My favorite quote is this one:

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not where ships were meant to be."

I don't know where the quote comes from, but I think of it at those times when I hesitate to do something that I want to do, out of fear. Being comfortable and safe is nice, but it isn't everything. We only grow when we step out of our safe havens (harbors) and risk riding the waves of life. It is only then we can potentially see new worlds, or at least new ways of looking at the world, and our role in it.

Author's Bio: 

Phil L. Méthot is a Montreal area motivational speaker and Author. His book "Through the Door!" :A Journey to the Self,is a powerful tool that goes into much greater detail in the nature of our self images, and how to use our Will Power to create life without fear taking over.

Phil is a Public Speaking consultant for individuals and for companies who need to have their employees become better communicators. His website dealing with all things Motivational and personal development is