My favorite thoughts of spiritual meditation continue to fight to mind the question of how my life is dependent and correlated with the utmost subtle world. It continue to have problems every time my spiritual self asks where the world comes, why I'm here again, or what happens when I die. Favorite thoughts of spiritual meditation continue to values such as patience, contentment, humility, beauty, love, or creativity that feels beyond our visible world.
My favorite thoughts of spiritual meditation on the self continues to remind me to live simply and do not abuse, which is a constant battle for many in the crowded world. My favorite spiritual meditation on the self continues to wonder why I am attached to many things in the world, knowing that it is illusory and temporary, and because of all my suffering in mind. My thoughts of spiritual meditation on the self continue to remind me of my selfishness as impulsive waves. My favorite thoughts of spiritual meditation on the self continue to give relaxation to my selfishness.  
My thoughts of spiritual meditation on the self continue to dissolve in my individual life in eternal awareness or pure consciousness. My thoughts are spiritual nectar of meditation that gives me inner peace and serenity.
My thoughts during meditation spiritual continue to give me the experience of being alone is also beautiful. Here, I do not depend on others and I have no others depend on me. Here I make a relationship with the serenity and inner unity of God. Here are my thoughts of the spiritual meditation accept the misery and suffering without pain. I feel my experience as an observer of myself. . In the spiritual meditation, my thoughts continue to receive a mirror image of my mind.
 Sitting in silence in the spiritual meditation that allows me to listen and understand my own selfishness. This spiritual meditation of silence continues to take care of my thoughts. My worries and pains become healed when I listen to my consciousness, spiritual meditation helps me concentrate on my conscience and know what it is. In the spiritual meditation, I realized that all candidates have always sought
My spiritual meditation is now the way to a life of serenity. Meditation has spiritual master of my thoughts that I was a slave before. It is difficult to see the calm in the mind until you experience self-conscious in the spiritual meditation. Relax in the body and mind is true in spiritual meditation. My spiritual meditation gives me thoughts that meditation is the gateway through which I myself came to the world of freedom of thought.

My favorite thoughts of spiritual meditation on the self are all techniques and methods of internal development have a common goal. They all aim to freedom of thought and spiritual enlightenment. By constant meditation, I rise above objects of attachment and hostility in my mind and awaken true spirituality. Spirituality and materialism coexist. These are the thoughts in mind that decides who draws / hates most, and to what extent.

Spiritual meditation gave me self-realization of a free spirit and silence is always in meditation. There is no meditation with thoughts, and there are no thoughts of selfishness.

Meditating on an event that will happen, and you want to see it turn out have the power to shape according to your thinking. When you have a problem, meditate on it with a faith. The answer will come during meditation or later and it is the right answer is right for you and all around you. Make meditation a daily practice of spiritual, and it will soon become a pleasant habit. Whatever meditation technique and faith you follow, does it well, and with a sharp mind, with devotion and love interest, you will reach self-realization of oneself

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