My Husband Left Me I Can't Stop Crying: If A Husband Leaves His Wife Does He Want A Divorce

Your relationship with your husband is not so good lately. Both of you have been quarrelling a lot and because of the bad terms, your husband has left you. As much as you want to fix the problems in the marriage, you start to wonder, "How am I going to save my marriage when he has left me?"

No matter what situation you are in now, you have to stay calm. You cannot allow panic to overtake your clear mind. You may have tried calling him several times, but he is not showing any response. What should you do to get your husband back?

- Give him some space and time
He is likely to feel resentful and sad about this marriage. Calling him non-stop at this moment will only push him further away from you. Another problem is you will definitely show out your emotions when you hear his voice. It is either you break down and beg him to come home or you show out your anger on him. Giving him the time and space can also give you a chance to cool down too.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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- Analyze the problems
If you do not want the same problems to appear again in your relationship, you need to consider the things that can help or hurt your marriage. Even though he has left you, it does not mean that you cannot address the problems yourself and save this marriage.

- Remind him you are the woman he fell in love with
Most people can get very comfortable with their partner when they are together for quite long in a marriage. It is not really a bad thing because it means the couples know each other quite well. However, if couples are starting to take their partner for granted and this attitude is making the marriage to slide, there will be a change in the quality of the love life.

Only you will know better whether if you have changed a lot through these years. Think about it, what made him so attracted to you initially? Sometimes, we all do things out of habit and not feeling if the other party will mind it or not.

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When you got married you didn't expect to have a troubled marriage. Like virtually everybody else, you ignored the statistics and even discounted your friends and family members who had gone through divorce. You got married with expectations of a lifetime of harmony. The idea of asking divorce questions only comes about when everything on the horizon looks bleak. At some point in a troubled marriage a person has to ask themselves if what they are going through is worth it.

When you no longer see a way out of the suffering it is perfectly natural to weigh your options and start looking at the repercussions of getting a divorce. Most people at that point are in survival mode which means the first questions are probably not even the correct ones.

Divorce is the equivalent of abandoning ship; it is not a decision that people take lightly. They only do it when there is no hope, in fear for their very lives. It is a great misfortune that people are led to believe there is no hope when the truth is the likelihood of your marriage being incredible is far greater than the likelihood of your marriage coming to an end, but if only you knew how!

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The Divorce Rate in our Country Defines Ignorance - not Stupidity or Psychological Dysfunction

You have been misled to believe marriage is difficult and requires compatibility, daily effort and sacrifice. Our society spends so much effort on educating its children about mathematics, literature and so on, but absolutely no effort on the most important aspects of living. There are no courses in public schools that teach intra-gender relationship skills or communication skills. There are no courses that instruct children about what to expect or look for in marriage relationships. The art of marriage is virtually unknown in our culture. Young men and women typically define a suitable mate based on chemistry and looks and similar tastes in movies. For this reason even the most suitable married couples have a very difficult time being married because they simply do not know what is required of them.

Marriage is like Any Other "Thing"- You Need to Know How it Works and What to Do

If your marriage is troubled and you are feeling desperate, don't give up. Virtually every couple I worked with had reached the "I give up" stage, but 99% of them recovered from that within 20 minutes and went on to have amazingly good marriages after being educated.

The time to actually give up is never. But making the effort alone is not enough anymore than running as fast as you can towards the East Coast will ever bring you to the West Coast; you need to know how a marriage works and what you have to do. Once you learn the essentials your marriage will be amazing.

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Marriage can be romantic, enjoyable and fulfilling if we can introduce some habits into our daily life. These habits are capable of turning a divided home into a loving home. If only we can give them major roles to play in our lives and homes. These habits includes;

1. Major priority: This involves making your spouse the number one in your heart. Most people don't have the thought of their spouses in their mind. Lack of attention is very dangerous to the success of any marriage. Cherish the opportunity you have to be with your spouse. The time you made available to be with your spouse will show how much you value him or her.

2. Lovely speech: Let love control your mouth; highly successful couples have known how to correct their spouse in a loving way without hurting them. Don't just talk, learn to talk with love. no matter how angry you are, never speak to pull down your spouse. Use your tongue to build your home and not destroy it.

3. Develop intimacy: Make it your habit never to report your spouse to a third party, learn how to talk about your differences and settle it. Avoid reporting your spouse to your friends, families or parents, it is a sign of immaturity. If you need help get it from a professional counselor. Develop intimacy and make sure your friends and family members should not intrude into your family affairs.

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4. Honor: Cultivate the habit of honoring your spouse, say it, show it and demonstrate it. Never disgrace your spouse, never make the great mistake of removing the veil of honor and respect from your marriage.

5. Time: Learn how to escape from the children, job and friends to spend time with your spouse. At this period talk intimately, touch passionately. It is not a period for sex. It is meant to develop and sustain companionship and if sex happens, go ahead, no crime committed.

6. Preplanned sex: Use the power of preplanned sex to renew the beauty of your marriage. Discuss having sex with your spouse before leaving home in the morning; call to remind each other through the day, joke about it, tease each other about it. It will amaze you what that will do to your sex life.

Don't pack up that marriage yet, divorce is not an option. Your marriage will get better day by day, if you can take time to build these habits in your relationship.

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"No woman wants to be in submission to a man who isn't in submission to God."
~T.D. Jakes

Let me attempt to get this idea right on paper without any further delay: there is a circular phenomenon of marriage based on the mode of service and submission.

The wife submits to her husband, but not before her husband submits himself fervently and consistently to God, and such a submission on the husband's behalf is manifest by the way he serves his wife. The husband serves the wife by doing things for her, and she reciprocates by submitting to his authority under God. The truth is any wife would love a husband who is appropriately submitted to God, because she is respected, trusted, honoured, and dealt with as supremely worthy. She is cherished.

The circular phenomenon involves three parties: the wife, the husband, and God.
Every godly marriage has these three parts to it.

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The wife submits to her husband, because her husband serves her, sacrifices himself for her, and puts her before himself. (Sounds like a kind of submission in itself, doesn't it?) The husband does this because he is submitted to God; importantly, the husband sees intrinsic value in such a service. He cannot not serve his wife. Then God is involved in affirming the marriage in a public way. And marriage where the wife submits because the husband serves is a marriage on display for all to learn from and marvel about. People will marvel at this type of marriage because most wives cannot submit because their husbands do not serve.

It is of great credit to the man in a marriage - the husband of God - that he puts his wife before himself; at all times. The marriage is a great credit to him. And his wife wants everyone to know how loved she feels. She can trust his motives. She knows his intent. And though he is far from perfect, that intent comes shimmering through characterising him - he is characterised as one with potential. He always tries.

So the completion of the circular phenomenon of Biblical marriage is God blessing the wife, as she enjoys the Fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, etc. She enjoys these fruits because the Fruits of the Spirit are manifest in living ways through her husband.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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