My Husband Was Fired From His Job: Dealing With Husband Being Fired - What To Do When Your Husband Gets Fired

If your spouse loses his or her job, it can be a very scary situation. You may wonder how in the world your family will pay the bills you receive each month - or even how you're going to put a meal on the table until your spouse finds another job. Here are some important tips that will help you determine what to do when your spouse loses their job.

Be Supportive

The first thing you should do is be supportive of your spouse. It is a very difficult thing to lose a job. Your spouse will probably be feeling a little worthless, a little depressed and a little embarrassed. This is a difficult thing to go through - especially when your family really, really needs the money. Be careful not to hound your spouse about losing his or her job and just let them know that you love them no matter what.

Start Saving More Money

If you usually take a percentage out of your spouse's check to save, start taking it out of your check if possible. This will help ensure that you're still protecting your family even though your spouse is out of work. If there is any unnecessary spending in the house at all, stop it. Go over the money your family spends each month and track the spending. How much can you cut back on this spending until your spouse is able to find another job? You will probably be surprised to realize there's a good bit of money to be saved just in this area of your family's finances.

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Have a Huge Garage Sale

In order to help cover things until your spouse finds another job, sell some of the things you no longer want, need or use. You can do this by having a large garage sale and selling off some of the items. If you're finding a hard time selling in your neighborhood, you can take advantage of eBay. Just make sure the item you sell is priced so that you can pay the eBay listing and still bring in some positive money to put back.

Apply for Unemployment

If your spouse's job loss falls within certain requirements, he or she may qualify for unemployment. This is a weekly or bi-weekly check which will help your family float through the difficult time until your spouse gets another job. It is based on the amount that your spouse has worked previously and what they were getting paid through their previous employer. Contact your local unemployment center for details on how to apply and what criteria your family must meet.

Losing a job is not an easy thing - in fact, it's easy for your spouse to get really down about their lost job. If you really give them the support they need as well as using the above tips for saving money during this time - things will get better and your family will make it through this rough patch.

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Marriage is a critical component of anyone's life. When you meet someone and you find out that he or she is the person you'd want to lay down with for the rest of your life, the next step is to always find a ring, slip it into her finger and pop the question. When she says, "YES", what you get is a feeling that defies reality. It was like as if you were living inside a dream. To be with the girl you love for the rest of your life sounds so blissful but make sure that you are prepared for what is beyond. The first few months will always be the happiest days but once problems arise, you will find the very foundations of your marriage being challenged and you might find yourself contesting against the dreaded word, "Divorce". If you want to save marriage from divorce, you need to be alert and prepared to spot early signs. Nonetheless, preparation is always the key.

Before you jump into marriage, you always need to ask yourself two questions:

1. Am I emotionally ready for this?
2. Am I emotionally resilient?

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If you ask yourself these two questions early on for sure, you can save marriage from divorce which is your own. Marriage, as what was mentioned earlier is going to be tough for those that emotionally not ready for the prime time. The road towards your marriage ceremony is always the fun part. When people are having fun, they are in a very festive mood and they are at their best. How can you not enjoy it? It involves all the fun stuff like choosing the venue, the food menu, the attire, and the wedding car. But try subjecting a person to real world problems and that will bring out their true nature. I guarantee you that when you are dealing with bills that eat up a substantial portion of your salary, that will test the limits of your emotional threshold. That is why you need to think a zillion times if you are ready to face the music of married life.

Another question that you need to ask yourself before getting married is am I emotionally resilient. Remember, you will be dealing with quarrels and fights either instigated by your or your partner. You need to be resilient on this and never go beyond the realms of your logic mind. Always think rationally with a bit of tad bit of emotion. Couples divorce most of the time due to one of the parties giving in to their emotions and letting things fly in the room.

All these and many more are some of things you need to do to save marriage from divorce or any possible dissolution. If you love your partner with all your heart, you will never be afraid of change.

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The pain of divorce or the threat of divorce is very real and can be paralyzing. It can stop you in your tracks and make you feel lost, hopeless and like you are spinning out of control. However, you can fight back to save your marriage. There are real solutions to your marriage problems and all you need to do is get started today. I would like to briefly share 5 things you can start with today. These ideas are not complicated, but they can be very hard to do.

Before we get started, it is important that you have accepted that there is a problem in your relationship. If the talk of divorce has come up, do not turn your back on it and hope it goes away because that won't happen. Instead, accept this threat, and resolve to fight against it, to save your marriage. Make the commitment to do the hard work necessary to restore your relationship.

Another important part of helping your relationship is figuring out what marital problems are the most pressing right now. If you can sit down and determine what the main problems are it will help you and your spouse identify exactly where you need to start working. Some of those signs could be a total lack of communication, constant conflict that never seems resolved, isolation from your partner as well as a lack of physical or emotional intimacy. Once you have determined what the issues in marriage are, you can begin to work on repairing the damage. This is the hardest part.

Here is a brief list of things you can get started on right away to help strengthen your weakened marriage:

1. Open the doors for communication and take time to listen to your spouse. If you two have stopped talking, or have resorted to arguing, yelling, sarcasm or constant bickering, stop. Choose to behave in a civil, respectful manner.

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2. Stop complaining and start complimenting. It is so easy to only see, or point out the things that irritate us in our spouse. However, all this does is hurt your relationship even more. Choose to be the one to stop doing this.

3. Be kind to your spouse. Why is is that we can be harshest to those we love the most? Choose to show kindness and gentleness to your spouse weather you feel like it or not. Remember the golded rule: treat others how you want to be treated.

4. Create opportunities for fun together. Laughing together is so good. Choose to find ways to simply enjoy one another again, rather than focusing on the problems you are currently facing.

5. Seek help from a trained relationship expert. Choose to get the help you need to save your marriage. It's out there, you simply must choose to reach out and take it.

Although this list is short, and rather basic, it is a GREAT place to start. Marriages that are on the verge of divorce have almost lost all of these basic actions and attitudes. Rescue your marriage and restore the love you once shared. It's still there, you just have to rekindle it. You can do it!

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Marriage repair can be the answer for how to stop the divorce. There are loads of advice columns and marital counseling sites that offer free insights into making your marriage work and preventing divorce.

Some offer additional information through books, CDs, or tapes, and other offer seminars and retreats. But the same focus is in mind in all of these techniques, and that is grabbing a marriage from the jaws of defeat and making a go of it.

Your marriage repair may not be as extensive as the next guys, or on the other side of the coin, it could be more. But some basic principles apply to all relationships, and sometimes it's good to have an outside perspective about how to stop the divorce.

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Sometimes, couples may honestly open up and try to heal the problems, but just don't have the answers it takes. That's why a new and fresh outlook from someone who isn't bogged down due to emotional involvement can be so insightful. They can see things that are kind of blocked from you because you're so emotionally tied to the problem.

By learning how to stop the divorce with marriage repair, you offer yourself a chance you may not have otherwise. Good advice and counseling have been known to pull marriages back from the ashes and breathe life back into them. If your marriage is on the rocks, don't let pride keep it from getting healed. Swallow your pride, and love your mate and life partner.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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