When my doctor told me the hsv2 test was positive, I just started shaking. So I woke up one morning, and I had this kind of itching sensation, and I didn't know what it was, and the area looked irritated. So I was freaking out, and I started to do some internet research, and of course, that does not make you feel any better. So I decided to stop self-diagnosing and get it checked out. When I got Diagnosed with HSV2 my confidence was gone. My dating life was ruined. I remember cancelling a bumble date because I started getting some irritation, and I freaked out. So it ended up being a false alarm like it was outstanding, but my self-esteem was just gone. I would get outbreaks every three or four months in the first year, which was terrible because it seemed that as soon as one would clear up, another outbreak happened.

I have tried so many things. I've been attempting to take acyclovir, and I've been trying to take warm baths, keep the skin super dry, ice packs, you name it. I've followed my doctor's advice. I feel like the acyclovir may have helped a little bit, but nothing as much as I'd hoped. I think I heard about the luminance read on google. I can't remember, but I do remember being excited. After all, I thought I've heard of every possible treatment out there. I was sceptical at first because everything else that I tried did not work I didn't know that it would work as well as it does. What finally persuaded me to buy the lumens red was just all the data showing that it worked I was so disillusioned with all the other things that I'd seen online and everything I've tried.

If I was going to spend that much money on a product, I wanted to be 100 confident that it would work. I'm not even exaggerating when I say it has been completely life-changing. I used to get them all the time. I went from having an outbreak like every three or four months to never getting them; I think I've had one mini outbreak since using the luminance red, and it only lasted like three days. When they usually take a few weeks to heal, it's easy to use. You hit the start button starts a 90-second timer, hold it up to your skin, and after 90seconds. It automatically turns off, and you're done.

I mainly use the luminance red for prevention since I no longer get outbreaks for anyone on the fence about getting the luminance red. I would honestly tell them my experience with it. I want to suggest to guys to go for Online HSV Dating Site for HSV1 HSV2 HIV Positive Singles to find True love and care for rest of they life. Suppose they're like me and have tried everything else out there. In that case, they have nothing to lose, and they have a six-month guarantee, so if it doesn't work out for them, they could always return it, and if it does work, then it'll be one of the best things they'll do for themselves using the luminance red has given me my life back.

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