My Ex Treats His New Girlfriend Better: Why He Treats The New Girlfriend Better

"My ex has a girlfriend and I want him back." Does that sound like something you've been thinking or saying recently? If it is, you're stuck in a pretty miserable position. Seeing the man you love with another woman is enough to break anyone's heart. It's emotional torture at its worst. All you can think about is why you're a much better match for him. You spend hours upon hours plotting how you can steal him back. If this sounds familiar, you've got to take a step back and decide on a course of action. Regardless of why you and he went your separate ways, you may still have a strong chance of reconnecting with the man. If you aren't ready to throw the white flag of defeat in just yet and hand him over to her, there are a few steps you absolutely must take now. If you wait to long and they establish a meaningful connection, you'll have allowed the window of opportunity to slam shut on you.

The steps you absolutely have to take if your ex has a new girlfriend are:

* Accept their relationship, for now. Pretending that she doesn't exist or plotting to destroy her image in his eyes won't bode well for you when you're trying to get him back. She is his girlfriend right now and you're not. If you can accept her by respecting what they have, that will benefit you in the long run.

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* Become his friend. This is going to feel like you're moving in the wrong direction, but you're not. You can't fill the role of girlfriend at the moment so instead you just need to be a friend to him. Treat him in the same way you would any other friend and leave all the emotional baggage from your past relationship with him in the past. He needs that as much as you do.

* Go out and have fun. Obviously, it's going to be too emotionally challenging for you to immerse yourself in a new relationship, but there's no reason why you can't go out with a group of friends and have a good time. Once he sees that you're moving on too, that may just stir up a little something inside of him. For many men their former girlfriend will always be someone they feel protective of. Knowing that you're living a full life without him it going to sting him a bit.

* Always look fantastic. This goes without saying but you've got to look your best if you're trying to steal your man back from his new girlfriend. Men are incredibly visual so put in the effort each and every time you walk out the door. You never know when you'll run into him.

* Be supportive and understanding. This may be the most important of the steps to get him back from her. As you know all romantic relationships have their ups and downs. You want to be the person he turns to when his current girlfriend and him are heading in a downward motion. Be the friend he turns to and be the one who helps him see what a great person he is. This will make him feel closer to you again and that's essential in your plan to get him back.

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So you are heart-broken. He already has a new girlfriend and all you seem to do is cry yourself to sleep at night, or empty the fridge or run to any food joint.

You feel that you've invested time and emotions in a relationship that now he seems to have tossed away as if it's nothing. It's hell. It's painful.

At this stage there are 2 paths you can take and both will be successful and lead you to happiness.

1 - Run to therapy or counselling. It's amazing how quickly an excellent therapist can help you get over things, regain control of your life and help you find true and lasting love. It's like a magic wand. I have tried it. It worked.

2 - Regroup and work out a strategy to get him back. It can work and it will work if you use your head rather than your emotions. But, before you choose this path, ask yourself long and hard if you really want him back. Sometimes we are obsessed with one person even if he is not the person for us; by remaining obsessed or stuck with someone we preclude others, much better potential mates, from coming to our life and making it truly wonderful. I made this mistake once. I was stuck on someone who wasn't good for me. Much later on I learnt that someone else was in love with me all that time but couldn't make it clear to me because he saw how 'stuck' I was with the other person. However, these are the techniques if you want him back:

A - You know him much better than anybody else. So, this is your strength and you can use this to your advantage. You know what he likes and you know his trigger points. This time you have to make sure you make him feel comforted and safe, fully understood and loved without criticism. You need to swallow any sense of righteousness and make sure you treat this strategy as a new way to create a new, better relationship with him.

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B - Do not stress, do not panic. Be calm, be serene. Meditate if you have to, go to the gym or swim a lot, but essentially every exchange with him needs to be based on serenity and not sadness nor anger. Every time he sees you and you act calm and serene (don't over do it, don't pretend to be over the moon otherwise it'll look fake), as if you have your life together, he'll begin to wonder if he made a mistake. Let him wonder. At the initial stage keep your encounters with him short and sweet.

C - Don't rush. Don't close communication but make sure it's kept positive and never negative, no matter how much he irritates you at times. Don't make it clear that you want him back. Treat the encounters as if you were dealing with a new relationship (and don't jump into bed with him again soon unless he's in love with you all over again).

D - Maintain a sense of mystery about you. Don't tell him all you're doing. Be vague in your answers. Don't try and make him jealous by sleeping with other men. Just be strong, yourself, happy, confident. In love with life. He'll want to know more and want to be with you more.

E - If you 2 go along memory lane, concentrate only on the good memories. Use this opportunity to praise him for the great things he did, tell him you appreciated him and still do.

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We have all been there. Things were going great, you have a great connection. It could be a relationship that is weeks, months or even years old and out of the blue, the bomb is dropped. It comes in the form of "its not me, its you", "I am not sure I am ready for this type of relationship", "I need my space" and so on and so forth. You just got dumped you believe. You are left baffled wondering what you did wrong. What could you have done differently to stop this break up?

There are many reasons why men run from commitment, but the bottom line is that most all men really do want a commitment. It just takes a little insight into their minds to understand how to trigger this in a man and make him want to commit to you. You can talk to them all you want, but men do not respond to words like women do. Men respond more to actions. You actions tell a man everything.

If you are pleading and trying to convince him to come back, this is not going to work. He may come back out of guilt, but it will not last. If you are reading this, I assume you want him back for good. This takes a plan and a strategy. It also takes patience. You can write all the emails, letters, text messages and phone calls you want telling him how you feel. The truth is, right now its more about how he feels. He is not really concerned with how you feel. If he was, you would not be in the situation you are in now.

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If you are trying to be the woman you think he wants and giving and giving in order to win him back its sure to backfire. He will see you as needy and this will overwhelm a man and he will want to escape even more. You have to come across as strong even if you don't feel it. This will recreate attraction on a deeper level. He will see value in you. You will come across as the woman that really does not need him. This does not mean being cold, be polite if he calls or contacts, but don't bring up the break up. Act as if you have accepted it.

A man's imagination is the best thing you have going for you right now. Its the things that he does not know about you that will make him crave contact. If you stop all contact with him, he will begin to wonder what you are doing. You will start to cross his mind and he will probably create all kinds of different scenarios in his mind and some of them could be quite painful to him. A man will go to great lengths to avoid pain. This is the type of actions that will move him towards you.

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There was a change in dynamic somewhere along the way in your relationship and something seems to have changed. He used to be so interested in everything about you. He couldn't wait to see and talk to you and it was as though you were the light of his life. He doted on you as though you were the only woman in the world and was proud to show you off to friends and family. But then he split and left you dumb founded and left to pick up the pieces - and all you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend interested in you again!

To get your ex boyfriend interested in you again you do not need some magical piece of advice or a formula you can follow to get him back. What you need to do is take a good hard look at yourself - he was deeply in love with you at one point - so what changed?

When you take a look at yourself, put yourself in the mindset of when you and your ex first started dating. How do your looks and personality compare now to the person he first fell in love with? Have you let yourself go physically? Has your attitude and behavior towards him changed?

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If you look in the mirror and know that, physically, you are the same as you ever were, you can mark this off the lists of things to work on, this is obviously not the reason behind his loss in interest. Chances are, it is a behavior or attitude change that caused his sudden disinterest.

We tend to get very comfortable in relationships and start to assume that our partner knows how much we love and appreciate them. We often stop verbalizing these things so often and even allow our partner to lose priority to our friends and our jobs with the comfort that time with the same person brings. If you have fallen prey to any of these things, you MUST fix them if you want to get your ex boyfriend interested in you again.

Never take your partner for granted. Once he knows how special he is to you and can see how you've changed in concrete ways, he'll get the idea of how much you love him. He will appreciate your changes and will love the idea of getting back together again - he's getting an even better version of the woman he originally fell for!

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