Before digging into the experience of Everest base camp trek, let me tell you about Trekking in Nepal. The Himalayan region of Nepal is filled with lots of beautiful mountains offering beautiful landscapes. Eight of the world’s highest mountain lies on the Mahalangur Himalayan range that lies in the northern territory of Nepal. Everest is tallest of them not only in Nepal but over the world. Everest region, the most visited and loved trekking destination in Nepal not only has the tallest mountain in the world, but many other beautiful mountains and 3 of them are higher than 8000.

The magnificent view of mountain along with unique trekking experience in Nepali villages and forests is in everyone’s bucket list. I was meant to be one of those lucky people to visit the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest. Reaching the Kala Patthar gave me the unique experience of how the mountain climbing looks, feel, and challenges are. The journey was quite thrilling, but I must include that the thrill you got, the money you spend will pay you back with a life-time experience.

So, here I divide my experience of trekking to the base camp of Everest in different categories. Have a look.

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
The flight of 30 minutes from the Tribhuvan international airport to the Lukla airport was one of the best experiences of the trekking. The thrilling flight itself was a life-time experience and adventurous while landing in the Tenzing Hillary Airport.

During the flight, I get to see one of the best scenery of those beautiful mountains in the north. Witnessing the big and beautiful farmland from the birds-eye view is even more worthy and a good memory. Typical Nepali villages surrounded by green forests and those forests separated by rivers are quite unique and a great experience.

Landing on the Lukla makes me feel like “Oh this is the most dangerous airport in the world”. Later, I discovered that Lukla airport is listed in the top 10 dangerous airports in the world. The windy weather of Lukla almost resists us from landing. This process gets even worse in the afternoon. Because of this the Lukla flights always operated in the morning.

The real fact of a trek after Lukla
Reaching the Lukla airport itself a great achievement for trekking and mountain lovers. Seeing the world’s tallest place right next to my eyes was something that I can’t describe in words. The main course, trekking was started after having delicious local food.
Trekking to the Namche-Bazar on the foothills of Everest and moving to the upper part made us tired. We could even feel that the wind was pushing us, resisting this pressure we were moving by experiencing one of the best trekking experiences in the world.
As we move further, to experience the beauty of Everest base camp, we could feel cold weather along with wind and beautiful landscape.

The Food Experience
I didn’t choose to have those normal city foods during this trekking. The local cuisine of Sherpa people was delicious for these 14 days trekking period. This food has a unique taste, attracting all the trekker, guide and porter to have this again and again.
But, we could even have continental food on various places on the trek. Targeting the tourist from around the world, hotels in this region can make famous continental food. I was amazed by the menu of one hotel because of making those which I couldn’t get on Kathmandu too.

Namche Bazar, the mini Thamel
Thamel, a tourist hub on Kathmandu is no wonder a great place to hang out and the Namche Bazar as well. Local shop for everything that is necessary for trekking, and climbing in the Everest region. We can even see the Bar on Namche. The cool weather of Namche along with Mountain View is the best time to hang out and have been on the Bar.
If you are planning to experience city life on the lap of Himalayas, the Namche Bazar can fulfill this wish too. Great friendly restaurants offer cuisine from around the world. Drinking different types of coffee would be a great thing for those coffee lovers out there.
The Namche Bazar makes me feel like, everything is possible. Without a proper supply of goods, building materials the Namche is standing like a city. It was a great experience to roam around this beautiful city.

Unique Trekking Experience
The path to the Kala Patthar from Namche Bazar was quite interesting and beautiful to see. The varieties of pathways can be seen in the Himalayan region of Nepal decorated by stones in each step. The hanging prayers flags on the route of Everest Base Camp trek made me feel like this is the place with the majority of Buddhist people.
En route, we experienced the suspension bridges along with the flow of Dudhkoshi River gives extra pleasure to the trekking. Sometimes we were greeted by Mani walls on the side of pathways.

Sherpa Culture Experience
Nepalese people are expert in exposing their culture and cultural heritage in many forms. We could see the local Sherpa culture from a very close angle. Visiting the 300 years old monasteries on the route was one of the best experiences of this trekking. People are so connected to their religion that we can see all of them wearing the same type of cloths.

Tengboche Monasteries on Tengboche village is at the top of those monasteries on this Everest Base Camp Trek route. Right after entering the heritage, we can saw the beautiful design of the Buddhist temple. Some boys aged somewhere between 7-10 years old are trainees and are being trained by Lamas of above 80 years old. Decorated by prayers flags entering the monasteries, we can see prayer wheel inside these monasteries.

Other than Tangboche monastery, there are many monasteries on the route, some of them were built many years ago, and some made recently. Each of the important monasteries was visited by us during the trekking. All of them were beautiful at their best and have almost a similar pattern of everything.

Beautiful Mountain View experience
Everest Region is full of mountain and their beauty. Right after stepping out of the plane in Lukla airport, the various mountains can be seen. Moving deep to the base camp of Everest, we can see a number of mountains and even cross some of them and leave some behind us. Four of the world's highest mountain (Everest, Lhotse, Cho-Oyu, and Makalu) lie in this region and all of them can be seen from the path.
Other than the highest mountain, there is numerous minor mountain which is magnificent and adorable. These snow-capped structures made me feel like staying in this place for the rest of my life. There were many viewpoints for Everest and other mountains as well. Capturing the beautiful landscape in memory, and cameras were a thing for us in many places.

Minor peaks like Island peak, Mera peak were clearly visible from our site along with one of the most beautiful mountains in the world Amadablam. Lobuche peak was crossed and left behind to reach the base camp of Everest.

The Kala-Patthar and surrounding
Well, experiencing the height of 5100m from sea level was a little bit thrilling and difficult as well because of altitude. We even felt difficulties in breathing from two days before reaching the main destination of the trekking. The Experience of Everest base camp was a bit different than other trekking destinations. We were literally standing on the biggest, highest, and greatest structure on the planet.
We get to see the biggest glacier named the Khumbu glacier on the Gorakshep. This also was a life-time experience along with the view of Khumbu icefall. We again saw the beautiful view of all the mountains around Everest. The weather was quite good when we reach the base camp. Being lucky one of those people who can see the great scenery of mountains around this I felt too good.

All the hotels in the Everest region were good at its best. Normal accommodation where we can get to see the view of the mountain. Well decorated room perfectly furnished dining hall and paintings on the walls are beautiful and mesmerizing. Talking to the people having the same motive of being onto the base camp and experiencing it was also a good memory of this trek.

Hanging out in the evening before dinner gives the best experience of trekking. The local people and their culture are clearly visible and the best view of the mountain in the evening time was great. And yes don’t forget to click a picture of the mountain in the evening, this gives the best result.

Including everything that left
Witnessing mountains from different angles from various places on the route gives more photos to my diaries. We could even see the crematory of those mountaineers who lost their life while climbing the mountain in Lobuche. Carved stones on the same place was another highlight of this trekking.

I still remember the way when I plan to do Everest base camp trek. With all the backpacks and great crew of trekking expert, the experience of Everest base camp trek was one of the best memories of my life. Get to know more about Nepal and its territory. Beautiful landscape of mountains in the Everest region

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Mr. Anuj Raj Giri is a travel blogger and travel entrepreneur in Nepal. His areas of interest are travelling, trekking, hiking, photography and exploring the world.