My Husband Is Too Needy: Husband Wants All My Attention

If you have been living with a jealous partner for any length of time, you are probably tired of constantly explaining and defending yourself, especially if you are innocent of the charges that you are cheating. Jealousy in a relationship is about fear of loss and can range from mild to severe feelings. Many articles address how to overcome your own feelings of jealousy. But what if you are the one who is on the receiving end of jealous behavior?

It is totally normal to feel a twinge of discomfort when your lovely wife is talking to a handsome man. Out of control jealousy is when your husband has secretly planted a GPS device in your car to know your whereabouts at any time of the day or night. If jealousy has become a problem in your relationship, chances are you are not dealing with either extreme. Most people do not have maniacal partners who stalk their every move. But many people do have frequent arguments centered on jealousy.

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What can you do to reduce the occurrence of jealousy in your partner?

1. Seek first to understand as Stephen Covey would say. Sometimes simply listening to your partner about what is creating the feelings of jealousy will help to diffuse the situation.

2. Ask what you can do to help. This does not mean that you must agree to unreasonable demands to alter your behavior. It is an extension of really wanting to understand your partner's feelings.

3. Offer reassurance. When you do this, you are not saying that you will change your behavior to include dressing plainly, refusing to look the opposite sex in the eye, or avoiding contact altogether. You are simply reminding your partner of the reason you are together and why you chose him/her.

If your partner is experiencing mild jealousy, often these three actions will help to reduce the fear. If your partner's behavior is bordering on the crazy stuff, like calling or texting you constantly in an attempt to control your behavior, you may need the help of a neutral third party. That's where Relationship Coaching comes in handy.

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When the marriage has gone horribly off course and its beginning to feel like there is no hope, many people just give up. This is one reason why the divorce rate is so high. You loved your spouse enough to marry him or her; you probably wouldn't be reading this if you wanted the marriage to end. Take heart! There is a solution! Most marriages can be saved; people just give in too fast. Amazingly enough, I have discovered a plan that works even when only one person is trying to save the marriage. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this article may very well be the beginning of a wonderful new start on a marriage you thought was all but over!

This first thing to keep in mind is that people don't naturally come equipped with a marital rescue plan. This is a difficult and emotion time when a marriage is in trouble, and it is during times of great negative emotion that critical and damaging mistakes are made. When this happens to an already fragile relationship, it makes the situation even worse and practically guarantees the marriage will end in divorce. That is why it is so important to get out of your negative emotional state and become calm, confident and resourceful.

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You must commit yourself 100% to doing whatever it takes to save the marriage, even if the solution requires something that seems like the complete opposite of what you would expect! You must take the lead on this, especially if your spouse isn't committed to saving your marriage. You must be willing to take action. Action is the fuel that creates meaningful change in the marriage and sets it on a new course. It's time to stop playing the blame game. This means not only blaming your spouse, but also not blaming yourself either. Blame is the fuel of divorce! It is vital that you channel your energies on the marriage rather than blaming each other.

Here is the real truth about saving your marriage: the solution will come not by focusing on yourselves but by focusing on the marriage itself. As strange as this may sound, the marriage almost becomes a 3rd person! The vast majority of traditional marriage counselors don't use this model but they are wrong. This is why traditional marriage counseling has an 80% failure rate in saving marriages. That my friends, is a fact!

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Do you find that you are fighting all the time with your spouse? Do you feel isolated, alone, frustrated? Have one or both of you thought about getting a divorce? While this is an incredibly difficult place to be there actually is a lot of hope for you if you can do just one thing. You might be asking what is this one silver bullet that will fix all of the problems in our relationship. The answer will probably surprise you, but it is to simply commit to the marriage.

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Researchers have shown that the number one correlation between couples that have moved from a place of estrangement to fulfillment in their marriage has been that one or both of them made a conscious choice to commit to their marriage no matter what. Researchers have concluded that there is something almost magical about those that commit and that once they have an iron resolve they will begin to learn the skills they need to resolve their differences and they will then see their marriage as worth saving. However those that are not sure they want to commit to their marriage will often actually look for reasons to not be married or will wait for their spouse to change, which generally doesn't led to the happy ending they are seeking.

Sometimes the answer of commitment is so simple that couples will spend thousands of dollars in marital counseling looking for a more complex solution. In reality people really only need to commit then then learn the correct skills on how to continue to navigate issues like sex, conflict, and expectations that all couples deal with. Whatever you do, don't give up. Marriages are always worth fighting for and almost always have a chance to move towards a much better place.

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What do you think is the main cause of a divorce? Marriage! It's true, because without marriages, there will not be divorces! Nevertheless, this did not seem to stop people from getting married and then filing for a divorce later. That is probably the reason why the divorce rate is still so high!

Some may say that a good solution to this problem is for the couple to really get to know each other before they get married. As such, cohabitation might not be such a bad idea after all! Wrong! Studies have shown that couples who are more likely to file for divorces are actually the ones who had cohabited before their marriage. Thus, it is not true to say that the differences between couples can be ironed out before their marriage.

Even if you had personally witnessed the pitfalls to a marriage because your parents had been through a divorce or that you have close friends or relatives who had failed marriages so you thought you should be well aware of how to avoid getting into such a situation yourself. You may think that you are already an expert on the topic of divorce and so you will be well aware of how to preserve your own marriage.

Unfortunately, you are wrong again! Studies have again shown that the ones who had come from broken homes are actually the ones who are more prone to divorces themselves. This is probably because they feel that getting a divorce is a piece of cake and so they will not be too bothered about it and will not put in effort to prevent it from happening.

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Although the causes of divorces are different to each couple because everyone is unique, it is still apparent that the most common pitfall is the lack of communication between the couple. When couples do not take the effort to communicate with each other and are not committed to making their marriage work, it is obvious that the only possible outcome is a divorce.

When there is no commitment between the couple, there is hardly anything that one can do to save the marriage. What they may not realize is that the lack of communication is really the easiest pitfall to avoid because all you have to do to maintain a strong bonding is to spend time to talk to each other everyday. Both of you have to ensure that your wants and needs are made known to each other, so that you can both work hand-in-hand towards a common goal.

Another common cause of divorces is infidelity and this issue is the hardest to resolve. Some may feel that as long both spouses work hard at caring for each other and take the effort to build an ideal home, no one should have a reason to stray. However, that does not seem to be the case in real life as infidelity still happens regardless of how loving the other party might be. It all bounds down to the individual's self control.

Abuse in a marriage is also a possible cause for divorce. These abuses could be in the form of emotional, physical, sexual, drugs or alcoholic. If a relationship is found to be abusive, the best way to get help is from a professional. Don't try to solve the problem on your own as the abuses could get worse and even get out of hand. It is more advisable to seek help immediately when the problem surfaces.

These are just some causes of divorces and you should avoid them at all costs. Other pitfalls include financial difficulties, lack of sexual activities between the couple, lack of maturity as well as differences in opinions on the upbringing of their children. In order to avoid ending the marriage with a divorce, the best way is to find out about the possible causes, learn the ways to avoid them and start making a point to communicate with each other!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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