My Husband Lies and Hides Things From Me: What To Do When Your Husband Lies To You All Time

As a woman, you have to realize that men in general do not know how to be intimate. I am not talking about intimacy in the physical sense. Though sometimes this can be mistaken for real intimacy. By intimacy, I mean they are often at a loss when it comes to talking about their feelings regarding a relationship issue. Usually they do not even know what their feelings are, much less how to express them. This can lead to problems in communications.

Men relate to men by doing things together and talking about various activates, for example jobs, cars, and sports. Sometimes they talk about how to fix things. However, when their dates, girlfriends, or fiances talk about something that is wrong, they often feel that they are being asked to somehow "make it right". The woman is asking her partner to engage in a discussion about a specific issue and to "talk it out" and perhaps just to lend a listening ear.

It is very easy for the man to misinterpret this, get frustrated when his efforts to "fix it" are rejected, and then assume she really doesn't want his help anyway. You have to remember that woman are more used to the method of talking out problems to solve them. You have been used to talking about your feelings with your friends for a long time now. In general, men do not talk about their feelings.

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So what is the solution to this? As a woman, it is important to realize that it may take a man awhile to learn to share his feelings. Right now his real feelings may be running below his level of consciousness, just out of reach. It is important that as the relationship develops that you both establish a level of trust.

At first when he begins to share his feelings, he may feel awkward and may need time to find the words to express himself. He will also need your support and encouragement and know that you want to hear what he has to say. Be prepared though to hear some honest feelings, especially if you are used to hearing some responses from him that have sounded automatic in the past.

You might find that now when you have an argument and you can talk it through while he is expressing his feelings, then you can find a much better solution together. This may require a compromise, but you can then move up to another level of trust and intimacy in your relationship knowing that you can successfully handle a disagreement based on an honest discussion of both of your thoughts and feelings. This is a vary real and valuable accomplishment towards building a foundation for your relationships.

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According to statistics, nearly sixty percent of marriages around us fail. Many couples are thinking about solutions to prevent becoming part of that statistic. Although it is not possible to fix some marriages, the majority of them can be. However, it takes determination and perseverance on the part of both the spouse and the wife in order to help preserve the marriage, regardless of what the underlying problems are or who is to blame.

The examples below are some efficient suggestions to help save marriage. However, in order for these to work, both spouses have to be committed to following these guidelines and work together to resolve their difficulties.

1. Connect
This is absolutely essential in making the relationship effective and lasting. Both of you ought to clearly state your feelings, your opinions, your wants and needs to be with each other and for each other. Simply by discovering exactly what each of you feel is actually wrong in your matrimony is already a step towards getting a solution for your problem.

2. Keep calm
When you find yourself having to deal with issues in your marital life you can easily get annoyed. Attempting to approach the issues with a level head and calm voice is vital to getting your problems solved. Getting hurtful or even disrespectful at your partner will not help resolve the problem.

3. Agreement
It will take two for a marriage to work, therefore each of your respective opinions have to be highly regarded. Just remember that when you give in, even if it is only by a bit, you may get a lot in return as well as end up being happier.

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4. Set objectives
Goals give you direction in life. Thus, it is important to set targets within your marriage that reflect each of your views in addition to determining what both of you should do in order to get there.

5. Have patience
It requires time and energy to work on the problems in a marriage. Ensure that you are patient with your partner as well as with yourself as you work in the direction of correcting issues in your relationship. Hastening to solve things can have a detrimental impact.

6. Forgive and forget
Depending on your situation, asking you to forgive and forget can be challenging, especially if your partner was with another individual. If you want to save your relationship regardless of their cheating deeds, you will need to attempt to forgive them so as to enable you to come together to conserve your marriage. Forgetting what they've already done is probably not easy either. In order to proceed, it is essential that you're not thinking about the previous events. Focus on the here and now and what you could both carry out today to make your marriage work.

7. Get counseling
In the event you cannot work out your differences, counseling can help. A good counselor can assist you with advice, assistance, reassurance and provide you with unbiased opinions that can present you with perception regarding how to right the difficulties within your marriage. They can assist you in obtaining the right remedies as well as procedures that you can carry out according to what is effective for you as a couple on the issues that are confronted.

It is very important that you both agree to counseling and intend to take an active part in your sessions in order for counseling to become an effective instrument for help in your marriage. When selecting a counselor, ensure that they are really licensed professionals and you feel comfortable working with them. Otherwise it will only be a waste of your precious time and your marriage will still not improve.

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There are several traits people have in common that have directly affected their ability to successfully save their marriage. Many of which you may or may not know. But they play an important role in determining whether or not you'll be able to save yours. Here are 3 things people who have saved their marriage from divorce have in common.

#1. They didn't let their emotions get the best of them. People who have saved their marriages from the brink of divorce had the ability early on or during their marriage crisis to recognize how their emotions dictated their day to day activity while going through their marriage trouble. They were able to resist the overwhelming emotions of panic, anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment, depression and hopelessness to put their selves in the best position possible to do what was needed to save their marriage.

#2. They knew how to give their spouse some space. One of the worst things that can happen at a time like this is being at your spouses throat every moment you can to discuss the marriage. They were able to recognize early on the negative affect this had on their efforts to save their marriage. They recognized that this only made things worse by pushing their spouse further away and breaking down any communication between them further. They had the ability to allow their spouse some personal time and space to come to terms with their decision, often opening up new talks about saving the marriage just by letting their spouse think about it fully.

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#3. They planned out their approach or followed a successful plan. They had the ability to recognize early on that nothing they did seemed to work as they intended. In fact, they knew that for some reason everything they tried to do either backfired or made things worse. They knew that they had to look outside of their normal bag of tricks so to speak if they were going to save this marriage and make it work for the better. That's when they were able to piece together a plan that worked for them or found a plan already laid out in step by step fashion that they could follow.

Taking on the attributes of those who have successfully saved their marriage early on will give you the advantage you need in a time like this. Take your time to fully understand the power of these 3 traits and adopt them into your own marriage saving efforts to give your marriage the chance it deserves.

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Getting a divorce for some couples seems like the only options when there are problems piling up over the years. It's not true that your only choice is divorce when you are having problems with your partner. The fact is that there are many different things you can do, some of which you probably haven't even considered.

One very important factor in a good healthy marriage is proper and frequent communication. While ever person and relationship is different, the ones that work well and are healthy have certain things in common, including good communication. Communicating involves more than just talking and listening. There are many different things you have to remember when communicating in such a way that will enable you to solve problems together.

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One of these things to keep in mind that is blaming each other for problems you are having your relationship is not what communication is all about. It's about sitting down together to work in identifying certain aspects of your marriage that need work. This could mean spending more time together, become better listeners, or spicing up your relationship by doing new and exciting things together as a couple.

Whatever you need to work on, make sure that you both are doing your fair share. You won't be able to save your marriage and keep it together unless you are both willing to work together as a team to come up with solutions that will keep you in each others arms for years to come. If you are still in love and don't want it to end because of a few problems, then make the effort and experience how it will pay off every single day you remain together in a relationship that is healthy and one that you look forward to being in each day you wake up. It's well worth the effort that you have to put in it.

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