My Ex Told Me To Forget About Her: My Ex Told Me Not To Wait For Her

Your girlfriend left you and you are a mess. You've called her, texted her, drove by her place and you will do anything to win back her love. Only problem is that everything you are doing is wrong! Ever since the break up you have been an emotional wreck. Whether it is panic, or rage or utter devastation your emotions have been sabotaging your chances of ever being able to win back her love. Listen to my story and I guarantee you will be that much closer to being able to win back her love.

I lost my girlfriend 9 months ago. I was distraught. I didn't know what to do. I called her every couple hours and tried to convince her that we were meant to be. I thought if I could explain my feelings and put our relationship in perspective she would see that us being broken up was a mistake. This obviously wasn't working. Instead of her being convinced she started calling me a stalker and started ignoring my calls.

She was getting more unattracted to me by the minute. I could almost sense a bit of disgust. I started calling friends and asking them to give me tips on how to win back her love and nothing was helping. I started reading blogs and self help books and at the end of the day I was alone and confused. Then I downloaded the e book The Magic of Making up and read that everything I was doing to win back her love was actually pushing her farther away! So I changed it up.

The best advice I got was to avoid picking up that phone. Actually avoid contact at all costs. Constant emails, texts, drive by's, calls, or Facebook posts were not helping me win back her love. I needed to give her space. It took discipline and a lot of support but it helped me lose my stalker rep which was a plus.

The book then told me to constantly surround yourself with friends and if they were busy I needed to find ways to preoccupy my time. Instead of focusing all my energy on trying to win back her love it was instructing me to do forget about it. My emotions had gotten the best of me so I needed a mental break. I picked up guitar lessons cause it was something I always wanted to do and I began working out.

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Running, lifting, and eating right not only made me look better but it actually destressed me. The break up had me so wound up I couldn't sleep. Working out really tired me out and helped me get much needed rest.

So after three weeks i still desperately wanted to win back her love but emotionaly I was stable and my self esteem which had been beaten down severely after getting dumped was abnormally high. I learned to play my first song on the guitar and lost 12 pounds. I wanted to call and tell her but I adhered to the books strategy and I remained disciplined. To win back her love I was going to have to play the game.

To make a long story short using the techniques in the book I finally ran into my ex.

I was upbeat and feeling good and judging by the look on her face it seemed she was kind of upset I wasn't calling anymore. (Funny how the stalked was suddenly offended that the stalker ceased to care.)

More importantly I played it cool. I was pleasant and genuine. I showed excitement to see her but not at one point did I show her that I wanted to win back her love.

She noticed I lost weight and I told her how I took up guitar lessons and kept a smile on my face the entire time.

I then told her I was unfortunately on my way to meet a few friends but it was nice to see her. We hugged good bye and I went on my way, head held high.

Did I desperately want to hold that hug for 5 minutes and tell her how badly I missed her. OF COURSE! Hello I am the guy who was a wreck for the last three weeks scheming ways to win back her love, remember. But the book taught me otherwise. Although it was real hard, a couple days later I got my reward. She called!

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Here is the secret. Girls can't stand when they feel you are doing better without them. When you let it known early on in the break up that you desperately want to win back her love you are inflating her ego. People want what they can't have. You don't appreciate things that are given to you but you cherish things you fight for.

When she ran into me and saw that I was doing great she started to feel bad about herself. I didn't use to glow when I was with her. Why am I glowing now? Doubt sets in. When her self esteem goes, you win.

I know it sounds messed up but it's human nature. We want what we can't have! If you want to win back her love then TRUST ME. The Magic of Making Up gave me a guide to follow and by believing in it I stayed disciplined and was able to win back her love.

I am engaged and am getting married to that girl in September. Pretty crazy considering that 9 months ago I was crying uncontrollably begging my friends to tell me how to win back her love. I owe it all to the Magic of Making Up and recommend for you to download it and stick to the plan. Don't waste another minute. Because every mistake you make from this point forward is making it that much harder to win back her love.

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When you're going through a break up, it can be an extremely stressful, heartbreaking time. Every memory, every letter, every remnant of her reminding you of the relationship you lost and how much you want to make her want you back, how much you need her to want you back.

It can be hard to sleep, to eat or do anything but dream of what could have been and what is now lost. Thankfully, there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. With a simple pen and some paper, you can make her want you back, guaranteed!

The first work, and often the most difficult work is sitting down and taking a good, long look at yourself or the person you've allowed yourself to become.

Take this time away from the woman of your dreams to find out if you may have unknowingly become the man of her nightmares, or maybe just not-so-dreamlike.

Write down everything you did or didn't do in the beginning that led her to you and made her want you more and look at yourself now. Whatever needs to change, work on changing it or you will have almost no chance of making her want you back.

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If you were meticulous about your appearance, if you were active and social, or if you were more independent, less needy, you can work to become the man she initially fell in love with. If that's not good enough and you'd prefer she accepted you as you are, you may need to give her time to fall in love with the real you or you may need to move on to a woman who can really appreciate and love all of you, not just the parts that meet her standards.

During those weak moments, when you're feeling desperate or are considering doing something drastic to get your ex's attention, stop and take out the pen and paper. Often, mulling over our feelings can increase their intensity. Write down how you feel, what you would do if you could win your ex back, how happy you would be, just write everything down and re-read it when you need to remember just how much you love her, when you need a reminder of why you want and need to win her back.

Whatever you do, don't seek the advice or approval of your friends and if they start handing out free advice, let it go in one ear and out the other. They may instruct you to do something that would drive her away and make her never want to give you another chance.

Keep in mind: the best balm to sooth a chapped and blistered relationship is one of time and space. Give her enough of both and she'll realize she will never find another 'you' and you will win your ex back easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

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You've just gone through a horrible end to your relationship. It was nasty, it was painful and now you're realizing that it was the biggest mistake of your life. You miss your girlfriend more than you thought possible and you have no idea what to do. Perhaps part of you thinks that the right thing to do is to just try and put it all behind you and move on to meet someone else. Your heart can't do that though because you love her way too much. You have to get the woman back. Understanding how to win a girl back after a bad break up is all about recognizing that you have to put the past to rest before you can make her love you again.

Learning how to win a girl back after a bad break up starts with making a sincere and appropriate apology to her. You may think that she should be the one apologizing to you if she did the actual breaking up, but you're wrong. If you were doing everything you needed to be doing in the relationship it wouldn't have ended as badly as it did. It's rarely one person's fault only when a relationship comes crashing apart. Therefore, you need to own up to what you did and you need to do that as soon as possible. Your apology must be coming from a genuine place inside of you and it has to be delivered in a very sincere and calm way. Just tell your girlfriend that you regret your actions and that you're going to work very hard in the future to be a better man and to learn from your mistakes.

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Once you've done that, you then can move towards getting her back. Since the break up was so bad it's going to take time to reconnect with her on a romantic level. You have to approach this as a journey and with that comes many small steps to help you get towards your goal which is to be back with the woman you love. Each day do something to transform yourself into the man you know she wants you to be. If there were things she criticized you about while you two were still together, focus on those. A new and improved version of you is sure to make her think twice about the break up.

As you work towards becoming the man you know you are capable of being, continue to be a strong and positive presence in her life. Talk to her frequently but don't bring up the past or the future. Focus on what's going on in both of your lives at the moment. Encourage her in any way you can and be there to support her if she needs a shoulder to lean on. Show her that you care for her whether you two are romantic partners or not. That alone will help her to feel closer to you again.

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Right now, it really feels as though your life, at least as you know it, has ended. You and your girl split just a few days ago, and she has already moved on and is seeing some other guy. Now not only do you feel like a complete fool for doing what you did to try her away, but you also feel like a failure as what chance do you have to win your ex girlfriend back once she's moved on?

It times to take a little chill out time and step back from your situation. Breathe. Now, hear me out when I say that not only is it entirely possible to win your ex girlfriend back, but this new relationship is nothing to even be concerned about. What it is really isn't even a relationship. These are referred to as "rebound relationships" where basically, your girl latched on to the first man who paid her attention during her vulnerable state. Unluckily for her new dude, this doesn't bode well for a successful long-term relationship.

After the split, she was hurt and angry with you, and this new guy happened to come along at the right place and the right time and was willing to lend an ear for her to bend about her troubles. She told him every last detail of her story and felt a connection to him as a result of him acting in sympathetic ways to what she was saying. This made your girlfriend feel better at a time she felt the crummiest and so she latched on to it.

So the game plan for you is to simple bide your time, and work towards moving on with your life. Sooner or later (probably sooner), she'll realize that what she has with this new guy is flimsy indeed and will likely end the "relationship" before you know it. Once she's left the other guy, she will be able to get through the healing process and realize that you were the person who was right for her all along. Once she has gotten past her rebound relationship and has started to miss you, your chances to win your ex girlfriend back are very great.

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