My Husband Says He Wants A Divorce But Says He Loves Me: Most Effective Ways To Save Your Troubled Marriage

Saving any marriage is not an easy task, but with the right amount of hard work and dedication, you can get your relationship back on track with the person you love. Most couples who choose divorce as a way to solve their problems don't take the right approach to getting them solved while they are married, so they end up spending a lot of time, money, and heart ache getting a divorce that probably wasn't necessary in the first place. To avoid this completely, you'll want to know all of the different things that you can do to save your marriage now.

The first thing you have to know is that you must put away your pride, ego, and selfishness in order to get your problems solved. This will be a team effort so both people have to be ready and willing to start making progress right away. You need to start thinking about how your spouse feels and being sensitive to them in every possible way.

You also have to consider what are your problems specifically. Why are you not happy in your relationship and what is different from when you first got married? Answering some of these questions will ultimately help you to decide what you can do to bring your marriage around and get back to the place of love and happiness you were once in.

Learn to start really talking to each other. This way you will be able to really figure out what is wrong and get whatever issues you have on the table and solved. Being honest is a critical part of this entire process. The truth sometimes hurts, but it's better that it comes out sooner than later. Whenever you are discussing anything with your spouse, make sure that you are constantly respectful, yet honest. This delicate balance is what will get your problems solved and your marriage back on track for the long term.

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If your marriage is getting problematic and difficult to handle, divorce is not the only solution because there are ways to rescue a marriage from divorce. Save yourself from the pain of separation and learn to survive the difficult times in your marriage.

Is it possible to rescue a failing marriage? The answer is definitely yes! It maybe hard to deal with marital problems but there are couples who were able to survive and keep their marriage despite of all the problems they went through. With the right mindset and approach, it is possible to rescue a marriage from divorce. Here are some tips to rescue a marriage from divorce:

Agree or compromise. Although you are united as one in the matrimony of marriage, you still have different opinion about a lot of things. It is important to respect and consult your spouse before making decisions to avoid conflicts. If you cannot agree with the decision then you both have to compromise. Marriage is a partnership and you both have to respect each others' point of view. It will be hard to rescue a marriage from divorce if you will keep arguing and trying to control each other.

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Take a break. Sometimes the stress of everyday life, work and responsibilities with the kids can add pressure and problems in your marriage. To rescue a marriage from divorce, you have to take a break and focus on your failing relationship. You can put things in perspective if you and your spouse will spend quality time together. Take a vacation or a retreat to rekindle your relationship. If you need the help of a marriage counselor, then do not hesitate to seek help. You will be surprised what spending quality time with each other can do to your marriage.

Recognize the problems in your marriage and talk about the possible solution. It will be hard to rescue a marriage from divorce if the problems in the marriage are ignored. You both have to sit down and talk about it. Is there a money issue? Is lack of time with each other always an issue? There are issues in your marriage that needs to be solved and you both have to figure out the problems and talk about the solutions to keep your marriage back on track again. This is not the time for blaming each other but it is better to find solutions and be committed to save your marriage.

If you both cannot resolve the problems on your own, seek professional help. Experts know how to deal with marital problems and it is best to ask for advice.

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If you've recently been feeling that your lover is acting strangely, take a look at the warning signs below that mean your relationship is on rocky territory. If you notice one or more of these signs, you may want to try to rekindle the romance in your relationship before your partner ends it...

1. Your Partner Recently Changed the Way He or She Looks

A drastic change in the way your partner looks may be a sign that he or she is looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. This is an especially important sign if your lover has made a change that he or she knows that you don't like - for example dying their hair when you like it in its natural color. Wearing those shoes you despise is another example. These signs mean that your partner may not care as much what you think and may be more interested in what potential suiters think of him or her.

2. He or She is Too Busy to Hang Out With You

If you keep trying to make plans with your boyfriend or girlfriend and they always seem too busy for you, then this may be a sign that your relationship isn't in good standing. If you notice that you're the one that's always offering the plans, then this also is not a good indication. Finally, if your partner seems to have time for friends, coworkers, and family - just not for you - then something is definitely wrong!

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3. You Are Always the One Calling

If it seems like you are always the one calling your lover, and that she or he hardly ever calls you, then something may be wrong. Additionally, if you don't even get to speak with them that much - your calls go straight to voicemail - then that's an added warning.

4. Her Friends Are Avoiding You

Typically before a breakup, one will discuss their feelings and their plans with their friends before they do it with their partner. So if his or her friends start avoiding you, or stop having good conversations with you, then you should be on alert.

5. You Recently Have a Lot of Arguments

If you suddenly seem to be fighting all the time about little things, then you may have a problem. Particularly if things that seemed OK a few weeks ago now bring on a big fight. People can be passive aggressive - which means that they may not talk about what is really bothering them, but then that anger may come out in subtle, little ways.

If you notice two or more of the aforementioned signs your relationship is about to end, it may be a good idea to change your behavior, have a meaningful conversation with your partner, or get ready for a major life change. Remember, however, it's still not too late to do something if you really don't want your relationship to end!

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Emotional affairs of the heart or also known as emotional affairs is a kind of relationship that does not involve sex but includes intimacy and emotional attraction and one or both of the parties involved are married or committed to another person. It is also very likely that it will develop into a sexual affair if it is not stopped right away. Men and women are equally susceptible to committing this type of affair.

Emotional affairs of the heart are very common in the workplace and over the Internet. Most of the time, it occurs between co-workers, friends online, or past lovers. It usually starts as a casual friendship until they develop an emotional closeness and bond with each other. They enjoy spending time alone with each other and talk about different things - even personal issues. They talk about their complaints in their own marriages and become each other's confidant.

What makes emotional affairs of the heart harmful to a marriage is that what the husband or the wife should have invested emotionally to his or her spouse is given to another person. The happy moments and the good times that the couple should have enjoyed are now with another. This will eventually weaken the marriage because there is no more romance and intimacy from the couple.

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Another reason why these affairs are devastating to marriages is that it involves dishonesty. The cheating husband will deceive his spouse about his whereabouts and the things that he is doing just to be with another woman. He tells his wife that he is on a business meeting or a business trip when in fact he is having a good time with his "special friend." Or he might say that he is having an over time work when in reality he is just spending more time with a female co-worker.

The best way to stop emotional affairs of the heart is through professional help. You can avail marriage counseling if you are comfortable with it or you can avail online resources that deal specifically with this problem. There are many resources you can buy on the Internet that are created by counselors and experts.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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