My Husband Is Hiding Money From Me: Husband Lies And Hides Things

Financial infidelity now belongs to the list, if not on top of it, of causes of divorce. If the idea of your spouse splurging money over unimportant things is bad, what more of your spouse doing the same thing and intentionally hiding it from you? There are other ways a person can commit financial infidelity and marriage other than this. Hiding some personal asset from the spouse is another, as well as incurring debts. This thing can escalate to emotional drama that, when it's already too late, will end up in divorce.

If you suspect that your spouse is guilty of this variation of infidelity, look for some signs. Some signs of financial infidelity is that when it comes to financial matters, your partner becomes secretive or vague. For example, he or she might not tell you about bonuses or salary increases.

However, what should you do in the case your own spouse confesses his financial misbehaviors to you? Well, breaking into a fit of anger is a natural response, one that he was more than likely prepared for, especially if he decided to tell you first. After anger, the next thing you're wondering about

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It is important that you try to understand the reason behind your spouse's financial infidelity. This is where open communication helps. It is possible that your partner has an addiction to things that require him to spend money, like gambling. In this case, professional help can be sought.

After he took responsibility of his actions, you can ask him why he did such thing. Visit a marriage counselor if you feel the need to call in a third party to fix things. You should never decide compulsively ("I'll file a divorce, you pig!"). Think about this: Your spouse will never confess his financial infidelity if he has no intentions of straightening things up. Give your partner a chance especially when he shows sincerity to correct his behavior and fix the consequences of his actions.

It takes a lot of patience and time to survive and rebuild your marriage after it's been wrecked by financial infidelity. However, it is not impossible to rebuild loving trust and more than that, it is also not impossible for your once-cheating spouse to change into a more responsible person with your finances as a couple. Until then, there are resources you can use to improve your financial situation and knowledge of it while you grow together.

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To end destructive conflict in marriage first take a look at the negative behaviors that create the conflict. What is it that is the underlying cause of the conflict. It's a sure guarantee that it isn't the cap on the toothpaste or the toilet seat being left up, although they can both ignite the conflicts.

For any relationship to be viable there are two core elements that need to be in place. Respect and trust are the most valuable assets in a relationship. Without either of these the relationship is destined for rough choppy waters ahead with a good chance of sinking.

Both people in any relationship are equally responsible for their own actions and this is where most relationships begin to go astray. Conflict erupts. A common negative behavior emerges here. A partner points out something unsettling or bothersome, the other partner in defense mode reminds them that they had previously done something equal to or worse than their offense and the game begins.

Spiralling downward these seemingly minor conflicts become larger than life over time because of the cumulative effect of the negative behavior. It's simply not fair to engage this way and employ petty "one upmanship".

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A more positive approach to these situations is to first take a good look at yourself. What negative behaviors do you regularly engage in? Don't answer that with "but my partner me!". This is about first taking personal responsibility for your own actions.

If you can make yourself more aware of where things get off track then you know where to begin. The next time your partner is bothered by something you've done then you are in the mindset to respond positively. Try responding with, "I'm sorry, now that I know that is important to you I'll try to" and finish with what is appropriate whether it is an action or task or unsavory habit.

Approaching conversation this way is a big first step to opening your selves up to more positive communication. Your partner's feelings are validated and there is no point of engagement to lead in to bickering.

With this approach your partner will soon notice the shift and will likely follow your lead. This will eventually get you to the point where you can openly and calmly discuss what is truly important to each of you in your relationship.

Clearly define your role in negative behaviors and take personal responsibility for them. You will soon be on a path to ending destructive conflict in your marriage or relationship.

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It's difficult to be in a rocky marriage. If issues are not settled properly, spouses can separate and eventually get a divorce. It's okay if both parties are present to talk things out and come up with a decision. The most difficult part is when one spouse becomes missing.

It's a reality today that when marital problems occur, some couples get separated and lose touch with each other even before they can decide on their relationship. While men can be affected by this, it's often the wives who go through an emotional turmoil when their husbands suddenly don't show up and they're left playing the guessing game.

So can you still do something about this and move on with your life? Yes, you can. People who are in this situation can still get a divorce even in the absence of their partner. You need not despair because you can take action to correct your situation as soon as possible.

Firstly, you will have to get a form to allow you to file a petition for divorce. In some states, this form is called a complaint for divorce. This document you can obtain from the county courthouse or you can download it for free from the website of the county clerk of court. Make sure you inform the clerk that you're filing the petition in the absence of your spouse whose whereabouts are unknown. Fill out the form with the required information and include a statement when your partner vanished.

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While you're doing this, keep looking for your husband. Use every resource possible to determine his whereabouts. Inform all your friends and relatives from your side and your husband's side and contact his employer. In addition, you can also request the U.S. Post Office through the Freedom of Information Act to provide you with your partner's last known address.

The next step you'll have to take is to petition the court to enable you to serve the divorce petition to your spouse. This process will involve publishing a notice regarding your divorce in a local newspaper for a certain period of time. The notice or ad will have to be published normally for at least a month. You can get the documents required to obtain publication of a legal notice also from the clerk of court.

Once you have done the publication aspect, present a proof of the ad placement to the clerk of courts. Also, you will need to file an affidavit with the same office to confirm that you have done your best to locate your husband.

Submit all the required documents to the court and pay the filing fee to start the divorce procedure. Be sure to double check that you have signed both the petition and affidavit in the presence of a notary public. If no problem is seen, your case will continue to be heard even without your husband. Normally, the entire process takes three months.

It hurts to be abandoned by your spouse but there's always a way to move forward without losing your sanity and dignity.

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Do you love the man you married? What is a priority in your marriage? Is it doing whatever you want by living the way you want and getting what you want when you want it? Or do you and your husband both agree or disagree on important issues and problems that affect the marriage? When we disregard our husband's protection and decisions for us then we are basically living our own life. This surely doesn't mean that a husband has the right to disregard his wife's feelings either and do whatever he wants. It works both ways.

Do You Reject Your Husband Often?

When we get married, we're not daddy's little girl anymore. Well we are, but we now have a new responsibility-to be a good wife to our husbands. When we get married our life is now with our husbands. Most men want to be respected for their position as the man in the marriage. Loving your man is regarding him with respect and reverence just because he is your husband.

I do realize there are many good wives out there who treat their husbands with respect, but I think there are just as many who don't. Loving the man you married is not about getting your way all the time. It is not rejecting your husband sexually or in any other way. Just because a woman doesn't feel like having sex doesn't mean she should deny her husband. This works both ways too.

Are You Respecting the Man You Married?

Respecting the man you married is not constantly nagging and complaining to him over minor issues and circumstances going on around the home because you feel the need to control or have power over him. Some wives do this often and don't even realize they are doing it. Husbands don't even realize this is happening. Then we wonder why our man strays from the marriage. Is it because we are devaluing our man's position in the marriage? I should think so.

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When you feel yourself wanting to gain some aspect of control over certain issues, stop and ask yourself, "Is this really worth arguing with my husband over"? Take a deep breath and relax. Understand that there are, and will be, many, many things you do not have control over. The more we believe that we can change something to fit our needs better, the more we get disappointed when nothing changes.

What Can You Change In Your Marriage?

We must have the understanding and wisdom to know "what we can change", and the courage to change only those things that we can actually change. I know for a fact that we can change our own attitude and we can change circumstances that we have created. We can influence our husband's in a loving, humble way, but this doesn't mean to control them or change them. There is a difference.

Marriage is not that difficult when we learn to let our spouse just be. We really ought to worry more about what we are doing that could be detrimental to the marriage relationship rather than watching the faults of each other.

Loving the man you married is about taking the time to understand his feelings. Letting him talk about how he feels, even if he is being vague about those feelings. He wants to trust you and he wants the assurance that he can trust you with his feelings. Husbands can be vulnerable too, especially if his feelings have been belittled, scoffed or denounced in the past by his wife. Can he trust her? Treating your man this way is a sure-fire way to get him to clam up on you.

If You Are Married To A God-Fearing Man Give Him The Reins

Loving the man you married is giving him the reins for a while and letting him steer the boat. No real man likes to be the back seat passenger in his own boat. Let your husband lead the boat to where he wants to take it. How about not bickering and negating your man's feelings. Learn to trust the man you married. Give in for the sake of "giving in" and for respect and love.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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