My Husband Is Not Happy With Me Anymore: What To Do If Your Husband Isn't Happy

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. In order for any marriage to be successful, both the husband and wife must play their parts actively. So your marriage will suffer when your husband starts showing signs of unhappiness.

Women are gifted with a high sense of intuition; hence there are high chances that you will detect fairly easily when your husband is not happy. Once you have noticed this, you should not take it for granted. You need to take immediate measures to help in solving your husband's unhappiness.

There are a number of things you can do in order to strengthen your marriage by making your husband happy. The following are some of the things you should not take for granted.

Laugh together

Interestingly, many people find it easier to laugh with other people than their spouses. However, laughing with your husband is a good way of strengthening the bond between you. It is true that you will face a lot of difficulties as you try to juggle parenthood and career among other challenges. However, instead of ending the laughter, you should have time to laugh and even these burdens will be easier to carry.

Many people will just advice you to take time to discuss such serious issues as the mortgage. This is good, but it should not stop at being serious all the time. Share light moments as well.

You certainly were not always serious at the beginning. Try to think of the things you used to enjoy together. Having fun with your husband will help in getting rid of his unhappiness.

Respect his feelings

When you respect how your husband feels, he is bound to be more satisfied in the marriage, which in turn will make him happy. You should understand that something that may mean a great deal to you may hardly have any impact with him, and vice versa. You should therefore not take it for granted when there are some issues that do not please him in your relationship.

You should help your husband to tackle the issues that make him unhappy. When he is not happy, neither will you be.

Consider your behavior

Your own behavior can play a very significant role in your husband's unhappiness. There may be a way in which you are venting your frustrations on him without even realizing it. Perhaps you are not happy yourself, and you may be taking it out on your spouse. If you would like to make your husband happy, you must ensure that you are happy first of all.

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Have you ever had someone offer you some marital advice that was so bizarre that you thought someone was playing a practical joke on you? Sometimes marriage advice is so awful that it makes you wonder if the person providing the advice wants to see your marriage fail.

Some Marital Advice You Should Ignore

• Take separate vacations because you need some time apart. I know you are thinking "that doesn't sound like a bad idea to get away for a week and enjoy a private vacation". Well, it's a bad idea in my opinion because the risk out weigh the rewards,

• Maintain your close circle of friends and carve out time to hang out with them, when you never make time or plans to hang out with your spouse.

• Spend the money you earn as you see fit.

• Keep in-touch with an ex lover so that you have someone to fall back to if things don't work out.

Some Marital Advice You Should Consider

• Putting your spouse's interest ahead of yours. One of the challenges that couples experience in their marriage is balancing what they want versus what their spouse needs. A simple example would be a spouse who lets his or her marriage fall apart while pursuing the dream of climbing the corporate ladder. If the person isn't careful he or she will get to the top but might have lost their spouse and family along the way.

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• Make your spouse feel appreciated. There are far too many marriages where one or both spouses fail to show appreciation towards their spouse. It is great to say "I love you" or "I'm thankful that you are my spouse". However, showing how much you appreciate your spouse by your actions means so much more. In my experience words go in one ear and out the other. However, kind deeds and deliberate actions touch the heart and are remembered a lot longer.

• Apologize the right way when you blow it. Since none of us are perfect we tend to stumble and fall every now and then in our marriage. It's not a matter of if you will mess up it's when and how big will it be. It is important to understand how what you did makes your spouse feel and why its important for you to apologize. It's not good to just say the words but also from your heart be able to show that you will try to not make the same mistake again.

Marriage advice is definitely something that all couples can use from time to time. Please don't feel like you have failed just because you need help. You will only truly fail if you don't seek out any marital advice at all.

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I believe that every marriage has the same beginning. They are happy and joyful. However, something just happens along the way and they don't know the right way to deal with the tough situation. Their marriages are falling apart. Well, you don't have to be the same as these couples. I also believe that every marriage is worth to save.

It is considered to be natural that everyone just wants to get out of the situation that makes him uncomfortable. This is the main reason why many marriages have come to an end. They don't even want to try to save their own marriages anymore! Why? It is because it takes too long, and it takes a lot of work in order to achieve what they want. Well, these are considered to be some of the excuses for not doing the right thing that they should have done.

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If you really want to save your marriage, both you and your partner should try to sit together and help each other to find out what is going on with your relationship. However, it doesn't mean that you should sit down and find out whose fault it was. It doesn't work that way. You should try to help each other to find out what went wrong in your marriage. This is the good time for you to talk and listen to each other. This way, you will be able to see the problem from each other's point of view. Once you know what the problem is, then it's time for both of you to take action in order to fix that problem and promise to each other that the same problem will never happen again.

When you are working together to save your marriage, your chances of success will be increased. It is not recommended to try to fix the problem in the relationship on your own because the relationship consists of a guy and a girl. When you are in the tough situation, then you need to learn to get through it together instead of trying to solve the problem alone.

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It is sad to see a couple going through a divorce. Sometimes, getting a divorce is not the best solution. No situation is hopeless. There are things that you can do to save your marriage.

In order to save your marriage, the first thing that you must do is to spend some time to analyze the situation. Find out what went wrong. Without knowing the reasons, you can't save your marriage. Is it because of infidelity that the marriage breaks down? If you are the one that breaks the trust, you must own up to your mistakes and promise your spouse you will never do it again. If it is your spouse who breaks the trust, consider giving them a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect.

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Next, find a time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse. During the conversation, make sure that you do not argue and start a war. This will be counter-productive. Stay composed and talk things out nicely.

If your spouse insists to have a divorce, tell them that you fully understand the reason why and accept their decision gracefully. You might be thinking it is ridiculous to accept the divorce when what you want is to save the marriage. The reason is because if you defend yourself and start to argue, you cannot save the marriage. I am not telling you that to accept the divorce and do nothing about it. Accepting to the divorce is to show your respect to your spouse's decision. But do let them know that you will try your best to save the marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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