My Husband Betrayed My Trust: How To Trust Your Husband Again

Did you know that trusting your spouse is one of the most important elements of marriage? Did you know that without the sacred bond of trust between a husband and a wife, the marriage will be unhappily discontented all the while it heads down the path to destruction? How can you live with someone day in and day out and not trust them? I think it is time we look at our selves, wouldn't you agree?

There are six aspects that you should know to help build back the trust that has been taken from your marriage. These things can be followed in the marriage that has never experienced the beauty of trust as well.

1. Forgive spouse

Forgiving your spouse for something that has put the marriage on high alert is probably the hardest thing to do. That is why we look at our selves. Ask your self, why can't I forgive? Why do I not want to forgive? This is the question that needs to be addressed. I'm telling you right now, without forgiving your spouse, the trust will NEVER come back.

The reason many of us don't forgive is we want to stay safe in our feelings that unforgiveness gives us. We don't want to come out of the negative way we feel about our spouse because we are angry and resentful inside.

Once we forgive, we can't hide inside our feelings anymore. Once we forgive we cannot behave the way our negative feelings tell us to. Once we forgive we can't use our spouses error against them anymore. Once we forgive we will have to come out of the resentment we are now living in.

If you want your marriage to be free of these unhealthy emotions you will certainly need to forgive!

2. Cease erring against spouse.

If trust has been broken, someone in the marriage either went astray or did something else to break the bonds of trust. Whatever that err was, that spouse NEEDS to quit and desist their erring ways. If you are reading this article then I am positive that you would like to stop erring against your spouse. You can't expect your spouse to forgive you if you cannot stop erring in your ways, can you?

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3. Communicate feelings honestly

When was the last time that you had an intimate conversation with your spouse? Has it been a long time? Don't hold back your feelings, even if you think men should not have feelings, it is quite alright to show emotion once in awhile. Remember to show your feelings properly, and in a way that will get the issue on the right track to being resolved.

If you want to rebuild the trust with your spouse, they need to trust in what you say! They want to know that you care enough about them to ask them questions about their feelings and thoughts. Intimate conversation involves getting close to each other through your words and feelings. It helps to bring the bonds of marriage back together when we express our self properly and honestly.

Be true to your self and be true to your spouse in all your self-expression.

4. Accept spouse

Acceptance is so VERY important. Without acceptance of one another there will never be trust. Trust needs to be validated in the marriage. This is why if you have broken the trust-bond, you now need to forgive and accept. These two features go hand in hand.

To forgive properly means you have decided to rethink your whole attitude about your spouse. There is no room left for brow beating your spouse about something they did in the past, especially if you have decided to forgive completely.

5. Discover purpose and spiritual self together.

A spiritually deficient marriage will be a neglected marriage. It's really that simple. Too many times couples go their separate ways and instead of growing together in the marriage, they grow apart, damaging the intimacy between them. But a healthy marriage involves a spiritual togetherness that nothing can separate. Find things that you both like together and go after those things.

This spiritual togetherness might be to discover true purpose and meaning for your lives as a couple. It is so important to not neglect the importance of biblical study and prayer together. Discovering the Spiritual Christ for your marriage is what brings back the trust that is so vital for a content filled and peaceful union.

6. Time

Everything takes time. You need to have patience and wait. Show your spouse that you trust them. Show them you have stopped erring against the marriage so they can trust you again.

Remember your spouse has been deceived and they are hurting. Show them you will be accountable for your actions not just before them but also before God. Take responsibility, stop erring, seek God, communicate properly, and trust will come back into the marriage.

Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands love your wives and do not be harsh with them. Colossians 3:18-19

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All good relationships begin with a period of excitement, a time of euphoria. How long will that time last where we see no fault in our partner? How long will the starry eyed glances continue?

If we are able to feel that excitement in the beginning of a relationship, why do we no longer feel that way? Too often when we meet someone new they will only see us at our best.

Over time we begin to slip back in to our old habits, the very habits that kept us from having wonderful relationships in the past. Fortunately there is another way. A way to rekindle your love and live the life you desire and deserve.

Consider these steps and try them out. It only takes one partner to affect change. With these ideas your partner will want more of the spark you create.

- What attracted you in the first place? Find ways to relive and recreate those early sparks.

- Be grateful for your partner's shortcomings, it's what kept them from finding a more suitable mate.

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- Whatever your partner does well, acknowledge it. Too often after people have been together for a while the focus becomes what is wrong in the relationship. Make your focus be all that is good and watch as the negatives begin to disappear.

- Know what makes them feel joy and content. We all have our positive triggers, some of us need affirming words to be spoken while others just need a casual touch or to reach out and hold their hand.

- Know what your partner needs. If you are unsure, ask. Be aware of their needs. Did they have a difficult day and just need to vent? Perhaps there is some underlying issue that has them on edge. You don't need to fix it, just empathize and be there for them.

- Have no expectations. Expectations will always lead to disappointment. Be strong enough in yourself to communicate your own needs while discovering your partners.

- Begin and end every day being grateful for all you are, all you share and all you hope to be, together.

At first it may seem like a daunting task to remember each of these things every day. Before long it will become your nature as you rekindle your love and you both are able to love completely.

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When a husband cheats in a marriage, the trust is broken. A marriage cannot carry on when there is no trust. There are many reasons why men cheat and it is impossible to really determine the real reason. However, there are still things that you can do to save your marriage after an affair.

When a man cheats, he is doing the wrong thing. Therefore, the cheating husband must take full responsibility for his actions. He should not blame you for this affair and doing so will show that he is not a man who truly values his wife. He must understand that by cheating in a marriage, he has betrayed the vows and seriously damaged the marriage.

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Next, you must confront the cheating and should not attempt to deny that the affair has happened. If you try to deny, you are not going to solve the problem. You have the face the issue head on if you want to get your marriage back on track. Do not be so desperate to get your husband back by thinking that you can attempt to get over with it and go on living. This may work for the short run, but definitely not the long term. Eventually, your anger and hurt will soon explode and a divorce is inevitable.

You may want to go and see a marriage counselor. Sometimes, it is helpful that a third party is involved to mediate a marriage couple. But, if your husband does not want to go to see a marriage counselor after an affair, you should seriously consider whether he is worth getting back.

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If you are married and are experiencing problems in your relationship, it´s important you try all different methods if you want to know how to fix a broken marriage. A separation does not have to be the only answer to your problems.

Learning how to stop your divorce takes work from both parties involved, and if you and your partner are serious about saving your marriage, there is help available.

There is countless marriage counselors available that can help the two of you talk through your problems. Having a third party hear both sides of the story is a great way to learn how to fix a broken marriage and get back to the loving state it used to be.

The marriage counselor is specially trained to take a non-biased approach and will let each of you explain your side of the story. The counselor will then give his advice on what the two of you can do in order to save your marriage and figure out how to stop your divorce.

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Many marriages fail because there is a lack of communication between the couple. One or both will refuse to "open up" and discuss their inner feelings. In order to keep a marriage alive, it is essential that you feel that you can talk to your partner about every aspect of your marriage.

If your partner refuses to discuss feelings with you, encourage him or her to talk and give assurance that you will not criticize them for sharing their feelings with you.

Marriage takes work from both parties involved. It takes two to learn how to fix a broken marriage and to keep the marriage alive. Getting married can and should be a wonderful thing. When problems arise within the relationship, it is vital that the channels of communication remain open.

Talking to one another honestly is really the only way to ensure you understand each other. If you just know the proper ways of communicating you will know how to stop your divorce and rekindle the love that one blossomed.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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