My Husband Cheated I Don't Love Him Anymore: Falling Out Of Love After Infidelity

Infidelity can actually destroy a marriage by destroying mutual trust and faith which is the very basis of every marriage. Surviving infidelity can be very difficult for a couple but if you both have decided to stick together even after infidelity, then your love and bond is commendable! Marriage infidelity is a scar that your spouse will have forever unless you make that extra effort to wipe it off their memories for good and build up that trust again.

Surviving an affair that you have had can be devastating for your partner and the least you can do at such a time is to be there and make sure that you are understanding and eager to make the necessary efforts. It is true that dealing with infidelity can be very painful and difficult for a couple more so because it robs your marriage off the trust and faith that you had built up over the years.

However, surviving infidelity is not impossible especially if you both are determined to work things out! These three tips can actually help you build up the trust in your spouse again!

1. Look Ahead

Let time be the biggest healer. Move ahead with time and don't look back at the past that pains you and your spouse. Try your best not to enter into discussions that might trigger topics that bring up the infidelity. This will only harm your marriage further. Rather look at the times to come and plan out a bright and lovely future together.

Cherish those memories that remind you of the wonderful times that you both have spent together. Don't brood when you are lonely because it will only make surviving infidelity all the more difficult for you. Try to forget the incident like a terrible nightmare and go back to those places that are sure to bring back the best memories of your time together!

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2. Come Out Clean

If you had gone astray in your marriage then don't make the mistake of turning over a new leaf without closing the previous chapter for good. End whatever that was once and for all. Remember that your partner is sure to have a bagful of trying questions. The fact that you have done the worst thing possible to hurt your spouse must dawn upon you if you really want to move ahead with your spouse.

Be prepared to be very patient and answer all your spouse's questions. In fact it is time that you made every effort possible to make your spouse feel the love that you have deprived them of. It is your duty to work towards getting over the whole incident and you cannot give up hope even if you do not get much reciprocation in the beginning. With time and sustained efforts you are sure to succeed!

3. Stick by Each Other

Times may be trying for the both of you. But you must give a lot of weight to your decision of surviving the infidelity. This only goes on to show the love and dependence that you feel for each other and it is this that will see you through the tough patch! Make every effort to spend time with each other and take some time off from your daily routine life if need be.

Always stick by each other and try to capture the old days when you were new lovers. Rekindling the bond will help you rebond and will bring back the days that you miss so much. Only lots and lots of love and togetherness can drive out the scars that you are suffering from!

These tips are sure to help you get back together and strengthen the trust in your relationship all over again and that is the best way of surviving infidelity. When you both have made the decision of working out your marriage, you might as well make that extra effort that your marriage needs from you!

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Living in a broken marriage is difficult, frustrating and sometimes extremely painful and definitely not what you signed up for. Each day you wake up and wonder what's going to be the problem of the day that sinks your broken marriage closer to divorce. Sometimes you just want to cry or drive your car off the road because either one seems like a good choice compared to staying married.

I hope your marriage is not as broken as I described above. If your marriage is broken I hope and pray that in the next couple of days or weeks you can begin to fix the problems in your marriage and begin to feel loved, appreciated and hopeful about your marriage and future together.

Is your broken marriage really making you think about divorce? I know if you are you are thinking about divorce you are considering all of the complexities that go along with a divorce. The emotional strain a divorce puts on the couple, children and family can be quite devastating so divorce shouldn't be taken lightly.

Before you decide that you want a divorce because of your marriage problems, I would like you to do the following.

Determine What You Desire To Be Fixed In Your Broken Marriage

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Sometimes I believe it's important to write down what you want fixed in your marriage. It's one thing to feel like your marriage is broken but have you really taken the time to think about all that's going wrong? It's important to know exactly what's wrong so you can figure out what's fixable and what's acceptable if it's not corrected immediately.

You should now have a clear mind on what you need and desire in your broken marriage to be fixed. There should be no confusing messages like "I just can't put my finger on it but our marriage is broken". If you can't explain what the problem is or what you desire in the marriage then I would suggest you spend a little more time figuring it out.

Decide If Things Changed In Your Broken Marriage Would You Stay

Ok, once you figure out what's broken and how you need things to be, now what? What if your spouse sees the error of his or her ways and is determined to immediately start taking steps to give you the marriage you have been hoping for. Is that the answer you were looking for or would you still want a divorce?

You see, sometimes spouses demand that their partner make changes, all the while hoping that the spouse refuses to change, thus making the divorce process easier and less guilty.

The last thing I would like you to do is not give up on your broken marriage. You see you don't have to end up going through the painful divorce process. You can improve and save your marriage, even if it has been broken for years.

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Divorce these days seems to be on the increase at an alarming rate. The reason for this most often is because spouses are not communicating or meeting each others desires properly. The key to solve all of these problems is learning how to make your spouse notice you.

In the beginning of any relationship, love seems to have a life of its own. It seems like without effort it makes you feel as if you are on top of the world. You will catch yourself smiling and laughing often. The love you share will make you feel warm inside whenever your loved one is with you. It seems that everything and everyone feels good. But, this feeling does not last forever. After about the first year of marriage, romance seems to take a back seat. Since there are many day to day activities of being married, focusing on each others career and even beginning to raise a family, romance and or courting of one another in the marriage doesn't exactly get it's fair share of time that is needed to maintain a happy marriage.

Love and romance in marriage has to be worked on constantly just like anything else. If you think that your love for one another can grow by itself, without any effort on your part, then you are wrong. If you want a healthy and loving relationship, then you and your spouse should work on the relationship. So, the question is how to keep the love alive in your marriage and make your spouse notice you?

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You need to have quality time with your loved one. No one should take it for granted that your partner will always be there by your side. You should always remember the time when you and your spouse were still chasing each other so to speak. There is no reason why you should not find the time with your partner amidst all the other marriage activities and duties that you have.

This might require finding someone to take care of the children while the two of you are out. The time that you and your spouse will spend together will re-energize the passion that you and your partner had in the old days. You and your partner have to have and maintain physical intimacy. Sometimes just sitting around and enjoying your favorite drinks while talking with your spouse can lead to a number of physical or mentally intimate encounters. The important thing to do is to remain determined to have some type of fun together.

Also, this shouldn't be the time to solve any problems of your lives or discuss anything else besides what you both enjoy and love about each other, at the same time maybe coming up with other ways you would both enjoy showing your love for one another. You should just focus on each other, period.

Another thing is, pay close attention to your spouse. I'm sure you've heard this before, but it really is the simple things in everyday life that can make a huge difference in how your spouse feels about you. Give your spouse kisses, hugs or gifts. Remember what it was last week he/she was wanting or needing so bad, and surprise them with it. Also, you should consider, and whether or not you have time to do it, you should make time, is to take care of your physical well being. Whether it's working out to get back into shape, wearing the types of things that your spouse enjoyed you in before or getting back on track with maintaining proper hygiene etc. All in all, these little tid bits should certainly help make your spouse notice you.

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Do you want to know tips on how to maintain a healthy love life in your marriage? Of course you want, who does not? The only reasons you would not care are your marriage is as strong as ever or ending up in divorce.

Let's assume that you love your spouse and living a healthy love relationship as your main priority.

Firstly, you need to consider your feelings of attraction and desire for your partner at first, treating your every moment of your time together as is your last

At times, your photos, movies, TV dramas and even songs played at that very moment or of lyrics relevant to your current situation can bring back those memories subconsciously.

Secondly, you need to focus on things that you can control. You cannot change others. Not even your spouse. But you can change yourself. However to do that, you need to let go of your pride, ego and be humble in order to accept your spouse the way he or she is. It is not easy but necessary to keep your marriage going.

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Thirdly, you should learn how to express yourself in healthy ways. Healthy ways as in making sure that you remain calm even when things are not going well for any reason. Many times, we all tend to express anger and frustration hoping others can sense our confusion and hurt but only succeed in hurting others.

Fourthly, be thankful to your spouse for what he or she has done for you. People like to feel appreciated and valued for who they are. By doing that, chances of maintaining your love will be much higher.

Finally, you are accountable for your current situation. No one is responsible for your plight. Not even your spouse. You can blame yourself for your faults but you cannot blame yourself by thinking you are useless and harbouring thoughts of suicide. Always remember that being responsible and having inferiority complex are two different issues which will have different impact on your future.

After reading everything I laid out for you, you should make it your routine to apply them everything everyday. Only then can you achieve a healthy love life in your marriage.

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