At about age five I had what I would now call my first spiritual experience.
My family would call it my first weird experience. At the time I was un-
aware of the experience because when you are a child, you are still connected
to God. You don’t even realize that you are in the world unless, of course,
you are one of those unfortunate souls who decide to pay off all of your karma
with parents that won’t love you. I know none of you had those types of par-
ents. Your parents loved you, supported you, and never did anything mean
or abusive at all, didn’t they? Of course they did. I am joking, of course. Your
parents did the best they could, as you will come to understand. As long as
you hold onto being a victim, believing that your parents were monsters, you
are ill. If you let go of all that judgment, the illness goes with it.
So, I was at home playing when some people brought a baby in the
house. The baby was only a few weeks old and had whooping cough. I asked
the grown-ups, “Can I hold the baby?” They told me that I was only a baby
myself and it wouldn’t be safe. I kicked up such a racket that they finally put
me on the sofa and stacked cushions around me so that I could hold the baby
safely. I held the baby for only a short while and then gave it back to the
mother. When I gave it back, I had the whooping cough and the baby was
clear and healthy. This was the first registered or recorded healing experience
of my spiritual career. I didn’t understand what had happened because I as-
sumed that this happened to everybody. It was nothing. It was like, “That was
grand! You love somebody and they get better.” All I did was love the baby
and it got better. What do you mean, “You can’t do that?” Well, I was in for a
spiritual awakening, and that spiritual awakening was coming.

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Derek O'Neill is a motivational analyst, philanthropist and practicing psychotherapist based in Dublin, Ireland. He is also a martial arts sensei and a loving parent of two children. As founder of SQ Worldwide LP, a multifaceted company (,, and Derek is committed to teaching individuals and corporations how to use untapped potential to transform themselves and the world around them. He demonstrates that our highest ideals are in fact essential to our success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Derek’s message is in alignment with all the tried and tested philosophies throughout history. His presence, humor, unconventional leadership and vast love make these truths accessible to our modern age. Derek helps others to discover the possibilities for expansion and growth right here, right now to manifest the life they want. Through motivational workshops, professional coaching, and teaching tools such as books and DVDs, Derek shows us how in this moment, we are either using conscious choice to create positive change or unconsciously allowing our choices to be made for us.

Believing that it is our moral obligation to utilize the tools we have been given to help humanity - including ideas, experiences, support, and financial resources - Derek leads by example as a successful businessman who is happiest when serving and motivating others. His presence, humor, unconventional leadership, charm, and vast love are forces to be experienced. He is a way-shower of healing and truth in an era of need.

Derek is also founder of Creacon Prema Agni Healing Centre, a spiritual teaching and retreat center in Wexford, Ireland. He holds the position of Supervisor of the Ireland's Association of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, and his popular More Truth Will Set You Free workshops have helped thousands worldwide to free themselves from longstanding obstacles and step into love, joy and empowerment.