"I feel that my husband doesn't appreciate me anymore," is a phrase that unfortunately many women say each day. Marriage isn't always an easy road to travel and over time we can start to feel that our spouse is taking us for granted. If you feel that your husband just doesn't value or cherish you the way he used to, don't give up hope. You have it within your control to transform the dynamic between you and your husband so you can get back to a place where you feel he really treasures you.

Back when I first realized that my husband doesn't appreciate me I felt inclined to blame what I was feeling, on him. It's very easy to get to a place emotionally where you start to resent your spouse. This isn't productive and isn't going to help you solve the problems of what you're feeling. Instead, you need to take action. Often, a man responds to cues that are given off by his wife. If you haven't been showing your man how much you appreciate him, he may not do the same to you. Starting today make a point of telling him how lucky you feel to be married to him. If you make the effort to ensure he feels appreciated, he'll likely make the attempt as well.

You should also make some time for you and your husband to spend alone. This is one thing that many couples sacrifice once children arrive or their careers blossom. They may push their time together to the backburner and inevitably the relationship is going to suffer the consequences of that. Even if it's just a walk each night together holding hands or a special dinner out every couple of weeks, make a point to always stay connected as a couple. You want your husband to see that you embrace your relationship with him. Once he feels that he'll definitely start appreciating the effort you are making and you even more.

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"Is it possible to make my husband notice me more?" Unfortunately, this question is an all too common one being asked in many marriages today. So many women feel taken for granted and ignored by their husbands once the honeymoon phased has passed and real life has begun. If you're a woman in this position now is there anything you can do to transform your marriage back to what it was when your spouse was caring and attentive? There actually is. In fact, there are a few things you can do that will capture your husband's attention and his heart all over again.

When I was first considering how I could make my husband notice me more I realized that a lot of the distance in our marriage was caused by us just not connecting on a physical level anymore. This happens to so many couples. Once you become parents it seems that the children's needs take precedence and the romantic relationship between husband and wife takes a backseat. Granted, children do need a great deal of love and attention but you also need to make time to nurture your marriage, always. There are different ways to ensure this happens including arranging for an overnight sitter so you two can have the night alone or even escaping on cheap movie night while you let the grandparents child mind. It's just vitally important to make time to explore your relationship as husband and wife.

Also, don't lose your own interests and passions once you become his wife. Your husband fell in love with you because you were so multi-faceted. Show him that you are still that woman he was head over heels for. Chase the things that interest you and he'll find you more interesting too.

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Is there anything else you can do to make him fall in love with you? Are guys even capable of love? Why is he oblivious to the perfect match that is so obvious to you? Frustration is common in the early and middle stages of relationships because love is so different for men and women. If you want to make him fall in love, you're going to have to conquer that gender barrier before your relationship falls apart.

Men have just as much capacity for love and devotion as women do, but falling in love is a whole different process for them. Women seek love and find a man; men seek women and find love. Uh...what?

Remember how he wanted to take you camping but you kept resisting and resisting because you were sure it would be awful? And then when you finally tried it out, you really loved it.

The point is you tried camping, and within that experience you found a special kind of splendor and satisfaction that made you love it. But that isn't what you were seeking when you tried camping.

That's how love is for men. They discover it quite unexpectedly by experiencing a uniquely thrilling and complete woman-like you. Not by having somebody blather on about how great love is and how ignorant they are not to try it. Was it his harping that made you love camping? Or was it your experience and personal discovery?

You tried camping for the promise and physical gratification of swimming and toasted marshmallows, but you came back for the totally exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Are you with me? Guys don't really get swept off their feet in the same way that we do. They may be blown away by your tender kiss and killer legs. But that's just not the same. They need an emotional connection to develop a needy addiction for you. But it is a healthy addiction that will make him fall in love with you, if you can truly become part of his life and his history.

While he's busy trying to get between your knees, you need to be getting between his ears. The brain is the real sex organ, love organ, and commitment organ all rolled into one. When he is thinking about his life, he has to see images of you in it. Don't let every date end up in the bedroom, or you risk becoming a fling. Do things and go places he hasn't been.

Go to the science museum and art fair and the rodeo in the next county. Go fishing, play tennis, go Rollerblading together. Be sure to visit his friends and your friends, and family if you can. Live life together. Share experiences together. Then you will find yourself talking to him about a big wide world of exciting things, and not about the fatal topic of why he doesn't love you yet. Let your touch and your actions say everything you want him to know about your feelings, and make the real conversations about real life.

If you want to build a history with images of you more quickly, try going to three places on one date. Take just a few pictures at each place, and give him one picture of the two of you together. A stack of pictures will end up in the drawer, but one will be cherished. If you understand your man and are tuned in to his pathway to love, you really can make him fall in love with you.

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Are you starting to think it's impossible to get a man's love? Have you been trying everything you can think of to get him to fall in love with you? Is it growing more frustrating with every attempt and you're just about ready to give up on the whole thing? Love doesn't usually come about the way we expect it to. Sometimes it hits us when we least expect it and other times it eludes us no matter how hard we try to attain it. Here's what you can do to have a more positive outcome with your next try.

If you're like most women, the constant attempts and failures at love have led you to become a bit desperate. You're so eager to get a relationship going that you try too hard and show the guy too much interest. To the guy who's just starting to get to know you, this can be daunting and unbelievably uncomfortable.

Forget that you want a big romance and forget your ultimate goal for a moment. Just relax, have fun and talk to this guy as if the outcome of your encounter didn't matter. At this stage of the game all you really want to do is establish a comfort zone between the two of you. If he feels at ease with you, no matter what you're doing or what you're talking about, he'll want to spend more time with you.

What will set him at ease? Admittedly, this can vary from one man to another, but generally speaking it's your own sense of comfort that will dictate the kind of atmosphere that hangs above you two, so relax and enjoy.

Ideally you want to be able to listen to him. Let him impress you with the things he's done and the man he's become. Then give him a few things to admire about you. This doesn't mean you should boast too much, but give him a glimpse of who you are.

Over time an emotional connection will grow and this is where your love will blossom. You don't need to push or coerce. Simply let his affections develop on their own and the love that comes will be all the stronger and more genuine. He'll fall in love with you without your insistence.

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