My Ex Won't See Me In Person: Why Can't My Ex Face Me

Feeling lost, frustrated and alone? Are you not okay with being single? Do you really want to make your ex want you back?

Well I know the feeling because I have been there too and know how empty it feels if the one you love has decided not to be with you anymore.

But if your lucky it is only temporary. I hope my tips will be useful to you and give you the results you seek. I know what worked for me and truly believe it can do the same for you.

- Leave her/him alone first. What I'm saying is don't force yourself to have contact with her/him. If you do that you'll only confirm her/his decision for not being with you.

- Don't stalk or spy on her/him during this break up period because if he/she finds out about that there is no way you'll be with him/her again.

- Use contact, no contact. With this I mean to say that if you've left her/him alone for a while and you've found a way to speak to her/him and maybe even had a date, try 1 or 2 short-term appointments and back off again. Let him/her know you have a life but when you have time you'd like to spend it with her/him.

- Build up your confidence and try to really have a life. Spend time with friends, hobby's, family just anything that will help you being the person he/she fell in love with in the first place.

- MAKE your ex WANT you back. This means:look good, feel good, smell good. Listen on the dates if he/she says what they liked about you.

Be sharp and confident and have faith. Know that you're a desirable person who deserves a second chance.

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Relationships can be very tricky. Sometimes instead of asking and requesting your ex to come back to you, making them insecure and making them come back to you is a better idea. Here are the things that you need to do to drive that insecurity bug into your ex and make him/her crawl back to you.

Start by relaxing a bit. If you continue to stay in your panic stricken mode then you will not be able to get your ex to hyperventilate and get all worked up. If you want your ex to crawl back to you then you will need to relax!

Back off completely
You ex wants space so do just that. Back off completely or else your plan to make your ex crawl back will completely backfire. Stop all types of communication with your ex. There can be no calling, e mailing or texting to profess love or to express hate. Just let there be an uncanny silence that unnerves your ex.

Get some dramatic new change
Look bloody good. This is the time to make your ex see what he/she is missing out on. Go for an extreme makeover and look like the real deal. A brand new crop, some chemical peels or some liposuction...get the works done.

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Start moving in new circles
Don't be seen hanging out with the same old set of people. You should look like a man/woman on the move. Get yourself a new set of friends, predominantly members of the opposite sex. Now hit the places that you know will be full of your ex's friends and get spoken about.

Get news to your ex through his/her friends
You can also use your ex's friends as your wireless network. Drop subtle hints to your ex's friends that convey your regret and your intention of moving on. This news will travel faster than you can imagine and before long your ex will start warming up to you.

Look like you have started dating
Now, hit the dating circuit with a little bit of caution. don't date the same person twice but be seen with a new partner each time. This will now convince your ex that if they did not make amends to their behavior you will be gone forever. This will make them insecure and will prompt them to come back to you on your terms.

Set an ultimatum
In case your ex is acting high and mighty then you have to increase the stakes a bit. Send out feelers to your common friends that you are ready to take the plunge and have finally found the happiness that eluded you for so long. This will send your ex in panic mode and he/she will contemplate crawling back to you.

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You are obviously upset and not thinking clearly. Okay, so you and your ex have parted company, but why on earth are you trying to find out how to get your ex to fall in love with you again? Yes, you had a really bad argument that led to the break up, but you must understand that it was likely just the argument that did it, and not your ex's lack of love for you.

Think back to the argument for a minute. It probably started off like any of the other many tiffs that you and your ex had during your relationship. The only thing is, this time it was about something really serious, and you just could not agree on how to solve the problem. The result was that the tiff escalated out of control and ended up being a really major argument.

You were de3finitely not speaking quietly to each other. You were more than likely screaming at each other and saying really bad things to each other as well. One of you decided that enough was enough and walked out. Now you are both alone, hurting really badly, and absolutely furious with each other.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

I have news for you - this is what normally happens when couples have an argument and break up. There is a pattern to most relationships that fail and that is why there is always good, solid advice around to help people like you. So listen up and let's help you to solve this problem you have.

Now, up until that argument, isn't it true that your ex was still madly in love with you? In fact, you were probably hugging and kissing just a few hours before you started arguing. Remember, it is just not possible to switch love on and off at will - if love was there just before you started fighting, then it's still there, believe me.

What is between you and your ex now is the hurt and absolute fury after the argument. Now, instead of trying to find out how to get your ex to fall in love with you again, rather work on ways to solve the problems you caused and how to fix them. This way, you will get your ex to start talking to you again, and your strong love for each other will reappear.

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When trying to get your ex back, you want to proceed with caution. Take the wrong advice and you are going to ruin your chances to get another chance with him or her. If you want solid, proven advice, then look no further and read on for the best tricks to get your ex back.

First, the most important thing for you to do straightaway is to stop all contact with your ex. This is only for a temporary period, but this is a vital step. It is one of the best tricks to get your ex back because it forces you to allow your ex the time and space they need to get over the hurt and angry emotions they are feeling over the demise of the affair. While you might like to do everything you can to get in touch with your ex as soon as possible, this is an unwise strategy that rarely has positive results.

This cool down period is important for you as well. It is obvious that you are hurting from the breakup and you cannot get your ex back if you are too upset or angry to have a calm and rational conversation with him or her. So don't. Take a breather and allow yourself to heal.

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The next in the arsenal of the best tricks to get your ex back is to get out in the world and carry on as though the split with your ex means nothing to you - even if this is the farthest from how you are feeling. You cannot wallow around your house in a depressed funk expecting something good to happen to you or to come along and cheer you up. Cheer yourself up! Call your friends, go out, look your best, and have a great time. Chances are you'll feel a lot better being around the people you love.

Your friends are another one of the best tricks to get your ex back, and they will help you greatly without their ever knowing. Just by simply going out with them and having a great time will make them think that you are on the mend from your ex and word will definitely get back to them. This is going to through them for a huge loop.

Your ex had been expecting you to sit around pining for them, perhaps even quasi-stalking them in an attempt to get them back. The fact that you are not acting in accordance to their preconceived notions is going to drive them mad. These things are going to make them regret breaking up with you, as they will realize that they underestimated you. They miss the great times you had together and will want to become a part of your life again before you know it.

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