him be the one to work to discover them all.

Know that you're worth fighting for and he'll step up to the challenge. When he sees how smart, vibrant and funny you are, his affections will take form and will grow with every date.

It pays to be patient when you're trying to get him to fall in love with you.

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