My Husband Makes Me Feel Unattractive: How To Keep Your Husband Interested In You

Ladies, I am about to share a story with you that contains a powerful concept you can use to change your life. Now, you may not approve of how I came to learn this concept, but that doesn't take away from what a tremendous difference it can make for you...

Having been in strip bars (some totally nude and others partially nude) in big cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so on, I found my most memorable strip-bar experience while on a trip to Springfield, MO.

I went into this partially nude strip club and there was at least a dozen very beautiful girls with virtually perfect bodies - and not one single man was interested in them...

...because there was this one girl...

Comparatively speaking, she was the ugliest girl there. She was definitely chubby, had stretch marks, and her breast were smallish...

...and she was the girl that every guy in the club was lined up to see.

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It didn't take but just a moment for me to see why. In fact, I got myself in line as quickly as I could so I could experience it for myself. Here's what happened when it came my turn...

This stripper gave me a direct look in the eyes that she backed up with words coming out of her mouth which she backed up with the movements of her body - all three of which said, "I absolutely want YOU so bad I can hardly stand it. I want to take you on a sexual pleasure ride like you have never been on before. I am your pleasure doll and no one will ever be able to please you like I will. I am your sexual dreams come true".

What she looked like meant nothing to me. The fact that 100's of other people were seeing me with this woman meant nothing to me. I was happy to be sharing the spotlight with this woman.

Now, isn't that interesting? Kind of goes against the grain of popular belief that men only want the prettiest girl doesn't it?

The "ugliest" girl in this strip-joint commanded the attention of every male patron there - simply because she knew what turned a man on and she had the confidence to give him what he wanted - and she understood that what she looked like wasn't all that important.

This story illustrates an important truism.

How a person is "packaged" has very little bearing on what they can be, achieve, accomplish, and have.

An "average" person with the right attitudes within them, combined with the ability to direct those right attitudes at other people in the right way will, in the long-run, win out over a "pretty" person who does not have the right attitudes and who is self-centered.

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In other words, the strippers in the above story who were "packaged" better (better looking) couldn't touch the stripper who wasn't "packaged" as well (not as good looking) but who was confident enough in herself to give others what they wanted.

What this means to you is that your attitude and perspective towards your man is far more valuable, important, and attractive to him than any physical traits you may or may not possess.

Certainly, you should continue to strive to be as attractive as you can. But, all you can do is all you can do. When you've done your best on your appearance, then your attitude, confidence, and perspective is all you need to "get you the rest of the way home" in terms of keeping your man's attention.

Now, you may view this concept of the "anatomical packaging being unimportant" as suspect so let me ask you a question?

Have you ever known or heard of a man or woman leaving/divorcing their companion for someone who wasn't nearly as attractive as their first companion was?

Of course you have.

Why would a rational person do this?

Because the new, "ugly" companion knew what the "ugly" stripper in this story knew - if I can confidently give my companion what he wants (assuming it meshes with my values), I can and will defeat every "competitor" no matter how pretty she may be.

Ladies, a word of caution though... When you grab him and you are looking him square in the eyes, go easy on him, you may give the poor fellow a heart attack :-)

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Many marriages do not work out so well after just a few years. You have seen this on the television and have heard people you personally know go through painful and nasty divorce proceedings. If you think that you own marital bliss is turning into an upsetting episode in your life, you have to try to save marriage and use communication to save your marriage.

One very important element of marriage is that of communication. One main reason why partnerships don't work so well today is because of the utter lack of true communication. One is too busy at work while the other wants to focus on the kids. Well, that isn't a great foundation for marriage. Being honest about your feelings and to be open to the feelings of your spouse will avert you the effort and money of hiring a lawyer and hurt feelings.

You should share all thoughts and feelings you have with your partner. If you have problems at work, share it with your partner. He or she might be wondering why you are so hot headed every time you come home from work. Use communication to save your marriage, let your partner know even about the most trivial things. This will strengthen the marital bond because you are learning everything about one another.

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If you have problems about your partner them self, then you should come out in the open and tell them about this. This also applies to those trivial things that you're not so fond of about your partner. You see, when emotions are kept inside you, there is a huge possibility that you'll just burst out in anger. Remember that communication is not screaming until your throat hurts. It is talking in a calm manner so that you'll understand each other. This is how to use communication to save your marriage.

Try to use "I think" instead of the words "I feel" when you say something to your spouse. Starting your ideas with the first phrase means that you have thought about what you really need to say rather than just letting your emotions get in the way.

While your spouse is sharing something, especially about their feelings, try to listen. One huge fault of some spouses is that they want to intervene - to "solve" something when they hear a problem and not let the other finish. Sometimes, people just want to vent about how they feel. They really just want for you to listen. This is when you use communication to save your marriage.

Now, when your partner is telling you about their problems, don't say "Don't do that to yourself" or "You shouldn't think/feel like that" or "It's OK." They are trying to vent out and you don't really know what they're going through. If you want to save marriage, all you have to do is stay with your partner and listen.

Use communication to save your marriage; you should maintain your marital partnership to be as beautiful as when you first laid eyes upon your lover. This requires patience, determination and hard work. Communication is definitely one of those things which are easier to do as long as you are open to all criticisms and honest about your own feelings. This will really be helpful to save you marriage.

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If you want to know how to help heal a marriage, there are a few places to start. It's hard to know where to begin to fix the broken parts of a bad marriage when there are so many shattered pieces (usually there are a lot of shattered pieces when the marriage has come to a crisis level), but starting with these tips will definitely help get you on the road to a happier union:

Make your spouse your best friend. Marriages last when both partners genuinely like each other and admire each other. If hot passion is the foundation of your union, you will hit a dead-end soon enough. When we live with someone and spend time day-in-and- day-out together, passion is not enough to keep things going. You have to be friends and cherish each other's opinions and humor.

Accept that there are no quick-fixes. When people first fall in love, everything seems easier: getting past an argument, learning each other's quirks and how to deal with them, etc. When you choose to marry and make a life together, you are choosing to be invested in doing HARD WORK to keep the relationship healthy. Over time, things get harder and harder in married life, it's a fact, but the good news is that nothing solidifies a connection like time.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Accept that some things will never change. If you and your partner have on-going issues in the marriage that are not easily solved, or that are impossible to solve (religious differences, health issues that affect the union, etc.), you should both accept that these issues will always be there, and that that's OK. Sometimes just accepting that you can't change everything helps to lessen the potency of the problem.

Forgive your spouse and YOURSELF. If you have betrayed your spouse with an affair or have been betrayed by him or her, it's time to drop the resentment and forgive. It's so hard to feel you can release anger and trust your spouse again, mostly because it's hard to believe that you won't get hurt again. Trust and peace of mind, however, are the only ways to love. If you truly feel you can never forgive your spouse (or that he or she is truly untrustworthy), you MUST leave. No excuses.

One exercise you can do right now to help you forgive your spouse's betrayal is to write a plan of action to leave your spouse. Get as detailed as possible about all the necessary plans that would have to be made to separate. Then ask yourself if you want to really leave. If you don't, then burn the plan and ask God for a miracle to help you forgive your spouse.

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With the time change, it is time to spring forward in your marriage and strive to make it successful. A successful marriage is one that is based upon the principles of the Bible, Christ centered and happy. This is the kind of marriage that will last until one of the spouses is deceased. As you watch the shadows of the sun move around a sundial, couples are challenged to "shadow" each other with love, respect.

Just as the hands on a clock move automatically, so should your actions demonstrate sacrifice, kindness, and commitment to your marriage vows. As a metronome marks the musical time, so should your marriage tick with harmony. Pray for one another. Seek a time where you can spend quality time together! Work at keeping harmony in one of the hardest areas-money. Take time to record expenses and savings.

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Charge no more than you can pay in one month without extra fees on your credit card. Talk about goals and dreams. Just because you are one in the bond of love does not mean that you need to give up individual ideas and concerns. Day by day, your attitude toward marriage sifts through life like grains of sand in the hourglass. If you have an unforgiving, grumpy or annoying attitude, you may miss out of many pleasures of matrimonial bliss. Such an attitude can even lead couples to think they no longer love each other enough to stay together.

The time for a successful marriage may tick into divorce. Couples are not blissfully happy all the time. Jobs, family relations, even heath are issues that affect married life. But when couples seek the principles of faith, turn their time toward heaven and seek forgiveness one with another, a successful marriage can be achieved.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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