This morning I found Me talking to Myself. This does happen from time to time and I believe part of it may be due to my Bipolar Affective Disorder. But I also believe most of us talk to ourselves from time to time. Often times the words are just comments we would probably prefer to keep to ourselves. Still it is often hard for me to tell if it’s an inner or outer dialogue I am experiencing.
And this morning I was standing in front of the mirror and saw my lips move and a most unusual question came out of my mouth…”are you my friend?” I laughed and responded jokingly with “Well ………I am not your enemy!”
That moment seemed as bright as the sun because I realized that I needed to befriend myself. I needed to be the friend I knew I never find anywhere else. If I couldn’t accept or respect myself how could I expect anyone else to?
I need to be that friend that would laugh at my mistakes without criticism, help me find myself without condemnation, and help me understand my mistakes without being patronizing. I needed to be the friend that loved me no matter what, helped me no matter how difficult, and be the person I wanted to become. Besides, I know, that no one else could do it better, or know me better, than me.
And it started by simply looking in the mirror and saying “Yes I am your friend!”

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Challenged with multiple mental/physical diagnoses this comedian, author and speaker realizes some of the biggest limitations are those we place upon ourselves.