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Today my three-year-old daughter told my husband that she wants to be married. When he asked her why, she replied, "Because you get to be nice to one another".

Are you nice to your partner? Or do you find yourself involved in heated competition, endless cycles of discord, and/or tiresome critical thinking?

According to Diane Sollee, founder of the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, LLC (CMFCE), "Every happy, successful couple has approximately ten areas of 'incompatibility' or disagreement that they will never resolve." In other words, it's possible to disagree with your spouse and still have a fulfilling relationship. It's all in how you do it.

Because you and your spouse may have ten issues that you will not be able to agree upon at any given time, how will you be able to resolve these conflicts and maintain a happy medium in your household?

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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First and foremost don't avoid or side step the concerns that each of you have. Conflict in marriage is not an "if", but rather a "when". And according to Sollee, avoidance is one of the key factors determining a couple's separation and divorce. Make sure you voice your opinions, but do it with the understanding that you don't need to change your spouse. Focus, rather, on the way you present yourself in times of conflict.

Secondly, welcome and embrace change. While you have committed to "love until death", you haven't promised to stay the same through the course of your life. Everyone is learning and growing at different paces and in different places. Don't let this growth, change the positive ways you act towards your husband or wife.

Next, understand that even if you were to divorce and remarry, you would still have to deal with the short comings of your new partner and they would have to deal with yours. You'd just have a new set of disagreements. Nobody's perfect. Realizing this fact and internalizing it, will give you a better grip on how to cope with the irreconcilable differences you have in your current marriage.

Finally, don't let your disagreements contaminate the rest of your relationship. Choose to exhibit positive behaviors towards your spouse. Deciding to become more affectionate or offering encouraging words on a regular basis can go a long way. It will get you through some tough times. Often partners eventually mirror each other's behavior inside and outside of their disagreements.

Don't let conflict put a sour taste in your relationship. If you want to have a healthy and happy marriage, your goal can be to agree with the understanding that disagreeing is a part of life.

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Marriage tools can contribute to a long loving relationship. Where and when are these tools given to newlyweds? They are not magically available unless both persons were lucky enough to have great role models in their parents. It is unlikely that both the bride and groom come from families where the parents made a daily effort to engage tools that save marriage. There is a greater chance that even if both sets of parents are still married they are unaware of specific tools they could have used to enhance their relationship.

The perfect wedding present would be a 'marriage toolkit' that both the bride and groom could use throughout their marriage. Over time this present would be worth more than all the gifts together. Thankfully, this is a gift you can and should give yourself. Contrary to previous generations, ours has access to a variety of tools for strengthening a marriage. In the past, role models among family and friends were about it. Many resources are free for the asking - get them now, starting right here.

Marriage tools can be an invaluable resource for you to save your marriage. Go through the process below - it outlines steps you can take to save your marriage. In the steps below the tools mentioned are expanded on my website where you can learn more fully how to use them.

1. Be forthcoming. Effective Communication is a tool you can use to express your desire for something more or different from your marriage. In a non-threatening and positive way ask them to compare notes with you.

2. Compare expectations and see if you can align them. The questions provided on my website article Avoid Divorce will be very helpful.

3. Select a time and place where you can take the time to listen to the answers you each gave. Take care to go to a public place so you will both be on your best behavior to make this a listen only session. You should listen and take notes, not judge or problem solve.

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4. Take at least a day before you set up a meeting to bring your expectations and perceptions into alignment. Consider setting this date with a marriage counselor. A counselor can guide the conversation in such a way to reduce misinterpretation, hurt and anger. You are less likely to lash out at one another if you are working with a professional.

5. You should plan to start anew. It is not healthy for your future relationship to pretend past mistakes and hurt didn't happen. You must acknowledge the past, apologize and forgive.

6. There are different types of love language and they may be different for the two of you. You can be more effective if you give love in a way the other person recognizes.

7. Start Dating. Dating is important to stay connected to what brought you together in the first place. As your life fills up with work, maintaining your home, tending the children, it is tempting to leave romance out. Love needs to be fed and dates can provide the opportunity to spend time together sharing what is important.

- Business survives with work.

- Shared joy makes a marriage successful.

Have you heard the joke that says how you can tell who is married in a restaurant? It is the couple that isn't talking to each other! It is clearly not very funny. It is hard to believe that in a few short years you would have nothing to say to one another. It is possible that the day to day drum of life creates the feeling that you know one another. But in reality, you just stop looking - this is what robs marriage of its spark.

Don't miss out because you no longer 'see' one another. You will always be tackling new things, changing your perspective and opinions. Get to know your partner all over again by thinking of questions to ask. It will be interesting to discover what each of you has become.

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If you want to save your marriage and still be happily married for years down the road, you must commit and act on the information that you are going to get here. Now, let me share with you top 3 marriage killers that you must avoid at all cost:

1. Not spending enough time together. When we got married for some time, we tend to take things for granted. We spent more time in our office than at home. So if you want to save your marriage, you must start spending more time with your spouse now.

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2. Frequent arguments and fights. Frequent conflicts will destroy the relationship and cause the marriage to break down. So, always control your anger and do not lash out at your spouse. Keep cool and always talk nicely.

3. Too many unnecessary assumptions. When you start to make a lot of assumptions and interpret things negatively, it is time to change this bad habit. This is the main reason why misunderstandings occur and cause unnecessary fights.

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Will one's poor attitude make it difficult for how to stay married forever?

For how to stay happily married does it really make a difference in the attitude of each other to keep the happy relationship?

Is attitude a responsibility for a successful marriage?

Thinking back to why I titled this article the way I did, what action does the bad or good attitude of either spousal partner strike in keeping a happy relationship?

If the husband is an extremist about things like dinner on the table at the right time, and coffee at the right temperature in the morning, and the wife doesn't care about coffee in the morning or dinner at night, will this be a successful marriage?

The ways and routines along with objectives, beliefs and values, and all such traits that make us part of the human race are the important part for couples in how to stay happily married.

What difference does the attitude of either couple make for a wonderful relationship?

When considering tips for happy married life I would say a happy relationship as one in which each party likes to make one another happy, and to be with each other, while depending and enjoying on the other for love and being truly happy.

In another related article about more on good relationship advice-- say from the relationship hotline of your inner core, we said that when a partner meets the other at dinner time after a long day, both of them are anxious to see each other, for how to be happy in marriage.

Again, why I titled this article the way I did truly has so much to do with what I'd like to see in my own marriage, IF (a big IF, har, har), I were to ever get married again.

But in all honesty, certainly I'd love to be in a great relationship and get married again, and I believe we all want true happiness. Wouldn't you agree?

My habits and her habits, attitudes and such, inner worth and values, objectives and goals for our life together would need to be in alignment with each other.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Wouldn't you agree?

I 'd like to have the similar or same spiritual beliefs, same or similar music interests, food likes, and so on, and I think you get my drift, here.

These are the things for how to be happy in marriage we 'd have no problem with, and would guarantee a happy relationship.

I would say this would almost cover any tips for a happy married life and most importantly for how to have a lasting loving marriage.

When either of the individuals greets each other after a long day they both feel so glad to see each other, in a happy relationship.

A happy relationship and one that lasts forever, has great love for one another where both have loving thoughts that builds great attitudes that are very ideal.

The Course in Miracles teaches, "If all but loving thoughts have been forgotten, what remains is eternal."

Let's compare how to be happy in marriage today as was the case ages ago when many did what they could to put up with each other in miserable fashion.

What is the difference today for remaining lasting marriage?

Don't we have less bondage and more freedom toward self-expression today?

Sure we do!

And this freedom of expression today makes our power of choice so much stronger and where we naturally choose a better attitude toward the happy relationship, thus creating a successful marriage.

I read where an author said that, "Wedlock in the old days was more like a prison term with harsh rules to live under."

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Can't we say that today for how to be happy in marriage means a loving couple's respect toward one another making the love that much stronger?

A successful relationship and marriage is wonderful to see!

I'm sure you have seen a perhaps many or few marriages that are in miserable conditions.

Because of the inconveniences and the money matters of divorce or separation, the relationship seems to stay together only.

And the battles continue making a nothing life for each other.

The Course in Miracles states, "See no one from the battleground, for there you look on him from nowhere. You have no reference point from where to look, where meaning can be given what you see."

Being afraid to let move and go on, and I mean to move forward in life in a newer direction seems for many to be a difficult pill to swallow.

The good news for you is that if you are willing and upbeat to have the right attitude for how to be happy in marriage, you will then have a happy relationship that is long-lasting and forever.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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