My Husband Is Not Intimate With Me Anymore: Lack Of Touch In Marriage

Do you know why a 90% of couples get divorce? Is your marriage getting boring? It is almost inevitable to prevent Boredom and Fatigue in a marriage, which unfortunately are the causes of most divorces as a result of loss in passion in the relationship. While the other 10%; successful marriages prevented the inevitable by implementing these tips. Boredom and Fatigue lead to broken trust, infidelity, poor communication, lack of appreciation, absence of sex and affection.

Variety is the spice of Life.

This is what I mean when I say Boredom and Fatigue are inevitable in a marriage. Before and at the initial stage of a marriage is full of new and fascinating events. Marriage is a long time commitment, so eventually these fascinating events become routines, no more affection. It is almost a general phenomenon that the exiting life is over after a marriage because you have to be with the same person all our lives; this notion in the minds of our society is the cause of the high rate of divorce. The trick is you must not let you daily activities become a routine rather spice it up regularly; with marriage retreat breaks, you also get to kill stress so it is a win-win move. Follow this definition of marriage: An opportunity to do and share the things you love with just one partner, marriage is the beginning of a new life not the end. You have several options you can choose from to save your marriage. It might be harmful discussing you marital issues with family and friends before doing something about it yourself. Obviously you can't solve a problem you can't define; so the first step will be to define the problems you both are having. If you discover that the problems are originated from boredom which I usually the case, then relax because you have found the solution.

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Really all you have to do is give enough time for you partner.

First step in dealing with this problem is planning events that will involve both of you spending affectionate time together. A busy life style or work is never an excuse, so do not make it one. Any tranquil place for a long or short-term vacation can be very emotional, during which you will recall pleasant moments you both shared earlier in your relationship. This is very healthy as it spikes up the passion that has become dull over time. A serene and charming spot is a perfect save your marriage retreat; this will take your mind off the stress in your busy metro life and focus your mind on your relationship. This committed times gives you both an opportunity to express and realize how much you both need each other in your lives. Commit to writing a romantic poem and sing the love-songs for your partner..} A continuous proximity with your partner may help you to develop a deep love for him/her. Once you are able to bring back passion and love in the relationship again, other problems will be solved immediately. A retreat offers a unique opportunity of self-assessment, which is why it is very helpful. You get to think about your behavior and qualities and also get to realize your mistakes. Take time to judge yourself, and you will come to realize your draw backs and understand what you should do in order to meet up to expectation of your partner. You will also get to develop better communication between you and your partner which may result in meaningful changes in your relationships. Give your marriage a retreat break often to improve your marital relationship and to make your marriage life full of pleasure and enjoyment.

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Sometimes the desire for emotional intimacy is like a desire for an omelet when you fear what you may encounter when you break the egg. As a consequence of that fear, the omelet never gets made even though you crave for it so much.

Most of us crave for a deeper level of emotional intimacy in our relationship but yet so few of us are willing to cast off the fears and masks that stand in the way.

Before a deep level of emotional intimacy can be a part of your relationship, you have to be prepared to get rid of the fear of what someone may find in you if you should really open up. You have to be prepared to break that egg.

But of course that is easier said than done.

Really opening up to someone is akin to giving them power over you or so it feels like. And who really wants someone to have power over them?

This is particularly why it is so difficult to attain a deep level of emotional intimacy in an intimate relationship. In a word, fear.

Given that this fear is real and even justifiable, how can you deepen your emotional connection with your partner while still not feeling as if you are leaving yourself open to be controlled or even manipulated?

Here are 5 bedrock principles that when applied properly will allow you to overcome your fears of really getting emotionally connected with your partner.

1. Know, Accept, Respect all aspects of who you are. You are not this creature set in stone. You are in fact constantly in somewhat of a fluid state. You have different experiences from day to day, you have good things about you and you most likely have some not so good things about you. But whatever they are, it does not mean that you are always them. Accept that no matter what the characteristics are, they are a part of you and a part of what your essence itself is experiencing. Emotional intimacy can only take part in an environment of full acceptance and adequate knowledge. Not knowing who you really are or not accepting all aspects of who you are will make it almost impossible to connect emotionally in a genuine manner with anyone.

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2. Honor Yourself. Once you know, accept and respect all aspects of you then it is much easier to honor yourself. You cannot accept or respect that which you do not know. And really if you are not self-aware, if you do not know yourself then you are not going to be that interesting of a person, as what will you portray but confusion? You have to make the effort to get to know who you are. The acceptance part is just as important. What you do not accept you reject. If you are going to be into just rejecting an aspect of you just because you do not like it then you are going to feel diminished. Honor all aspects of you instead. You do not have to be in love with all of them. Just honor the fact that they are there and make you who you are, good or bad.

3. Love Yourself. As obvious as this sounds, so many of us mess up here. The love here is not a noun - it is a verb. And it is as apt as to what you do to yourself as to what you do for yourself. Do not indulge in activities that undermine your own self-respect. At the same time do not allow anyone to disrespect you in any way. Of course people will show disrespect. You cannot control people. But do not be the one that allow it to happen, especially repeatedly. When you love your Self, you send a message that you are worthy. Worthy people feel like they have something to share and emotional intimacy becomes so much easier.

4. Set Your Boundaries. Deepening emotional attachment does not mean breaking down all your boundaries. In fact you need to operate within boundaries to feel secure enough to want to share. You do not have to share every thought with your spouse as not every though or feeling is worthwhile sharing, or should even be shared. Some are just for your own guidance and growth. By knowing which is which you will have boundaries within which you feel comfortable to share.

5. Cultivate Integrity. Practices such as intellectual dishonesty in your relationship is a real connection killer. Not only in connecting with your partner but also you not connecting with you. What is going to be the value and integrity of the connection if it is anchored in dishonesty? Not much. The connection will be only superficial at best and will soon come apart. So see integrity as an important part of your relationship if you really want to create emotional intimacy.

Increasing emotional intimacy in your relationship may seem a daunting task at first. But applying principles that work makes it not only possible but so much easier to do.

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Do you have any idea what are the marriage failures rates are like in recent times? In some cases it is at a staggering massive 87% particularly in western regions of the world. YES, 87% means that if you took every 100 married couples, 87 of them would bend in a divorce; the figure is completely shocking. It forces me to believe in this current age that commitment and sacrifice are no longer taken seriously, so before I proceed with ways to save your marriage like how I did, I want to give you a pat you on your back and congratulate you for actually acting and doing something about your troubled marriage by trying to find a solution on how to stop a divorce.

The reality of it is that it is not easy to stop a divorce when you are the only one in the relationship wanting to. In some cases of troubled marriage you will find that both sides will want to help fix their marriage but when you're dealing with it by yourself. It's as if you're fighting an up hill battle on how to stop a divorce.

In these scenarios the majority of people tend to give out what we call "knee jerk" reactions. By this it means reacting with feelings and not thoughts, they act out of urgency not really knowing which direction to go. When you're in urgency of wanting to fix your marriage, I know because I have faced first hand experience of this; you will end up harming what's left of the relationship with your spouse by doing things you think will help.

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Begging your other half to fix your marriage plain and simple does not work in fact it does the opposite from repairing your relationship. This is the most common urgent action a desperate person does when they are in such overwhelming emotions. Your brain reacts to fear and depression rather than thinking logically about the situation.

The first thing you should do on how to stop a divorce is to acknowledge that your feelings and emotions will have a negative impact on your actions to help save the marriage regardless of your intentions. So you must control and handle your emotions where it will work for you and rather against you. The best thing to do in such situation is to seek expert advice from an outside source, that's exactly what I did to save my marriage.

Although it is much easier said than done, it's the sole reason why I was able to stop a divorce and help save my marriage from what looked like an irreparable situation. Like you, I needed help. I got my help from an outside source and fortunately I am now your outside source, I want to show you exactly what I did and how I saved my marriage and how to stop a divorce.

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I am asked this question quite a bit. This statement often comes when a husband has either said out of anger or frustration, (or has just flat out but calmly said) that he's no longer "in love with" you. Now, many times he will try to sweeten this statement with assurances that he still cares deeply about you and that you will always be very important to him. Still, "caring about" you is certainly not the same as loving you and these emotions aren't those on which you want to base a marriage.

And, these phrases and the lack of feelings (whatever they mean) don't necessarily help you to formulate a workable plan as to how you should best deal with this. It can be difficult to accurately evaluate the situation when you are as close to it as you are right now. I do sometimes have the opportunity to converse with some of the men who fling these phrases. So, I do have a bit of insight as to what they mean when they say this. In the following article, I'll attempt to offer some insight into what he might mean by this and what action you might wish to take to appropriately deal with it.

Scenario Number One: He's Not Happy, He Wants Out Of The Marriage, and He's Trying To Ease You Into These Changes: Of course, this is the scenario that wives fear the most. In their minds, the phrase "I don't love you anymore" is the first statement they will hear until they eventually hear "I want a divorce." Sometimes, this is what the husband is thinking. But, he often hasn't put a lot of thought into exactly why he feels this way. In fact, if he could be completely honest with you, he might tell you that, for reasons he doesn't think much about and can't fully understand, he just doesn't feel fulfilled in the marriage anymore. The deep and pleasurable feelings that he used to get are not just not there any longer.

Now, this could well be his fault as much as yours. It could be no one's fault. It could be hugely affected or even caused by other things that are going on in his life (and he could well be projecting this onto you.) It doesn't help all that much to dwell on the whys. Instead, you need to focus on the how - meaning, how can you turn this situation, and these lack of necessary feelings around.

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Many people feel that his lack of loving feelings mean that this situation is impossible. I have never bought into this thinking. It simply means that, for whatever reason, you and the marriage are eliciting negative rather than positive feelings right now and he's no longer experiencing those satisfying intimate feelings that are necessary. It doesn't mean that you can't get them back.

Scenario Number Two: The Spark Is Gone And He Still Loves You, But He's Trying To Elicit The Desired Response From You: Often times, a man will perceive the lack of fireworks and "chemistry" as a definitive sign that the love has left. He often doesn't realize that it's the attention, care, and time that have left. It's difficult for many people to recognize the correlation between the time and attention given to a relationship and the feelings that are the outcome. Often, life just gets busy, hectic, and as the result, unsatisfying. Rather than clinging to the relationship as a safe harbor in the storm, many people will retreat and turn inward.

Of course, this is the very worst thing that you can do. Because now not only are you experiencing the frustrations of stress in your life, you have no one that you're sharing this with. So, as the frustration compounds, it's pretty easy to assume that it's the marriage rather than life in general. And, as the result, you'll get the "I care about you, but I'm no longer in love with you" phrases.

Although it may be very tempting to give him a negative reaction or response, resist this. See your real obstacle. The real obstacle is not the hurtful phrases that he's hurling at you, but the lack of intimacy, the situation, and the stress. Address those things and know that if you are successful at doing this, you won't need to hear these phrases again in the future. It's extremely important that you address these things in a positive rather than negative manner. And, it also highly likely that if he's hoping to get a response or some definitive action on your part, he's hoping that you will do so with a smile rather than a scowl.

Scenario Number Three: He Doesn't Necessarily Mean Any Of It, And He's Trying To Release Some Tension. (But You Should Still Pay Close Attention:) Often we think that this phrase is the end of the world, but then a few weeks down the road brings more calm and that this whole thing has blown over. You should still pay close attention though. Because men who are totally happy in their marriages and who are closely bonded with their wives generally don't hurl these types of hurtful phrases.

All marriages can use improvement and more attention and efforts. So, no matter why this has come up, use it as an opportunity to make some improvements. (And know that if you don't address things, you might be right back here again in the future.) Take a look at what brought you together and how you enjoyed spending time together and then contrast that with how often you are doing these types of things today. If the answer is "not quite enough" (and it likely is if you are hearing these types of statements) then turn your time and attention toward your marriage, your husband, your life, and your priorities. You will often find that if you are able to successfully place your attention and efforts here, you will likely hear these types of phrases less and less.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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