My Husband Doesn't Want To Make Love to Me: How to Make My Husband Sexually Attracted To Me

"My husband doesn't want to make love to me, what can I do?" That's a question that an ever increasing number of women are asking. Even though the typical stereotype is a woman not being interested in sex with her husband, often it's the other way around. If you're living in a sexless marriage there are a lot of conflicting feelings bouncing about. You may deeply love your husband but you also resent him for not wanting to be intimate with you anymore. Perhaps you're secretly angry with him because you feel he's withholding intimacy on purpose. Holding these feelings in for too long can damage the relationship so you need to make a change now. If you want to bring the sexual spark back into your marriage again, you can absolutely make that happen.

What often happens in a marriage over time is the feelings of longing and passion are replaced by those connected to children and finances. Keeping the spark alive isn't easy when you have to worry about child care schedules and where the money for your next insurance premium is coming from. You have to work with your husband to keep the bond between the two of you alive and thriving. One way to do this is to plan on some time away from everything. Think of it as an escape of sorts. You don't even have to leave the house to do this if you're working with a limited budget. Arrange for a babysitter, preferably a family member who can take the kids overnight with the understanding that you'll return the favor for them. Turn off all phones, relax and just talk. Listen to your partner and enjoy the moment. Doing this often can rekindle even the dimmest of sparks.

There are many things that influence a man's desire for his wife and one that you may be overlooking is his own self image. Not all men age gracefully, at least not in their own eyes. When they see their weight creeping up or their love handles expanding it can cause a lot of self conscious feelings. Add to that the fact that men develop wrinkles and gray hair too and you may just be dealing with a man who has too much pride. Your husband may actually be embarrassed to be intimate with you because of what he sees when he looks in the mirror. If you've heard him making small comments about his appearance, start telling him how handsome you think he is. Compliment him often. He needs to know and feel that you desire him as much now as you did on the day you two married.

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Do you find yourself saying, -How do I make him love me - truly and passionately? Do you know how to go about doing so? Are you longing for love and romance, commitment and marriage? What can you do to win his love and his heart? How can you answer the question, -How can I make him love me?-

Here are some great tips; some tried and true dating advice. This is how to attract men; this is the attraction to use in order to get their attention.

1. Do not use sex. If you dress in a provocative manner; trying to use sex to make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you, you will fail miserably. If he is attracted to you because of sex, he does not respect you; he will only use you; when he gets bored he will move on and break your heart. Do not go there.

2. Male psychology tells us that if your wish is, -Make him love me- then you have to be a lovable person. That means that you do not want to neglect your appearance, but the outstanding thing that will win his heart will be your personality.

3. With that in mind, do these things - learn how to carry on an intelligent and interesting conversation. Make sure that you have many interests - that you have a hobby; you travel; you meet new people and try new things often; that you read and keep up on world and local news. These things will make you a fascinating person.

4. Be happy. People, including your soul mate, will be drawn to a happy person. Smile often. Laugh often. Be positive and cheerful. Look on the bright side of things and leave your complaints at home.

We think you are ready. Follow these guidelines, and you will be able to say, -I know how to make him love me.-

What can you do to make your man crazy about you? Is it possible to make your man love you forever and ever?

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Have you been fiddling with the notion of winning a man's love, but you don't even know where to begin? Is his heart locked away and he's refusing you access? Do you think that if you could just get close enough to show him how fabulous you are he'd open up and let you in? Men can definitely be closed off when it comes to love and relationships. But there are a few subtle things you can do to awaken their desire to love.

Talk about desire and most women will haul out the sexy lingerie and dirty talk. Is it any wonder these women don't ever get into more profound relationships with men? They're offering sex and few guys ever see past that.

Aim your sights on his heart and be prepared to put in the time his love needs. Get to know him as a man and don't simply look into his handsome face and assume the qualities you wish him to have. Talk openly and honestly with him, but also remember to keep a little mystery going.

Guys love a challenge, so you don't want to be too much of an open book.

If you can set your mind on going into this with the idea of building a great and close friendship, the emphasis of the relationship will shift and this will allow you to simply have fun with him instead of expecting him to do all the stereotypical romantic stuff. This will give him a chance to simply enjoy his time with you without the heavy constraints of having to be romantic.

Men really just want to have a great time with a great girl they enjoy being with. Let your conversations with him allow you both to discover a lot about one another. You can also let yourself show him how much you appreciate and admire him. Don't make the mistake of thinking simply of how he makes you feel.

Make sure he feels great every time he's with you and you'll win his love.

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Are you discouraged by the difficulties you're having trying to make a great guy fall in love with you? Do you wish there was an easier way of understanding the heart of a man? Has it been too long since you've been in a good and serious relationship with a man and you'd really like to start something good soon? This elusive emotion can all but consume us as we try to work our way around it. Here are a few things that can make love more accessible and real.

You need to start by putting behind you the notions of love that you may have adopted from the past. While the roles in dating back then were clearly defined, today women are a bit more aggressive on the dating front, more forceful with their career and not as easily apt to just sit at home with a broom in one hand and a hungry baby in the other.

But that also means that the rules to dating have been thrown out the window. Women are in touch with their sexuality and have found happiness in this freedom of discovering this sexuality. And sometimes this sexuality is blatant, in your face and accessible.

You have to wonder what this might be doing to the men however. What it does is actually the same as what it did back in the day. The woman who is too obvious, too free or too giving of her sexuality is usually labeled in an unfavorable way.

You're probably thinking this isn't fair and that men should appreciate your brains and ambition despite the sexuality you present. Well, you can either choose to argue the fairness of it all or you can simply show him the brains and ambition you have along with this steaming sexuality.

Let him see that there is a full and complete woman in there before you drop the sex bomb. Talk to him and open up about yourself while you also take in what he has to say to you about himself. You don't have to completely ignore your sexual side, simply avoid letting it be all that you are. When he sees that you're a vibrant woman with intelligence, he'll fall in love with you.

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