My husband has changed so much since we got married. That's a very common complaint among married women. The man you walked down the aisle with on your wedding day isn't exactly the same man that you wake up to each day now. Physically he may have put on a few pounds and his hair may be thinning. Those things are all to be expected but it's his other changes that have you so confused. When a man changes the way he treats you that's when you need to sit up and really take notice. If you've been neglected or overlooked in your marriage there are several things you can do to change that dynamic starting today.

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Trying to pinpoint why your husband has changed so much may prove to be an exercise in futility. You can't really blame it on one specific event. What often happens is that as a man ages he starts to look at his life differently. No longer is he the carefree, exuberant guy of his youth who had few things to worry about. Now he's a family man with a mortgage to manage and children to think about. All that stress and pressure can definitely change a man's perspective and character. He can become less agreeable and his priorities will often shift as well.

Getting your husband to show he's still the man you fell in love with and married can take a bit of effort on your part. You can begin by helping him even out his stress. Ask him if there's anything you can do to lighten his load a bit. Perhaps you can take over managing the bills or you can run a couple of errands for him while you do yours. You should also encourage him to talk to you about whatever is bothering him. If you can take on the role of being his confidante, he'll feel a lot less pressure to keep everything in and you'll likely notice a change in him.

Being kinder to your husband can also garner a significant shift in his attitude and also in the way he treats you. It can be hard to be kind and considerate to someone when you feel they're not doing the same for you, but one of you needs to take that first step. If you show your husband that you still adore and love him the way you always have and if he feels that from you, he's much more likely to let down the emotional walls he's put up and let you back in. A small shift in your attitude towards him can help you and your marriage tremendously.

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Sometimes you just have to cut your losses with a relationship that leaves you unsatisfied and depressed. If you are putting more into a relationship than you are getting back then my advice about love is the effort may not be worth it. Are you finding yourself trying to change into what you think your partner wants? Do you shamelessly sacrifice your needs, "for the sake of love?" You're not alone. Many couples stay together far too long in a relationship that is doomed to failure, and the best advice about love is to know when to turn the page.

Are you trying too hard for Love?

People who feel that they are in a bad relationship need to ask themselves some fundamental questions. Do you feel desperate for your partners love? If you do it's a red flag. Does your partner take you for granted all the time? Chances are they don't care. If you find yourself making all the phone calls or sending all the presents, it's a bad sign. Are you constantly worried that your partner is going to bail on you? Then you better take some action.

People in one sided love relationships have no life

One sided relationships are non-discriminatory. It affects both men and women who give up their life and self respect in the pursuit of a partner who does not care for them. Men get taken advantage of by running errands, sending gifts, and play handyman for a woman who stands him up time after time for a date. Women play homemaker, cook, and wait hand over foot for a man that has no respect for her. Yet over and over again these people continue to try and repair the relationship.

Common sense goes out the window

These types of relationships have no shame, no guilt, and common sense goes out the window. The vicious cycle of people pleasing continues with the occasional bone being thrown to them to keep them hanging on. They are sometime blinded by their embarrassing behavior, and when friends or relatives try to give them advice about love and how it should be, they dismiss it out of hand. Common excuses of, "he/she will change, they're just having a bad day," or "they are just a little moody today because the house wasn't clean enough," their self esteem flushed down the toilet.

We have all been there

All of us at one time or another has experienced doing to much for love at some point in their lives. I too have made a fool of myself over a dead end relationship Who doesn't recall the past humiliations and embarrassment caused by undeserving partners who cared less for them? Most of us wise up and my advice about love is to end the relationship before months, or even years of your life are wasted on the cads. The bottom line is knowing when to call it quits and move on.

Life is too short to waste it on people who just take advantage of you. You should never allow yourself to become to dependent on your partner. My advice about love is if you find yourself experiencing any of the warning signs that a partner is "just along for the ride," its time to turn the page on the relationship.

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The wedding was nice and the honeymoon is over, and you find yourself asking, what now? Newlyweds can expect a rollercoaster ride the first year of their marriage when the reality of life sets in. The best advice for newlyweds in the first year of marriage is to plan ahead, and make adjustments on the fly. Have you recently been married, and need some advice on setting up the marriage for success? Then the following advice for newlyweds will help you plan the foundation for a long lasting marriage.

Dividing up responsibilities

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility, and dividing up the tasks is the only way a partnership will work. Unfortunately, in order to make ends meet these days both spouses will usually have to be earning income. Somebody still has to clean the house, take out the garbage and do the laundry amongst many other things. A novel way to approach this task is to list all the daily, weekly and monthly chores and divide the tasks between you. To be fair, some couples decide to rotate the chores on a monthly basis which means that sometimes you will be taking out the garbage, and he will be washing the dishes

Financial responsibilities

In every relationship somebody has to be the bean counter to make sure that the bills are paid on time. It really doesn't matter who takes this task on, but it is not necessarily the sole responsibility of the bean counter to exercise fiscal responsibility. Both partners need to agree on a budget that lives within their means. Fiscal irresponsibility is the number one killer of new marriages, and fiscal responsibility from both partners is the best advice for newlyweds that anyone can give.

Set up short term goals

The first year of marriage is a time for goal setting and you should begin by setting up some short term goals that ensures a successful future. Some examples of short term goals might include dedicating some time for each other. Whether you spend a quiet evening stargazing, or dinner and a movie, it is very important that you set aside some time every week to just be together; and before the date is over plan ahead for the next week. Daily goals should center on the fundamental question of what can I do or say that will please my partner. These goals are easily achieved and healthy for your relationship.

Set up long term goals

Along with the short term goals, the long term goals will also need to be discussed. Some examples of long term goals might include the possibility of having children or the purchase of a new car or home. These long term goals have to be something that you both get excited about, and the goal must be realistic and agreed to. This will eliminate some of the surprises that life tends to throw at you. A little advice for newlyweds, this is especially true with children. Other long term goals could include educational opportunities that result in a better paying job or yearly vacation plans.

Congratulations on your new marriage. I hope this advice for newlyweds helps you plan for the first year of your new marriage. While I'm sure that you had fun dating, its now time to work on a marriage.

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