My Husband Isn't Happy In Our Marriage: My Husband Is Never Happy With Anything - Husband Unhappy In Marriage

Do you and your husband argue about everything, even the little things? Is your husband at work more than he is at home? Is your marriage on the verge of ending? If you answered yes to all the questions, don't worry, here's the solution.

While there can never be any such thing as a "perfect marriage", it is possible to learn how to be a better wife to strengthen your relationship. A lot of the time, husbands feel ignored by their wives due to a change in the priorities of the wives - such as children or career. Getting married is easy, but staying married involves a lot of hard work and effort.

If you feel that your husband is starting to distance himself from you and your marriage, study these tips on how to be a better wife.

1. Respect him

Respect is the lynchpin of a happy marriage. At all times, talk calmly and rationally with your husband. Try not to whine or talk aggressively, even when you're feeling upset about something that's occurred. Don't tease or put your husband down, particularly when friends or family are present. Keep the communications channels open - that's how to be a better wife. When you respect your husband as he deserves to be respected, you'll be sure to get respect back from him.

2. Time out

The same as women like to have some time to themselves, men also want to have some personal time. Particularly if your husband is the sole income-earner, it's likely he has a lot of stress to deal with. Your husband experiences a lot of pressure in being the family's provider, so it's not surprising that he will crave some time out. Spending time with his buddies, doing a sport or a hobby, or just watching the TV, will help him lower hi stress levels and ease his burden for a moment. Be sure to allow your husband time and space to take it easy and rest. He will love you so much for that.

3. Attend to your appearance

Trying to present yourself well at all times for your husband is a key factor in how to be a better wife. You should not cease donning lovely clothes or nice lingerie once you've become married. Keeping yourself looking good doesn't mean you have to wear full make-up every day and evening. Keep your skin fresh and clean or wear a nice dress to ensure your husband thinks you look great. At bed-time, wear sexy lingerie and a new perfume so you can have a hot time together.

4. Work on your love

It is very usual for couples to cease being romantic and lovey-dovey after some years of married life. If you're working on how to be a better wife, demonstrating your love for your husband should be one of your priorities. Take him by surprise by cooking his all-time favourite meal, put a sweet little note in his briefcase, or schedule a date night where just the two of you can go out to dinner or to see a movie.

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Is your marriage in a chaos? If you and your spouse quarrel often and don't seem to talk to each other nowadays, your marriage may be heading towards a divorce. But there is still hope to save your marriage. No situation is unsalvageable. Every day, couples get back together regardless of the situation. As long as you do the right things, you can definitely save your marriage even if you are the only one trying.

The best way to save your marriage is to figure out the reasons that caused it to break down and solve them. If your marriage is not doing well, you may be struggling with these common issues:

1. Lack of open communication. Open communication is very important if you want to have a blissful marriage. When the both of you don't communicate openly, there will be misunderstandings. Misunderstandings will cause unnecessary conflicts and destroy a relationship.

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2. Lack of intimacy. Intimacy is one factor that keeps a marriage together. A couple should be intimate at least 3 times a week if they want to maintain a healthy sex life. Being intimate after a quarrel is good as it helps to fire up the passion and resolve the conflict.

3. Constant quarrels and fights. If you quarrel with your spouse often, your marriage will collapse. Quarrels spoil relationships and you should try your best to avoid it. Try to talk nicely and remain calm in tense situations.

If you want to save your marriage, you must make a commitment to stick it out and do whatever that needs to be done to save it. Remember, there is still hope as no situation is unsalvageable.

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Do you feel like the relationship you have with your spouse is slipping away? Do you feel helpless, like there is nothing you can truly do to get them back and have things the way they used to be? If you do then you are in the position many people are in today. They feel like things are spiraling out of control with their partner and feel like divorce is their only option. Divorce should always be considered as a last resort, after all other options are taken off the table.

There are plenty of ways you can reignite that spark that once kept your relationship booming. There are just as many small things you can do for and with your partner as there are big things. The first thing you must do in order to save your marriage from divorce is to talk with them. This might seem like a rather simple and obvious course of action to take, but believe it or not many people don't think to do this.

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By really talking, you can work out a lot of your problems. There is a huge difference between talking and fighting. When you fight, you usually aren't rational or kind. This type of talking gets you nowhere and often leads both people more frustrated and confused than ever. To get things back on track you need to find out what is lacking, what needs haven't been satisfied in the relationship. By doing this you are learning the true cause of why your marriage isn't the way it should be.

Once you learn the reason, you can start working on coming up with a solution. Does your partner feel like you don't listen enough? Is there not enough romanticism going on? Whatever the problem is, it can be fixed by a little hard work and some persistence. Your marriage won't be saved overnight, but you can make a huge difference and a step each day towards a better future together.

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Trust is important in all relationships. However, it is the most difficult to build and maintain because it is affected by your surroundings and circumstances. Ever wondered why do marriages fail? Failure to build trust is one of the main reasons why marriages fail. It can also drive your spouse to have an affair.

When you decide to make your marriage vows, you know at that moment you will be sharing your life with another person. Your spouse will definitely have his own sets of values and beliefs. However, overtime, things will change and both of you will find a common ground.

Why do most marriages fail?

You and your spouse need to work together to build a mutual reliance in your marriage. There are 6 reasons that cause a marriage to falter.

You keep secrets from your spouse

Sharing your deepest secrets or sharing your skeleton in the closet with your spouse gives a signal that you treasure him and your marriage. Share any relevant past and bring it out in the open. You will be surprised how loyal and protective he will be.

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You do not make your actions and your words match

If you tell your spouse that you will be home at a certain time, please do make sure you keep your words. If there is some delay, a phone call to explain the reason goes a long way.

You lack the trust and belief in yourself to do the right thing

Unless you can trust yourself and your ability to do the right thing and make right choices in your marriage, you can never trust anyone else. Your spouse will be able to sense something is amiss and this can lead to speculation. Overtime it can cause problems and strain to your marriage.

You have unrealistic expectations

There is no one relationship that goes by daily without having issues. Accept that fact that being married means you and your spouse need to share the good times as well as the bad times together. If you run and hide the moment there is trouble, your spouse is most like never to trust you again.

You do not tell the truth

Lies can cause destruction to any type of relationships, friendships, family ties and marriages. It is not always easy to tell the truth. Sometimes the truth can be so painful that you feel it is better to keep quiet. Even though your intentions are great, it is always safe to tell your spouse the truth. You definitely do not like it if you ever find out that your spouse is lying to you. The same goes both ways.

You do not have the faith in your partner

You must learn to have faith in your spouse before you ever expect him to return his trust in you. If you have to keep constant tabs on your spouse, he is most likely to think that you are hiding something from him.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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