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There are marriages that have monumental problems in them. For those having sexual marriage problems, know that there are most definitely other couples dealing with the same issues. Sex is a act of intimacy that can make or break a relationship.

If you're not having sex, having too little sex, or dealing with a lousy sex life you should know that sex is a fundamental part of marriage. With that in mind, in this world we live, with casual sex being very common, sex is not dirty.

Its not evil, and it most definitely isn't something to feel ashamed about doing. Bringing religion into this, sex is an act that was created by God, and with that said, don't let the world coerce you into believing that its some sort of horrible act.

I write this because there are people who feel this way about sex and are destroying the relationships they have because of these feelings. If you have a spouse with a huge sexual craving and this is the way you feel about sex, there will most definitely be a road block between the both of you.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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When desire is at an all time low, there is an emotional distance and tension that is so overwhelming it feels like you never even knew how to please your partner. Physically or emotionally. When you feel like you can't communicate your desires to your spouse, how can you possibly fix the issues?

If you're facing sexual marriage problems, you need to first embrace and feel good about your sexuality. This is because if you're not confident about your sexuality, you most definitely won't enjoy sex for what its worth. Man or woman.

If you haven't yet found your sexuality, then I suggest doing things with your partner that tests your limits. By "limits," I mean the things you absolutely won't do while having sex. Some people in relationships don't perform oral sex or they don't like to have sex with the lights on.

You don't have to get into the act of having sex to find your limits, but you can talk to your partner about their sexual desires. This is communication working its wonders. Its helping you open up, and repair these sexual marriage problems.

In my opinion, I believe that sex and communication are the most important factors in having a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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"Help, my marriage is failing" is the cry of so many broken-hearted, unhappy married couples. Perhaps this is your cry. If it is, I want to encourage you. I have counseled many couples with the same problems you have and have seen their marriages turned into loving, caring relationships.

You can do it too...with the help of some good advice and lots of love and tenaciousness.

3 Important "Help-My-Marriage" Steps To Marriage Restoration

"Help-My-Marriage" Step 1 Don't Wait For Your Spouse

More often than not one spouse is more aggressive in solving marriage problems than the other. This is not unusual. Sure, it would be better if you and your spouse made a commitment to solve your marriage problems and to get the love back, but it just doesn't always happen that way.

So if you are the one who is taking the first step, go for it. Don't wait for your spouse. You can be the one to save your marriage by following the advice in this article! And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your spouse sees the changes you are making and follows suite.

The most important thing is that you (or both of your) take responsibility for doing what you learn about marriage restoration and NEVER GIVE UP!

Divorce is never a good option. It destroys the people involved and, if there are children involved, it will tear them apart inside.

So learn all you can and take action.

"Help-My-Marriage" Step 2 Don't Make Anchors Out Of Paper Clips

It is incredible how we can make anchors out of paper clips. In other words, we can have a tendency of making something really light into something very heavy.

This is a common practice in troubled marriages.

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Most things that disrupt marriages and cause arguments are really "paper clips". The problem is that you can easily turn these paper clips into anchors that end up causing your marriage to sink.

After 44 years of marriage, my wife and I have learned that a lot of things we argued about earlier in life were just plain stupid! Nothing! Dumb! Paper clips!

The earlier you learn to distinguish between paper clips and anchors, the earlier you will discover that anchors seldom exist. The real problem is usually hard-headedness and selfishness.

So why not just sit down with your spouse and take a good objective look at those things that are upsetting your marriage and ask, is this really worth losing our love and marriage over? Nothing really it?

Then be willing to sacrifice your own personal "paper clips" for the sake of the one you love. That's what real love is all about!

"Help-My-Marriage" - Step 3 Get The Communication Going!

Now it's time to talk...get some real communication going.

Both of you sit down and talk about what's been troubling your marriage. Remember, the objective is to talk, not to argue, fight or defend your position. Your aim is to restore the love in your marriage.

All you want to do here is to understand your spouse's feelings about what has been happening so that you can help heal the pain. That's what love does!

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So many couples today have the problem of what to do when their marriage begins to fall apart. Most of us have no references on what to do when this happens so we end up filing for divorce. But marriage, even one that is very bad off, doesn't have to end in divorce, it can be worked through. With enough time and persistence we can eventually tap into the strongest parts of ourselves and start bringing back our relationships to where they used to be. This article will give you some of the tools so you can start doing that today.

Fixing your marriage won't be easy, but it's certainly not impossible. Your first step in getting back to a healthy marriage is to start talking to one another and keep open the channels of communication. By doing this you are showing your partner that you really do care about the relationship and also getting to know each other, for what will seem like the second time.

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When you talk to each other, you can ease into things by chatting about what went on during your day or something of the sort, but eventually you should start to talk about deeper issues such as your marriage and what you both need out of it to feel like you are happy. It's important for both people involved to be happy with the way things are. There is also a certain amount of compromise needed in order to restore the marriage and be happy together. If only one person is happy with the way things are, the marriage is already doomed. You have to actually sit down with your partner and discuss what needs to be done in order to finally feel about about where you both are together. Doing this will bring both of you closer and set you on the right path to a better, healthier, and happier marriage for years to come.

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Well you may not become a billionaire or even a millionaire, but research shows that marriage helps couples and individuals generate more income and wealth than singles, and even cohabitating couples.

According to The Marriage Project researchers out of Rutgers University in New Jersey,

"... People who marry become economically better off. Men become more productive after marriage; they earn between ten and forty percent more than do single men with similar education and job histories. Marital social norms that encourage healthy, productive behavior and wealth accumulation play a role. Some of the greater wealth of married couples results from their more efficient specialization and pooling of resources, and because they save more. Married people also receive more money from family members than the unmarried (including cohabiting couples), probably because families consider marriage more permanent and more binding than a living-together union..."

If married couples have so much potential to be wealthy, why are money issues one of the leading causes of divorce? I have one simple answer. When couples take their focus off of their partner's emotional, physical and spiritual needs to worry about their finances or acquire more material possessions, they loose sight of one of the greatest missions and privileges of life: to love another human being.

Money is a wonderful and powerful tool, but don't let it consume you. Here are seven ways to find balance and keep your marriage happy and healthy.

1. Set financial goals for your family and prioritize them.

2. Develop a spending plan that can help both parties feel fulfilled. A great example of this strategy can be found in Debt-Proof Your Marriage: How to Achieve Financial Harmony by Mary Hunt.

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3. Owe no one anything but love. Work towards being debt free.

4. Create a savings plan that includes 3-6 months living expenses. Then focus on investments. It may be tight, but try living off of one income for a time.

5. Try to find ways to be generous and give to charitable organizations regularly. If you belong to a church, tithe.

6. Pay the bills together. I know it may seem hard to find the time at first, but it can be a chance to review current spending.

7. Work towards owning a home (or a new car) only when you're ready. Don't feel the urge to do it because you've had a baby, your friends are doing it, or you're "tired of renting".

I leave you with this final word: Richness is not about having more money or showing off what you have. It's about finding abundance where you are and having courage, grace and savvy to go beyond your current circumstance.
Be rich.

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