My Husband Never Kisses Me Anymore: My Husband Doesn't Kiss Me When We Make Love

Intimacy is crucial in any love relationship, more so in marriage. This is what most couples crave for yet what most also fail to achieve because of various reasons. Many married couples find themselves too preoccupied with their responsibilities at home and at work that they often complain about not having enough time for each other as well not being able to share more intimate moments that they want.

When intimacy is not achieved in a marital relationship, chances are this can lead to feelings of resentment, conflicts on parenting, communication issues, arguments over money and even feelings of dissatisfaction when it comes to sex life. The main reason for this is couples fail to make a connection as they should. But of course, there's still hope. It's just a matter of taking the extra effort to nurture the bond and maintain the connection moving forward.

Prioritize your marriage. It doesn't mean that if your job is important to you or your children come first in your life, you should already ignore your relationship with your spouse. This is a no-no. Rather, put value on your marital bond and not just make it your last priority. Know how to set aside time for your work, for your parenting responsibilities, household chores and also for your partner. You will find out later that you feel a lot better if you're able to do all these with little effort so do practice prioritizing your marriage, too. It's for the good of everybody.

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Be a role model to your children. You may not be aware of it but when children see their parents in an intimate relationship with each other, they will feel happy and contented. In short, the positive effect radiates in them. Experts agree that a healthy marriage is one valuable gift parents can give their children. This then leads to a more functional and healthier family because of the lesser amount of stress experienced by family members. Oftentimes, children who come from a healthy family would also want to experience the same when they become adults.

Take time to talk. Setting aside at least 15 to 20 minutes each to discuss important issues without distraction is vital. Keep your communication lines open and talk in a calm manner. Give each other time to talk and be a good listener as well when it's your partner's turn to say his or her piece. Take this chance to talk about work, family and other interests.

Bonding time. As couples, find a way to spend a few hours each weekend to do things together. You can spend it with your children or you can spend it alone which is better for both of you. It's a nice feeling to be alone with your partner, to hold hands while enjoying a stroll in the park or at the beach or just walking close to each other. It helps revitalize your relationship and leads to a higher level of intimacy. Set date times as well depending on what you like, either weekly, twice a month or once a month.

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For many people, the only reason they may not know that their relationship needs help is because they're living in denial that there are problems. So many people choose to go through life living a routine, like a programmed robot, and live in relationships of convenience. Many people feel if their partners or family members are living life with their basic needs met, that they are provided for, and that is all that is needed. This could not be further from the truth. Every relationship needs tender loving care and there is no real commitment to the relationship if you are only "going through the motions."

Make a difference in your relationship by considering the following things that can make a huge impact in your world. If nothing else, maybe some of the topics of discussion will help you to discover how easy it is to reconnect with the special person in your life.

1. Be True.
Be true... to yourself and to your partner. When it comes to love, your life should never average or run-of-the-mill. Being true in your relationship can strengthen your it when you feel your life is average. Many people who live in "convenient" relationships or marriages aren't true to themselves or their partners as they manage to put on happy faces when they are in public, or even when they are around their own family members, while the relationship falls short. Stop doing these things. Be true. Commit to making a difference.

2. Be Real.
Never play games in a relationship. Either you are committed and connected, are willing to do what it takes to recommit or reconnect, or you are ready to walk away. Don't play games with your relationships or the hearts involved. This diminishes the importance of your relationship and can only lead to lack of trust and dishonesty later.

3. Eliminate the Noise.
Whether it's the television, a blaring stereo or game system, get rid of the noise. There's nothing wrong with watching TV, listening to music, or playing a game; however, be sure that the "noise" is turned off whenever possible. One of the biggest steps in forming a positive, fulfilling relationship is to have time just for each other. If you constantly have "noise" going on, are you really able to focus on and truly listen to each other? Do you feel like you have a good intimate relationship? Good communication, i.e. less noise, leads to intimacy; intimacy leads to a greater connection; and a greater connection leads to a greater relationship!

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4. Take Care of YOU.
When your relationship is on the rocks, it's not unusual to spend most of your energy trying to make things right with your partner. This isn't a bad thing; however, be sure not to focus so much on your partner that you forget to take care of yourself. Be sure to continue learning, developing your mind, excelling in your career, etc. Never compromise who you are because you are in a relationship.

5. Honesty.
This point goes hand-in-hand with being REAL. Honesty is the only way to build trust and move forward in any relationship. If honesty isn't there, neither is a strong foundation. Not only will honesty show your great character, it will also help your build your relationship on strength and trust from the start. Without honesty and trust neither partner can truly feel secure and the relationship is doomed to fail.

6. Respect.
Show respect to, and expect it from, your partner at all times. When you are out and about, showing respect to each other will make your relationship stronger and will have others wondering how you do it. Never embarrass or make your partner feel uncomfortable - this can quickly lead to resentment. Instead, talk to your partner about becoming a unified team where you treat each other with respect in every setting. Commit to carrying through with this agreement even through the rough spots in your relationship. Loss of respect can drive a huge wedge in your relationship.

7. Appreciate.
Everybody wants to feel appreciated. Imagine going through your days, doing nice things for your partner, and never hearing a "thank you" or feeling appreciated. If this happens to you, no doubt you will soon stop doing those nice things. Keep this in mind and make a conscious effort to acknowledge things your partner does for you. Appreciation doesn't have to cost a lot of money or time. A heartfelt "thank you" with a big hug and kiss can do wonders.

8. Be patient.
In tough times, being patient doesn't come easily. When your partner makes a mistake, it's easy to become critical and focus on the negative. Remember, we all make mistakes. Try to be understanding and patient in these times with the end-result being to focus on the issue at hand and talk about it without being angry or overly critical.

Couples often grow apart for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include the two of you working different shifts, one or both of you traveling a lot for work, having different interests and hobbies, or being blessed with children. A lot of people get to the point where they feel their relationships are no longer of any value. Sometimes we get so consumed with things going on in our own lives that we forget how important it is to make time for our partners.

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Your husband and you are on the verge of divorce. It is all because of an affair he had some years ago. He knew it was wrong and wanted to work things out but you have not been able to forget and still wonder every time he walks out the door. The both of you cannot go on like this so something has to change or your marriage will be over.

An affair can really rock the boat in any relationship. You fell in love got married and thought you had it all till that night that your husband told you he had broken off a relationship with another woman that had been going on for six months. What hurt you the most is you did not see it. There are usually telltale signs like notes in pockets and a lot of late nights at work but nothing seemed any different at home. His excuse was that he thought he had married too young and though he loved you was still curious about other women The one affair was enough for him to know you were the love of his life so he asked you to forgive him and try to move on.

It hurt you deeply but you agreed to stay married and try to work it out. Your husband had been wonderful and tried to continually show you how much he cared. The problem was you could not forget. Every time he worked late or went out with a guy friend your mind went into over drive imagining all sorts of things. When he came home you accused him of being with another woman and he ended up sleeping in the spare room a lot.

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The marriage was now at the point of crisis and your husband could not take having the affair thrown in his face anymore. He packed his things and moved out.

Once you were alone in the house you felt really lonely and realized how much you loved him. You did not want a divorce but knew if you could not forget the affair this was going to happen. You decided you needed to talk to someone so arranged some counseling. Your husband rang you to make sure you were okay and you told him what you were doing. He sounded relieved and hoped you could finally forgive him. He told you he loved you and wanted the marriage to work but could not bear how unhappy you had become.

You had buried the hurt you felt so deep that you had not even cried about the affair. After some sessions in counseling you were able to talk to your husband and tell him how it had affected you. You wisely stayed separated while you were in counseling but still had dinner dates with your husband. You were finally able to tell him how the affair had affected you and knew in time you would be back together.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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This is definitely going to cause some displeasure amongst women, and for good reason. The man should always be loyal to the woman. When a man cheats, everyone knows about it. The man is always the one who's expected to cheat first, simply because he can't control his urges. That's the common belief, isn't it?

So if the man has that natural urge, imagine if you could control it? I don't mean be able to turn him into raging stud with the flick of a switch, but actually controlling his level of loyalty towards you. Let me explain in further detail...

One of the classic reasons people cheat is not because they find the other person desirable, it's because the other person is taboo. They aren't allowed to mess around with the other person, because you're married. If you're married, you are tied down to one person forever and ever.

That sort of mentality is bound to cause some men to freak out. What happens when they think that they're tied down to one woman? Other women start appearing desirable to them, because they're hard to get.

Some couples know that they are drifting apart. They know that they're attracted to other people. They know that they're tempted to cheat on their partners. But they never talk about it. It gets worse and worse until someone cracks and it's game over.

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It doesn't have to be that way. You're never "chained down" or "tied down". If marriage really was all about securing one person, why would anyone ever get married? It sounds so depressing.

If you love someone, set them free, even if it is just temporarily. A bird who is looked after will know its way home (sorry to go all Confucius on you there).

So, this is what my wife and I have been doing. We go out together to friends' parties and we literally split apart as soon as we get in the door. We sometimes even drive separate cars. We pretend that we're single for the night and get to know people.

That actually brings us closer together because it makes us appreciate each other more. The fact that we trust each other enough to go out and socialize and maybe even flirt a little shows that our bond is strong. It also shows that we still have what it takes to be attractive (because it does take practice, especially when you get older!).

Try that with your man. It will definitely throw him off (it did when my wife first suggested it to me), but he will see you with a new perspective. You're comfortable and confident with yourself. Furthermore, your man will be touched by the level of trust you show in him. If he really loves you, he will never throw that away.

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