My Husband Hit Me For The First Time What Should I Do: My Husband Hit Me Once Should I Leave Him

A good conflict may be healthy for couples. When you argue with your partner, you're being comfortable with your own self and you're not scared of showing your true colors. However, too much fighting is a different story. When every simple move causes troubles or when a trivial issue is often taken as a huge mistake, you're perhaps living in chaos.

To resolve conflicts, dissect the problem and know its roots. Otherwise, you're like a surgeon cutting the patient's flesh without prior diagnosis. Below are four usual causes of a couple's clashes.

Personality Differences

Because everyone is uniquely special, everyone is also different from each other. This leads to divergence in preferences, perspectives and decisions. You'll discover how different your partner is from you when you start to live under the same roof. As you share the journey, you'll detest how he messes up his things right after you clean the house. You'll hate how she renders overtime work when she should be cooking your dinner. However, as long as you respect and complement each other, personality differences won't get in the way.

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Financial Constraints

Survival is of utmost importance for everyone. Having enough resources gives you a sense of security when somebody gets sick, when the fridge runs out of food and when the bills are in the mailbox. That's why when you're having difficulty trying to make ends meet, you feel the pressure. This doubles up when you have little kids who turns to you for their basic needs. Because of this, it's important for the couple to control your spending and to live within your means.

Infidelity and Jealousy

Staying loyal to your partner is the greatest challenge for married people. By being faithful, you preserve the vows you exchanged during your wedding day. However, some still wander away because of their own reasons. When this occurs, issues of trust crop out and these negatively affect the relationship. It can even cause divorce or annulment. So preserve the sacredness of your vows. Stay true to him/her through thick and thin.


Poor communication is the main cause of misunderstandings. You may have known each other for a long time but it doesn't mean you can throw ridicule statements, assume your partner reads your mind all the time or ignore what the other routinely says. To maintain effective communication in the family, pay attention to what your partner says or doesn't say. Exchange both your serious and nonsense ideas and share how things are going at the workplace. Your partner must know what's within you for a better understanding.

A successful marriage doesn't mean having less number of troubles. The maturity of a couple can be measured on how well they can overcome their problems, how they strengthen their relationship and how they improve through each other's support. Unfortunately, some couples just give up the fight without living the words of Doug Larson: More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.

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Trying to make a marriage work is hard enough at the best of times, let alone when there is conflict going on between the two of you. If you are looking for ways to save this marriage, then I congratulate you as it would probably be much easier to wipe your hands and simply walk away.

If your married life is tough right at the moment, hang in there and I am sure that if your love is strong, you can save this marriage.

The first thing that needs to happen is for the two of you to sit down together with the express purpose of trying to establish what the heck is going wrong between the two of you. Once you commit to this process, you are well on the road to save this marriage. Once the issues are out in the open, you are then in a position where you can work together to come up with solutions to the issues that are causing you both grief. To get the best outcome, there may be a fair bit of give and take on both sides. This is a mature and responsible way for both of you to move forward and to enable you to start enjoying your relationship again.

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Having a happy marriage is one of life's greatest blessings. Rather than let your marriage end in tears, take action today to find out what the issues are that are holding your marriage from reaching the potential that it should. Learn to love and respect each other again and in the years to come; you will be so glad that you made the effort to save this marriage.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. I hope there are many sunny days ahead for the two of you.

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In an age of communication, just about anything is readily available to the one who seeks answers to her questions. When it comes to searching for relationship advice in particular, you will find countless sources both online and offline that will claim to help your cause. Here are 4 distinct ways to know you have picked the right relationship expert for yourself.

You should be able to identify your core problem: Your relationship expert should be able to help you point out exactly where your problem lies. This realization should come from you, and not him / her. She will walk you through a series of questions that you will answer for yourself, and by the end of your initial conversation, you will know where your obstacles lie.

You will know exactly what your ultimate relationship goals are: It would be pointless for you to chalk out a road-map of sorts with your relationship expert on how to save your marriage when you have not determined what saving your marriage means to you. With her help not only will you be able to decide what a perfect 10 in your marriage would be, you will also picture the fine details of it, making it real and your own destination.

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With an expert, you know your purpose of action: One of the key elements of seeking advice from a true professional is that any action that you take as a result will be completely instigated by you, and will make sense to you alone. A relationship expert will not judge you on the nature of your goals, or your driving force behind it. Rather you will be more in touch with your inner self and your source of motivation will be your own ultimate purpose of living your ideal married life.

Your advisor will liberate you, and not tie you down:This is perhaps the most important factor that will help you pick an adviser that is right for you. Your relationship expert will teach you how to pursue your marriage and life goals, tell you ways to save a failing marriage and by the end of a successful correspondence, you will know how to catch him and keep him, all on your own. The mark of a true expert is that she partakes her knowledge to empower you, without making you dependent on her on a long-term basis.

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I recently received correspondence from a wife who was trying to come up with what would hopefully be a successful plan to get her husband back. The husband had moved out about six weeks ago. Although they had communicated regularly at first, the husband had been backing off and more and more as the wife was turning up the pressure to get him to come back home to her. However, the more she pushed, the less the husband made himself available to her. The wife was starting to become afraid that she was fighting a losing battle.

She asked me, in part: "Is it too late to get him back once he's already moved out? Because I feel like this is a hopeless situation. In order to get him back, I'm going to need to be able to see and interact with him regularly and this just isn't happening. So, I'm afraid that his moving out means that we are eventually going to get a divorce."

I absolutely understand these fears as I had them myself. But, just because your husband has moved out, this doesn't always mean that you can't get him back. It usually means that you may have to try some new things and will have to make each encounter count, but I'm living proof that this is not impossible. I will discuss this more in the following article.

If Your Husband Has Left You, Don't Feed Into The Potential For More Negative Perceptions: If your problems, issues or frustrations were persuasive enough for your husband to decide to leave your home, then it's probably a safe bet that he has negative perceptions of the situation right now. This doesn't mean that things are impossible. It just means that you will need to be very aware of his perceptions from this point forward and to try to change them.

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So, the first thing that you can do to accomplish this is to try your best to restrain yourself when you are tempted to try to make your husband feel guilty, argue with him, tell him he's wrong, or try to let him know how much you are struggling without him. Other things that tend to make the situation worse are bombarding him with calls, texts, and communications if he is not receptive to them. Many wives hope that doing this will finally get their husband's attention, but it will usually not get his attention in the way that you want or need.

Instead, he will often just get annoyed, see you even more negatively, and suspect that he was right or justified in moving out. This will usually be the opposite of what you want and you often can't afford to do this because this will just give you even more ground to make up.

Use The Fact That He's Not Living With You Anymore To Your Advantage: It's so easy to panic in this situation and to feel a lot of pressure because you are thinking that you must get him home as soon you possible. You are usually thinking that every day he's gone means it's going to be just that much harder to get him to come home.

However, thinking this way can also feed into that sense of desperation that will usually contribute to your making the wrong call. So, usually, if you can force yourself to take a deep breathe and to not cling quite so tightly, you will see a gradual improvement to your situation. In my own case, I became so despondent with my husband not responding to me and not wanting to come home, that I just threw up my hands and went back to my childhood home (a few states away.)

As soon as I did this and loosened my grip, my husband eventually become more receptive to me. This didn't happen overnight, but it did eventually happen. And once he becomes receptive to you again, then you must move very slowly, gradually, and deliberately until you can gain enough ground so that he very willingly wants to live with you again. You have to be careful not to push too hard.

And, you need to always be aware of the perceptions that you are generating. You want to always show him the side of yourself that you know that he loves (and misses) the most. You do have more knowledge than you might realize. You intimately know the woman he fell in love with (because you ARE her.) But, sometimes we lose this part of ourselves due to the stress and pace of day to day life.

But, sometimes the distance of being apart and the wake up call of him moving out are what you need to clearly see your priorities and where you might have allowed negative perceptions. Your real goal is to gradually get him more receptive again and to slowly build upon each success until he is initiating see you and communicating more. You don't need to push for this too hard. It should happen gradually and naturally and he should eventually initiate it.

This is why it's often best to let the distance work for you rather than against you. At the end of the day, you want for him to miss you rather than to want to avoid you.

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